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Will, Grayson County, 1820

Will of Nehemiah Daniel, 1820

“I give and bequeath to Anny my wife all my estate during her natural life or widowhood except she should consider herself overstocked in that case she may dispose of any part thereof provided it is equally divided amongst her children and at her death my land together with all the other property to be sold except the young sorrell horse which I have given to my son Nehemiah Daniel and all the money arising from such sale together with the money I now have . . . shall be equally divided amongst my after named children, except Clara Morris and Nancy Allen which two are not to have so much as the others by fifty dollars as they have been helped to that amount more than the others and the names of my children are as follows to wit:

Clara Morris, Tempy Allen, Nancy Allen, Polly Dillard, Sally McMillion, Robert Daniel, Fanny Hains, Drucillah Daniel and Nehemiah Daniel . . .”

2 August 1820
Witnesses: Samuel Amburn, Fielding Lewis

Source: Grayson County Virginia Will Book, 1, 1796 – 1839, reel no. 9, page 193, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Appraisements, Sales & Bills, Raleigh County, various years

Person, Action: Event, Date (Page No. if noted)

Nehemiah Daniel deceased, Appraisement, 5 April 1852 (p. 4 – 5)

Alexander Cantley, serves as appraiser on Joshua Bradley’s estate, 9 April 1853 (p. 7)

Alexander Cantley, paid $2 for appraisal work: Bradley Estate settlement, 9 April 1854

Alexander Cantley, owes note for $1 to Daniel Shumate, 14 September 1859 (p. 65)

Steele Massey, Appraisal: 17 July 1869 – Widow received $200 at Sale, 2 September 1869

Charles L. Clay, Hamilton Harper, Elam Scarbrough all appear in Personal Inventory of A.J. Harper Estate, taken 26 January 1870 (p. 108)

Charles L. Clay, James M. Clay, Steele Massey, L.B. Davis, Matthew Daniel, Hamilton Harper all have accounts listed in the Estate of A.J. Harper, 26 January 1870 (p. 111 – 112)

Nehemiah Daniel, Statement: he owned land in Carroll County, VA (n.d.) (p. 123)

Matthew Daniel, paid off $.25 owed to A.J. Harper Estate, 1 June 1871 (p. 128)

Alexander Cantley, serves as Administrator on Steele Massey Settlement, 2 September 1869 (p. 131)

Elam Scarbrough, Samuel Cantley, Hamilton Harper, Matthew Daniel all appear in Account Book of Mrs. Eunice Harper, 30 July 1872 (p. 148 – 149)

Hamilton Harper appears in the Estate of Mrs. Eunice Harper, 1 January 1874 (p. 162)

Matthew Daniel appears in the Estate of Mrs. Eunice Harper, 2 July 1876 (p. 191)

Alexander Cantley receives $51.75 at Settlement of Steele Massey Estate, 23 March 1878 (p. 201)

Robert C. Daniel owes a balance of $2 on a bond taken out 29 May 1873 owed the Estate of M.H. Holt, 5 February 1874 (p. 213)

Chapman Thompson, serves as Appraiser of Roysla and Annie Collins Estate, 13 August 1879 (p. 219)

Matthew Daniel, is owed $42.50 + $11.90 interest from the Eunice Harper Estate, 2 July 1876 (p. 235)

E. Scarbrough, is owed $90 + $21.60 interest from the Eunice Harper Estate, 2 July 1876 (p. 235)

Hamilton Harper, Account #112 for $10, appears in account listing of the M. H. Holt Estate for the years 1876 – 1878 (p. 254)

John Rorrer, bought a table for $60, Estate Sale of Nancy Cook, 3 May 1890 (p. 320)

Squire Thompson, Snowden Thompson, appears as purchasers of various items in the Sale Bill of the Estate of Lewis Williams, 22 May 1896 (p. 389 – 392)

Source: Selected records, Appraisements, sales bills, v. 1 1850-1897, Raleigh County, West Virginia, FHL microfilm roll 598410, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Court Records, Monroe County, 1855 – 1858

15 January 1855
Jane Wikel, widow of Goodlow Minner, applies to have land laid off and assigned for her dower. (p. 13)

Agreement between George Wikel and Jane Minner dated 11 July 1854 admitted to record. (p. 17)

19 February 1855
Court refused to approve commissioner’s assignment of Jane Minner’s dower and job was handed back to commissioner. (p. 21)

19 March 1855
Dower land assignment approved and ordered to be recorded. (p. 27)

17 September 1855
Peter Minner’s will presented and ordered to be recorded. (p. 88)

15 October 1855
Peter Minner’s appraisment returned. (p. 94)

19 November 1855
Goodlow Minner’s accounts ordered to be settled. (p. 102)

17 March 1856
Goodlow Minner’s settlement ordered to be recorded.. (p. 135)

19 August 1856
Report Submitted by guardian Joseph Ellis on Goodlow Minner’s heirs. (p. 194)

16 February 1857
George W. Hutchinson ordered to settle estate of Goodlow Minner. (p. 251)

15 June 1857
Settlement of Peter Minner estate ordered to be recorded. (p. 286)

17 August 1857
Alexander Wikle transfers land to Wm Lively. (p. 333)

30 January 1858
Deed of B/S from Wm Wikel and wife to George C. Wikel. (p. 377)
Deed of B/S from Wm Wikel and wife to Ro. H. Wikel. (p. 377)

17 May 1858
Geo. C. Wikel appointed as surveyor of road from the end of Peter Miller’s lane to Isaac Campbell’s. (p. 410).

19 July 1858
Settlement with Joseph Ellis, Guardian of Heirs of Goodlow Minner. (p. 444)

Source: Selected entries, Monroe County VA Order Book 7, 1854 – 1859, microfilm reel 11, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Obituary, Ohio, 2011

James French Wykle, Jr, 89, passed away February 28, 2011 in Collins, MS.

He was born December 29, 1921 in Sanger, W. Va., the son of James Wykle and Winona Cantley.

He is survived by his daughter, Debora Kerr, of Midlothian, Va.; and his sister, Dorothy Hearn, of Collins, Ms.

Donations in his memory may be made to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkin-son’s Research.

An interment service will be held for members of the family at Hillside Memorial Park.

Please share your thoughts and condolences online at our website:

Source: Akron Beacon Journal, 13 March 2011, online at

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Obituary, Raleigh County, 1895

      Mrs. Awry [Ora] Clay was born in Giles Co., Va., Jan. 30,
1812, and departed this life July 17, 1895, aged 83 years,
5 months and 19 days. She was the youngest child of a
family of 24 children and daughter of Ralph and Polly Stew-
art. She has only one brother surviving her, Hon. Chas.
Stewart, Sr., of Wyoming Co. She united with the Methodist
Episcopal Church in 1825 and lived not only a consistent,
but a warm, zealous, practical christian life for 70 years.
“Praise the Lord!” Christianity is no failure with Mother
Clay, it was a practical pay down system.
      She was united in marriage with Charles L. Clay in 1828,
he passed away in full triumph of faith some six years ago.
      She was the mother of 15 children, ten sons and five
daughters, nine of whom are still living, six have preceded
her to the great beyond.
      Farewell, Mother Clay. She lived right and died well.
Let the bells toll, let the curtain fall. Aunt Awry has passed
away from Earth gone beyond the clouds and dwells in that far
away home of the soul. “That land of pure delight where saints
immortal reign.” She’s an angel now, a child of god, a daugh-
ter of resurrection.
      Children and Grandchildren of Mother Clay, weep not and
sorrow no more. We can look through a glass (by faith) and
see dimly glimpses of Heavenly glory, and know in part. But
she is seeing face to face, and knowing even as she is also
known. Upon her grave I would drop a tear, and place emblems
of love, purity, and affection symbolizing the pure life she
lived. Awry Clay was a noble woman. Peace to her ashes.

William Turner
Matville, W.Va

Source: Typed transcript found in DAR files, with other notations about the Stewart family written on it.

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Will, Botetourt County, 1801

Abstract of Margaret Lindsey’s will
Botetourt County, VA
20 February 1801

  • to grandson Samuel Lindsay son to Mathew Lindsey Ten Pounds
  • to grandson Samuel Lindsay son to Walter Lindsey Five Pounds
  • to grandaughter Margaret Lindsey daughter to Walter Lindsey Five Pounds
  • to my grandaughter Margaret Cantley Five Pounds
  • to my grandson Samuel Cantley Five Pounds
  • to my sons Matthew, Samuel and Walter Lindsey Five Shillings each
  • to my niece Agness Smiley all the remainder of my estate of every kind whatsoever

Executors: Martin McFerran, James McFerran
Witnesses: William Waddle, P[?] Kimberling, John Floyd, Samuel M. Cline

Proved April Court, Botetourt County, 1801
By Oaths of: John Floyd, Samuel M. Cline

Source: Botetourt County Virginia Will Book B:62-63, LVA microfilm reel 20, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Will, Botetourt County, 1782

Abstract of Will of Samuel Lindsey
Botetourt County, VA
27 September 1782

  • I give all my wearing clothing to my son Matthew Lindsey
  • to my Daughter Erling [Elinor] Cantley one cow
  • to my Son Samuel Lindsey Jun. I give my Land on the East side Of James River where he now is in Possession of
  • to my Son Walter Lindsey one cow
  • to my Grandson Samuel Lindsey Son of Matthew Lindsey I give one cow
  • the Rest of my Estate I give to my Wife

Executor: his wife Margaret
Witnesses: John Kyle, Jane Kyle

Will of Saml Lindsey decd was presented for a certificate of probate at the Botetourt County, Virginia April Court of 1784.

It was proved by the oaths of John and Jane Kyle. Margaret qualified as Executrix aftering entering into a bond for 500 pounds secured by Joseph Kyle and the Rev. Adam Smyth.

Source: Botetourt County Virginia Will Book A:204-205, LVA microfilm reel 20, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Appraisal, Monroe County, 1810

Estate of Mrs. Sarah Clark, Decd
Inventory and Appraisal
26 May 1810

“a negro woman named Jean and her daughter 6 months old” – $383.33
“a girl about ten years old named Lucy” – $200
“a boy about eight years old named Madison” – $216.66 2/3
“1 do [boy] about six years old named Theophlias” – $180
“1 do [boy] about four years old named Str[i?]lar” – $150

1 bay mare six years old
1 Iron tooth harrow
1 log chain
1 pair steelyards
9 sheep
3 potts
10c [-in?] without a lid
3 pair pot hooks
Turning tools
1 Flax wheel
1 Broad ax
1 Crook
1 Handsaw
1 pair [Lad?] Irons
1 Hackle
1 Looking Glass
[Crowes ins have ??]
Crooked drawing knife
Shoe hammer and pinchers
1 pint glass
5 pewter plates
1 [check?] reel
1 Coffee mill
Bedstead Bed & Furniture
2 Boxes
1 Ladies Saddle
1 Bedstead Bed & Furniture
1 Bedstead & Cord
1 Hone
1 set Razors & case
a parcel of books
1 Callender
4 plates and sheers
1 Table
1 Loom and guide wheel
2 old stays
1 2 year old Colt
1 Heifer
1 bridel Cow and Calf
1 black and white Cow and Calf
1 yearlin Steer
1 Cutting Box and knife
1 Riffle gun
5 chairs
12 geese
1 pair dog irons
1 Broad ax & trough
1 Hoe

Total value of estate: $1,389.03 2/3

Submitted by: Isaac Estill, William Vass, Tod Stergeon
At Monroe June Court, 1810

Source: Will Book 1, 1799 – 1817:177, Monroe County, Virginia, microfilm reel 67, Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.

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Appraisal, Greenbrier County, 1795

Estate of Alexander Clark
Appraised by Isaac Estill, Saml Clark, and Nimrod Tacket
Returned to Greenbrier, Virginia Court April 1795

Twenty head of sheep
One bay mare
One dark bay mare
One dark bay horse
One black horse
One bay horse
One sorrel horse
One bay mare
Nine head of grown cattle
Eight head of young cattle
Six calves
Eighteen hogs
One cuting knife steel and hay fork
Too spinning wheels one big wheel and chack reel
One pair of stilyards
One drawing knife too hand saws and brod ax
Five syths and hangings
One crosscut saw
Sundry kind of tools such as chisels, augers
Drawing knives and plains
One set of shoemaking tools
Double [tun?] nails
One flax hackle
Four set of reeds and weaving gears
Cotton cards one pair
Too saddles and bridles
Wooling yarn
One spaid one frow one dung fork and five bills
One rifle gun
Two set of plow irons one lock chain five hoes
One set of harrowteeth and too axes
One brass lock and too pairs of sheers
One looking glass
One potrack
Too pair of horse gears and too carring saddle
Three pots one skillet one flat and one frying pan
Sundry barrels and bags
One loom and tackin
One washing tub turnig lath thre sickles
One pair of kne and too stock buckles one lance
and one pair of horse [plumes and neasscoss?]
Sundry kinds of crockery ware
Puter and tin ware
Sundry kinds of coper ware
Twenty six gees
Sundry kind books knives and forks
Sundry kinds of wearing clothes
Sundry kinds of womans cloths
One chest and box
Four beds and furniture
Half a dozen of chairs and one s[???]t
Twenty nine head of hogs
One coverlid one blanket one set of spools
One ogger one bridle and one Iron wedge
One Bible one sermon book

Valuation: 235L 1S 5D

Source: Greenbrier County Virginia Will Book 1:93-94, Greenbrier County Commission, Lewisburg, WV.

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Will, Greenbrier County, 1794

In The Name of God, Amen, this twelth Day of June one thousand seven hundred and ninety four, I Alexander Clark of Greenbrier County and State of Virginia now in the evening of my days but of perfect mind and memory thanks be to God I therefore calling unto mind the mortality of my Body knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, to make and order this my last will and Testament that is to say principally and first of all, I recommend my Soul to God who give it and for my body I recommend it to the Earth to be Buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God, and as touching such wourldly Estate where with it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form

Imprimis it is my will and I do order that in the first place all my just Debts and funeral Charges be paid and satisfied

Item to my son James Clark one cow and calf one too year old and one year old heffer and four heeds of Sheep. Also Item to my sons William, Ralph, Alexander, John & Samuel Clark, I leave to Each one Shillin Starling. I also to my Daughters Rebekah and Martha I leave to each one Shilling Starling. I give and bequeath to Sarrah Clark my beloved wife the plantation where on I now live which she is to sell and dispose of how and when she thinks proper and also I give and bequeath to Sarrah Clark my bloved wife the disposal of al my Cash, my houshold Furniture and likeways my Stock and all my worldly Estate which she is also to dspose how and when she thinks proper, and also I constitute and appoint my deerly beloved wife and my son James to be my Executors of this my last will and Testament and I hereby utterly disallow revoke and disannull all and every other Testament made before this whether gifts grants or legacies whatsoever, ratifying and confirming this same to be may last Will and Testament and declares the same before the under Evidences, and have hereunto set my hand and Seal the day and Year above mentioned.

Test                                              Alexander Clark {seal}
Samuel Clark
Matthias Kisinger
Thomas Fulton

                                 Greenbrier October Court 1794
This last will and Testament of Alexander Clark Decd was presented in Court by Sarah Clark and James Clark the Executors therein named and the same was proved by the oath of Samuel Clark & Matthias Kisinger two of the Witnesses thereto & ordered to record & on the motion of the sd Executors who made oath according to Law. Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form whereupon the sd Exrs with Samuel Clark & John Hutchison enter’d into Bond with Condition according to law.

Test John Stuart

Source: Greenbrier County Virginia Will Book 1:87, Greenbrier County Commission, Lewisburg, WV.

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