Appraisal, Greenbrier County, 1795

Estate of Alexander Clark
Appraised by Isaac Estill, Saml Clark, and Nimrod Tacket
Returned to Greenbrier, Virginia Court April 1795

Twenty head of sheep
One bay mare
One dark bay mare
One dark bay horse
One black horse
One bay horse
One sorrel horse
One bay mare
Nine head of grown cattle
Eight head of young cattle
Six calves
Eighteen hogs
One cuting knife steel and hay fork
Too spinning wheels one big wheel and chack reel
One pair of stilyards
One drawing knife too hand saws and brod ax
Five syths and hangings
One crosscut saw
Sundry kind of tools such as chisels, augers
Drawing knives and plains
One set of shoemaking tools
Double [tun?] nails
One flax hackle
Four set of reeds and weaving gears
Cotton cards one pair
Too saddles and bridles
Wooling yarn
One spaid one frow one dung fork and five bills
One rifle gun
Two set of plow irons one lock chain five hoes
One set of harrowteeth and too axes
One brass lock and too pairs of sheers
One looking glass
One potrack
Too pair of horse gears and too carring saddle
Three pots one skillet one flat and one frying pan
Sundry barrels and bags
One loom and tackin
One washing tub turnig lath thre sickles
One pair of kne and too stock buckles one lance
and one pair of horse [plumes and neasscoss?]
Sundry kinds of crockery ware
Puter and tin ware
Sundry kinds of coper ware
Twenty six gees
Sundry kind books knives and forks
Sundry kinds of wearing clothes
Sundry kinds of womans cloths
One chest and box
Four beds and furniture
Half a dozen of chairs and one s[???]t
Twenty nine head of hogs
One coverlid one blanket one set of spools
One ogger one bridle and one Iron wedge
One Bible one sermon book

Valuation: 235L 1S 5D

Source: Greenbrier County Virginia Will Book 1:93-94, Greenbrier County Commission, Lewisburg, WV.

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