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Personal Property Taxes, Fayette County, 1830s-1840s

Some records of Alexander Cantley.
Year, No. of Taxable White Males, No. of Horses. Page (if available), Other

1831, 1, 2
1832, 1, 2
1833, 1, 2
1834, 1, 3
1836, 1, 3
1837, 1, 3
1838, 2, 3
1840, 2, 4, (p. 4/line 17)
1843, 2, 4, (p. 5/line 31)
1848, 1, 2, (p. 6/line 11) also taxed for 1 clock

Note: Raleigh County was created in 1850 and included this part of Fayette County. Records for Alexander Cantley should be sought there after that year.

Source: Fayette County Personal Property Tax Lists 1831 – 1861, West Virginia Counties Personal Property Tax microfilm, unknown reel no., Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Place Names, Fayette County, various years

Hilltop, Red Star, and Glen Jean
Hilltop sat “on the top of the hill which towers above Red Star and Glen Jean.” It was 3 miles away from Oak Hill. The Hilltop post office was originally called Oak Hill. Red Star was a trade name for coal. Glen Jean was named after the wife of Thomas McKell.

Powellton was on Armstrong Creek in Kanawha District. It was named for G.H. Powell, an English coal operator who headed the Mr. Carbon company. The Powellton mine opened in 1888.

Sanger was named for Henry Sanger who settled there in 1849.

Source: Historical Notes on Fayette County, W.Va., by Shirley Donnelly, privately printed, 1958.

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Land Taxes, Fayette County, 1830s

Year, Name, Acreage, Location, Notations [if present], Page No., Line No.

1834, Eliza Cantley (infant), 100 acres, Marsh Ford of Cole, entered by Alexander Cantley her next of kin, (page 4, line 1)

1837, Eliza Cantley, 100 acres, Fayette, (page 5, line 5)

1838, Eliza Cantley, 100 acres, residence unknown, (page 6, line 28)

Note: entries identical to the 1838 listing appear in 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844 and 1848. I have not checked every year due to the poor condition of this particular film.

Source: Selected records for Eliza Cantley, Fayette County Virginia Land Tax Lists, 1831 – 1861, microfilm reel 66, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Letter, Fayette County, 1928

Summerlee, W. Va.
June 12, 1928

United States Veterans bureau
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir,
           Year 1918 When I was
in the American Army I got the second
citizen papers. When [sic] was about to
go to France our papers were send [sic]
to Washington, D.C. When the war
was over we came back from the
army. But they didn’t send me the
citizen papers. I don’t have the
second citizen papers because they
didn’t send them to me. If you
find the citizen papers please send
them to me. But if you can’t find
them please let me know what to
do about them. My discharge No. is
Certificate No. is 1432704.

Peter Pieckowski

Source: C-File of Peter Pieckowski, No. C1058795, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, USCIS Genealogy Program.

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Report, Alexander Cantley of VA/WV

An extensive report on three generations of the CANTLEY family is now available in the “REPORTS” section.

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Heir List, Fayette County, 1929

Fayette Co., WV
5 April 1929
Heirs of G. B. Cantley

J. R. Cantley, son, Sanger, WV
Wayman Cantley, son, Sanger, WV
Wennie Wykle, daughter, Sanger, WV
Dora Smith, daughter, Sanger, WV
Estel Smith, granddaughter, Sanger, WV
Hallie Spangler, granddaughter, Oswald, WV
Ora Biggs, granddaughter, Oswald, WV
Bertie Biggs, grandson, Dunedin, WV
Lina Biggs, granddaughter, Dunedin, WV
Ray Biggs, grandson, Dunedin, WV
Gladys Biggs, great-granddaughter, Dunedin, WV
James Biggs, great-grandson, Dunedin, WV
Dennis Biggs, great-grandson, Dunedin, WV
Myrtle Starks, granddaughter, Thurmond, WV
Ramie Cantley, grandson, Dunloop, WV
Jesse Cantley, grandson, Prudence, WV

List provided and sworn to by J. R. Cantley

Source: Fayette County Fiduciary Book D4:78, Fayette County Commission, Fayetteville, WV.

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Inventory, Fayette County, 1936

Inventory of W. P. Wykle, made 13 Nov 1936
Fayette County, WV

Item No 1 – Total $1,500.00
Real estate of interest therein

Meadow Fork land
13 ¼ acres, $540
.51 acres, $200
5.6 acres, $410
1 acre, $20
5 ½ acres, $60
3.03 acres, $30
1 acre, $210
2 10/ acres, $30

Item No 2 – Total $335
Tangible Personal property of every kind

2 Horses, $150
1 Chevrolet Coach, $40
1 Mowing Machine, $25
1 Lot Farm Tools, $20
1 Lot Household Goods, $100

(No Entries for Items 3 – 5)

Item No 6 – Total $1,205.03
Money, certificates of deposit, notes, etc.

Savings Acct Merchants and Miners Bank, National Bank Oak Hill WV, $885.45
Checking Acct Mer & Min Bank Oak Hill, $349.58

Appraised by Archie E. Nugen, J. W. Jones, D. M. Hamilton

Source: Appraisal Book 2:264, Fayette County Commission, Beckley, West Virginia

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