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Deed, Giles County, 1806

This Indenture made February the 3d 1806 between Ralph Stewart
and Mary his Wife of Montgomery County and State of Virginia of
the one part and John Toney of the County of Montgomery and State
aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said Ralph Stewart and
Mary his Wife for and in consideration of the Sum of one hundred and
eighty pounds to him in hand paid by John Toney the receipt whereof is –
hereby acknowledged have bargained and sold by these presents bargened
sold released delivered and confirmed unto him the said John Toney and to
his heirs one parcel of landing laying in Montgomery and Tazewell Coun-
ties on brush Creek a branch of blewstone branch of Newriver and bounded
as followeth. Beginning at three white oaks on the patent line on the bank
of the Creek and with the same west 20 poles crossing the Creek to a
white to a white [words repeated] oak North 52 degrees west 84 poles to a white oak
North 80 degrees west 160 poles to two cherry trees and Spanish Oak north
10 degrees east 80 poles crossing the glady fork to three white oaks East
150 poles to a Stake a corner of the patent line and leaving same –
south 26 degrees east 180 poles crossing the Creek to the beginning
with its appertainances to have and to hold the said Tract or Parcel
of land with its appertainances to the said John and his heirs for
ever as Witness whereof the said Ralph Stewart and Mary his Wife
has hereunto set their hands and affixed their Seals this day and year
above written Sign sealed and acknowledged in presence of

G Pearis                               Ralp Stewart {seal}
Charles Clay

Jonathan Toney                    Mary Stewart {seal}
George Pearis Junr

At Giles August Court 1806         This deed of bargain and sale from
Ralph Stewart and Wife to John Toney was proved by the Oaths of
the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.

                    John MC Taylor

Source: Giles County Virginia Deed Book A:12-13, LVA microfilm reel 1, Library of
Virginia, Richmond.

Note: This deed was recorded in Giles County, even though the land was in Montgomery and Tazewell counties and the grantor/grantee were listed as residents of Montgomery. Giles County was formed the year this deed was executed. Changing boundaries certainly contributed to this situation.

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Oath, Monroe County, 1816

Monroe County to wit ~

          This day John Wyatt
made oath that to the best
of his knowledge that Alexr
Cantley is 21 years of age
from under my hand & seal
this 9th day of April 1816
          J. Hutchinson

Source: Monroe County, Virginia Marriage Records, File 2, Jacket 1611 [Alexander Cantley & Polly Scott], LVA microfilm reel 58, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Estate Account, Monroe County, 1850s

The Estate of George Wikel deceased In account with Christopher J. Beirne Executor thereof


Nov. 15. Cash pd Wm Chambers, $8.00
Nov. 19. Cash pd N. Harrison, $5.00

[n.d.] Cash pd Clerk of Monroe, $3.82
Jan. 1. Cash pd Estill & Watts, $2.50
Jan. 27. Cash pd Cyrus B. Campbell, Jacob Pile, & Frederick Pikes appraisers – $3.00
Nov. To Commission to Executor for his services – 5 pr ct on Estate, $103.37
Nov. 15. Cash pd Lettitia Wikel, $650.00
Nov. 15. Cash pd Wm Wikel, $150.00
Dec. 13. Cash pd Alexr Wikel, $50
Dec. 28. Cash pd John Clark, Auctioneer, $2.00

[n.d.] Cash pd Clerk of Monroe, 3.44
Jan 3. Cash pd Philip J. Wikel, $40.25
Feb. 2. Cash pd Geo. Wikel Jr, $76.00
Feb. 14. Cash pd Eli Wikel, $50.00
Feb. 14. Cash pd Eli Wikel for Henry Wikel, $100.00
Feb. 20. Cash pd Emanuel Beckner, $1.00
May 21. Cash pd H. Wiseman, $16.17
May 21. Cash pd Henry Wiseman, $102.05
Oct. 10. Cash pd Philip J. Wikel, $59.76
Nov. 23. Cash pd Clerk of Monroe & Comr for this Settlement, $3.26


Nov. By cash on hand at Testators death, $15.00

Nov. 15. By Amount of sale of Estate, $2,038.44
Nov. 15. By Amount of Richd Ramsey’s Note, $4.45.

Jan. 17. By Cash Amount of Joseph Ramsey’s Note, $4.65
Apr. 19. By Cash returned by N. Harrison, $5.00

“The foregoing is a correct statement of the accounts of C.J. Beirne Exor of Geo Wikel decd as shown to me by said Executor, showing a balance in his hands of $637.92 which should bear interest from 15 May 1853 ~ On the morning of the first day of the County Court of this county December Term 1853 I posted a notice on the Court House door stating that his accounts were before me for settlement & no exception have[sic] been taken thereto.

Respectfully submitted ~ Geo W. Hutchinson Comr April 1st 1854”

Source: Monroe County Virginia Fiduciary Records, Case No. 725, File 110:89 – 90, LVA microfilm reel 26, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Executor’s Bond, Augusta County, 1815

Augusta County, Virginia
24 July 1815
John Michael and John Kerekoff for $600 undertake the obligation to administer the will of George Weigel.

Signed by John Michael, marked by John Kerekoff.

Source: Augusta County Executor’s and Administrator’s Bonds 1812 – 1816 [unpaged],
LVA microfilm reel 103, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Deed, Monroe County, 1804

This Indenture made this eighteenth day of September one thousand eight hundred and four, Betwixt Michal Kissinger & Molly his Wife, and, Mathias Kissinger & Nutty his wife, the one part, and George Wykle of the other, each of the County of Monroe & State of Virginia, Witnesseth, that the said Michal Kissinger & Molly his wife, & Mathias Kissinger and Nutty his wife, for and in Consideration of the sum of one dollar current money of said State, to them in hand paid, the receipt whereof, they do hereby acknowledge, have bargained and sold, and by these presents, do Bargain and Sell, unto the said George Wykle, and his heirs, a certain tract or parcel of land containing forty eight acres, lying and being in Monroe County, betwixt Back Creek & Indian Creek, it being part of a survey of 309 acres made for Mathias Kissinger the 5th day of May 1792, for which a Pattent issued to him, bearing the date the 27th day of August 1800 – and made over by deed of conveyance from Andrew Kissinger and others, as heirs of said Mathias Kissinger now Deceased — said 48 acres being the part betwixt his own and Frederick Bakers, & is bounded as followeth, to wit, Beginning at a buckeye, lynn & elm, the old Beginning Corner, by a run edge and back the open line up a steep hill, South, sixteen degrees, east, ten pole to beach and maple saplings, on hill side, on said line, thence through the survey, South, sixty eight degs, west, sixty pole to two beaches and an ironwood on hill side, & corner to Bakers part, & with North, fourteen degrees, east, one hundred & twenty four pole to three dogwoods on the opposite line and leave Bakers, and with old line, South, seventy eight degrees, east, sixty two pole, to old corner, white oak, maple & dogwood, & east, forty pole to a white oak, red oak, & sugartree & south, twenty five degrees, east, twenty seven pole, to three white oaks, by a path, corner to Johnston’s, and south, fifty degrees, west, sixty pole, to a white oak, & south 48 degrees, east twenty four pole to the Beginning, with all its ways, waters, water courses, houses, barns, buildings, fields fences, and all the appertenances thereon, as thereunto Belonging, unto the said George Wykle and his heirs and assigns, to the sole use and behoof of the said George Wykle and his heirs and assigns forever, and the said Michal Kissinger & Molly his wife and Mathias Kissinger & Nutty his wife for themselves, and their heirs, Doth Covenant with the said George Wykle & his heirs the said tract or parcel of land, from themselves & their heirs, to the said George Wykle and his heirs, against all and every person, or persons whatsoever will warrant, and will forever defend, In withness whereof, they do hereby set their hands and seals, the day and year above written

signd, seald & acknowledged in the presence of
                    Matthias Kissinger {seal}     Michal Kissinger {seal}
                    Nutty Kissinger {seal}         Molly Kissinger {seal}

    Monroe, September Court 1804 ~
            This deed of Bargain and Sale, from Michal Kissinger & Molly his wife, and Mathias Kissinger & Nutty his wife, to George Wykle, was produced in Court, & acknowledged the wives being first privately examined according to law, and ordered to be recorded                     Copy, test, John Hutchison, Clk

Source: Monroe County Virginia, Deed Book A:386, LVA microfilm reel 31, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Deed, Monroe County, 1800

15th day of April 1800

Bradley Doulton and Dorraty his wife to George Wykle and Phillip Wykle and their heirs

“. . . in consideration of the sum of one dollar”

a parcel of land containing 35 acres on the waters of Indian Creek where Rachel Hanady formerly lived; part of a 335 acre survey made for David Scarbrough which joins the land of William Campbell and John McNutt, conveyed by David Scarbrough and Elisabeth his wife to Doulton on 26 June 1798.

Source: Monroe County Virginia Deed Book A:223-224, LVA microfilm reel 31, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Will, Augusta County, 1774

In the name of God amen I James Clark of the County of Agust [Augusta] and Colony of Virginia being sick of Body but of perfect Judgementt and Memory do appoint this to be my last Will and Testament in the Way and Mannor following and first I comit my Body to the Earth to be buried decently at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named & my soul to God who gave it fully persuaded of a General resurrection and as touching my worldly Estate I apont [appoint] that all debts & funeral Charges be firs paid and that all the remainder of my Estat be divided in the following Manor Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Jean Clark elate two shillings starlin I give likewise to my daughter Elizabeth Regh two shillings star and likewise my daughter Sarah Clark elate two shillings star & likewise to my son John two shillings star and likewise to my son James two shillings star and likewise to my son William’s heir five shillings starling and to my Daughter Ane Dinlap two shillings star and to my son Alexander two shillings star and to my son Samuel two shillings starling and to my son Robert two shillings star and to my daughter Margret two shillings starling and all the remainder of my estate both money and Goods I Leave to my well beloved Wife for her support and at her disposal and I do hereby Constitute Ordain and appoint my well beloved son William Regh and my well beloved Wife Elizabeth to Executors of this my Last will and Testament and doth Revoke disanull and make void all former Wills Gifts Legacies maid or done by me and do Ratify and Confirm this to be my Last will and Testament Given under my hand and seal this 20th day of Agust and in the year of our Lord 1774

Signed Sealed in
the presents of                            his
James McCleerey               James X Clark           {seal}
John McCleerey                           mark
Jas Ewing

At a Court held for Augusta County March the 19th 1778
       This Last Will and Testament of James Clark decd was
Proved by the Oaths of James McCreerey and James Ewing two of
the Witnesses therein and Ordered to be Recorded and on the
motion of the Executors therein named who made Oath
according to Law Certificate for obtaining a Probat thereof in
due form is Granted them they having with Securitys
entered into and acknowledged their bond according to

Source: Augusta County Virginia Will Book 6:4 – 5, LVA microfilm reel 44, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Deposition, Kanawha County, 1902

Extracts from Deposition of W. M. J. Massey
Statements in support of Tempay Cantley’s claim for a Widow’s Pension
Given in Kanawha County, near Fairfield, WV, in December 1902

“I am 52 years of age. My post office address is Fairfield, W. Va. I am a farmer & master[?] & preacher. I lived at Dry Creek, Raleigh County, this state, all my life up to two years ago. Alexander Cantley – we called him Uncle Alec – lived two and a half miles from my home and I worked for him many a day, through several years, and I closed his eyes when he died. He died at the home of James M. Clay, near Dry Creek. I can’t tell in what year he died but he died early in the spring and, I think, in March. I can’t tell in what part of the month, but there was snow.”

“I knew Mr. Cantley’s first wife and we always called her Aunt Polly. I saw her dead and was at her burying. She died not many years before Mr. Cantley and Tempay began to live together or before they were married – I know of this marriage, by hearsay, about the time it occurred. I am not positive I was at this marriage but Tempay says I was there.”

Source: Alexander Cantley full pension file, S.O. 28206, S.C. 20,616, W.O. 45,422, W.C. 35,512, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.

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Deed, Augusta County, 1832

[blank] day of [blank] 1832

John Michael Senr administrator of George Wichel dec’d to Daniel Wichel son of the said George Wichel

“John Michael as administrator and as well as on the part of the other heirs of the said George Wichel decd for 400 pounds . . .”

a parcel of land on the waters of Thorny Branch containing by survey 227 acres & 112 poles adjoining the lands of Rhodes, Messersmith, Philips & Miller

[no names of other heirs listed]

Source: Augusta County Virginia Deed Book 54:223-224, LVA microfilm reel 22, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Heir List, Fayette County, 1929

Fayette Co., WV
5 April 1929
Heirs of G. B. Cantley

J. R. Cantley, son, Sanger, WV
Wayman Cantley, son, Sanger, WV
Wennie Wykle, daughter, Sanger, WV
Dora Smith, daughter, Sanger, WV
Estel Smith, granddaughter, Sanger, WV
Hallie Spangler, granddaughter, Oswald, WV
Ora Biggs, granddaughter, Oswald, WV
Bertie Biggs, grandson, Dunedin, WV
Lina Biggs, granddaughter, Dunedin, WV
Ray Biggs, grandson, Dunedin, WV
Gladys Biggs, great-granddaughter, Dunedin, WV
James Biggs, great-grandson, Dunedin, WV
Dennis Biggs, great-grandson, Dunedin, WV
Myrtle Starks, granddaughter, Thurmond, WV
Ramie Cantley, grandson, Dunloop, WV
Jesse Cantley, grandson, Prudence, WV

List provided and sworn to by J. R. Cantley

Source: Fayette County Fiduciary Book D4:78, Fayette County Commission, Fayetteville, WV.

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