Will, Grayson County, 1820

Will of Nehemiah Daniel, 1820

“I give and bequeath to Anny my wife all my estate during her natural life or widowhood except she should consider herself overstocked in that case she may dispose of any part thereof provided it is equally divided amongst her children and at her death my land together with all the other property to be sold except the young sorrell horse which I have given to my son Nehemiah Daniel and all the money arising from such sale together with the money I now have . . . shall be equally divided amongst my after named children, except Clara Morris and Nancy Allen which two are not to have so much as the others by fifty dollars as they have been helped to that amount more than the others and the names of my children are as follows to wit:

Clara Morris, Tempy Allen, Nancy Allen, Polly Dillard, Sally McMillion, Robert Daniel, Fanny Hains, Drucillah Daniel and Nehemiah Daniel . . .”

2 August 1820
Witnesses: Samuel Amburn, Fielding Lewis

Source: Grayson County Virginia Will Book, 1, 1796 – 1839, reel no. 9, page 193, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Place Names, Fayette County, various years

Hilltop, Red Star, and Glen Jean
Hilltop sat “on the top of the hill which towers above Red Star and Glen Jean.” It was 3 miles away from Oak Hill. The Hilltop post office was originally called Oak Hill. Red Star was a trade name for coal. Glen Jean was named after the wife of Thomas McKell.

Powellton was on Armstrong Creek in Kanawha District. It was named for G.H. Powell, an English coal operator who headed the Mr. Carbon company. The Powellton mine opened in 1888.

Sanger was named for Henry Sanger who settled there in 1849.

Source: Historical Notes on Fayette County, W.Va., by Shirley Donnelly, privately printed, 1958.

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Appraisal, Monroe County, 1810

Estate of Mrs. Sarah Clark, Decd
Inventory and Appraisal
26 May 1810

“a negro woman named Jean and her daughter 6 months old” – $383.33
“a girl about ten years old named Lucy” – $200
“a boy about eight years old named Madison” – $216.66 2/3
“1 do [boy] about six years old named Theophlias” – $180
“1 do [boy] about four years old named Str[i?]lar” – $150

1 bay mare six years old
1 Iron tooth harrow
1 log chain
1 pair steelyards
9 sheep
3 potts
10c [-in?] without a lid
3 pair pot hooks
Turning tools
1 Flax wheel
1 Broad ax
1 Crook
1 Handsaw
1 pair [Lad?] Irons
1 Hackle
1 Looking Glass
[Crowes ins have ??]
Crooked drawing knife
Shoe hammer and pinchers
1 pint glass
5 pewter plates
1 [check?] reel
1 Coffee mill
Bedstead Bed & Furniture
2 Boxes
1 Ladies Saddle
1 Bedstead Bed & Furniture
1 Bedstead & Cord
1 Hone
1 set Razors & case
a parcel of books
1 Callender
4 plates and sheers
1 Table
1 Loom and guide wheel
2 old stays
1 2 year old Colt
1 Heifer
1 bridel Cow and Calf
1 black and white Cow and Calf
1 yearlin Steer
1 Cutting Box and knife
1 Riffle gun
5 chairs
12 geese
1 pair dog irons
1 Broad ax & trough
1 Hoe

Total value of estate: $1,389.03 2/3

Submitted by: Isaac Estill, William Vass, Tod Stergeon
At Monroe June Court, 1810

Source: Will Book 1, 1799 – 1817:177, Monroe County, Virginia, microfilm reel 67, Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.

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Estate Account, Monroe County, 1850s

The Estate of George Wikel deceased In account with Christopher J. Beirne Executor thereof


Nov. 15. Cash pd Wm Chambers, $8.00
Nov. 19. Cash pd N. Harrison, $5.00

[n.d.] Cash pd Clerk of Monroe, $3.82
Jan. 1. Cash pd Estill & Watts, $2.50
Jan. 27. Cash pd Cyrus B. Campbell, Jacob Pile, & Frederick Pikes appraisers – $3.00
Nov. To Commission to Executor for his services – 5 pr ct on Estate, $103.37
Nov. 15. Cash pd Lettitia Wikel, $650.00
Nov. 15. Cash pd Wm Wikel, $150.00
Dec. 13. Cash pd Alexr Wikel, $50
Dec. 28. Cash pd John Clark, Auctioneer, $2.00

[n.d.] Cash pd Clerk of Monroe, 3.44
Jan 3. Cash pd Philip J. Wikel, $40.25
Feb. 2. Cash pd Geo. Wikel Jr, $76.00
Feb. 14. Cash pd Eli Wikel, $50.00
Feb. 14. Cash pd Eli Wikel for Henry Wikel, $100.00
Feb. 20. Cash pd Emanuel Beckner, $1.00
May 21. Cash pd H. Wiseman, $16.17
May 21. Cash pd Henry Wiseman, $102.05
Oct. 10. Cash pd Philip J. Wikel, $59.76
Nov. 23. Cash pd Clerk of Monroe & Comr for this Settlement, $3.26


Nov. By cash on hand at Testators death, $15.00

Nov. 15. By Amount of sale of Estate, $2,038.44
Nov. 15. By Amount of Richd Ramsey’s Note, $4.45.

Jan. 17. By Cash Amount of Joseph Ramsey’s Note, $4.65
Apr. 19. By Cash returned by N. Harrison, $5.00

“The foregoing is a correct statement of the accounts of C.J. Beirne Exor of Geo Wikel decd as shown to me by said Executor, showing a balance in his hands of $637.92 which should bear interest from 15 May 1853 ~ On the morning of the first day of the County Court of this county December Term 1853 I posted a notice on the Court House door stating that his accounts were before me for settlement & no exception have[sic] been taken thereto.

Respectfully submitted ~ Geo W. Hutchinson Comr April 1st 1854”

Source: Monroe County Virginia Fiduciary Records, Case No. 725, File 110:89 – 90, LVA microfilm reel 26, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Deposition, Kanawha County, 1902

Extracts from Deposition of W. M. J. Massey
Statements in support of Tempay Cantley’s claim for a Widow’s Pension
Given in Kanawha County, near Fairfield, WV, in December 1902

“I am 52 years of age. My post office address is Fairfield, W. Va. I am a farmer & master[?] & preacher. I lived at Dry Creek, Raleigh County, this state, all my life up to two years ago. Alexander Cantley – we called him Uncle Alec – lived two and a half miles from my home and I worked for him many a day, through several years, and I closed his eyes when he died. He died at the home of James M. Clay, near Dry Creek. I can’t tell in what year he died but he died early in the spring and, I think, in March. I can’t tell in what part of the month, but there was snow.”

“I knew Mr. Cantley’s first wife and we always called her Aunt Polly. I saw her dead and was at her burying. She died not many years before Mr. Cantley and Tempay began to live together or before they were married – I know of this marriage, by hearsay, about the time it occurred. I am not positive I was at this marriage but Tempay says I was there.”

Source: Alexander Cantley full pension file, S.O. 28206, S.C. 20,616, W.O. 45,422, W.C. 35,512, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.

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Chancery Case, Giles County, 1813

John Peters and wife etc. vs. Executors of Mitchell Clay
Chancery Court, Giles County, VA, 1813

“The separate Answer of Mitchel Clay ^Jr to a bill
in Chancery exhibited by John Peters & Sally his
wife in the County Court of Giles against the
said Mitchell Clay Jr. Charles Clay William
Clay & Henry Clay as executors of Mitchell Clay
decd. this deft Mitchell Clay Jr reserving to himself
the benefit of the usual exceptions to the many
untruths and uncertainties contained in the compt
bill, for answer thereto, or as much as he is advised
is necessary for him to answer saith – That
he never heard his father Mitchell Clay decd promise
to give to his daughter Sally the negroes Phebe & those
mentioned in the Complainants bill but on the contra-
ry he hath frequently heard him say that the
said John Peters never should have a negro of
his, that he did not like him so well and this
defendant further states that he never to his recollect-
tion heart of the said gift or promise untill at
^or shortly after a certain time when the said Mitchell Clay
decd at a certain time when he lay sick lay sick and expected
to die a demand of the said negroes was made
thro a certain [party?]. And this deft also states
that, the demand so offended the said Mitchell
that he would not permit his daughter Sally
nor the said Peters to enter his house, for some
time, after, And this deft states that he had
reason to believe that neither the father nor mother
of the said Sally were willing to the said Marriage
And that they never would have consented to it
but by and thro the persuasions of this deft
and others, And that this deft has heard the said
Mitchell state the following reasons, that some of
the family were crooked and deformd footed, that
it was reported that the father of the said John
Peters had been security in the county that he had
moved from and that he was about to put all
his property out of his hands, And this deft
states that he expects to be able to prove that some
of the family connections ^of the said Clay were unwilling to go to
the wedding alledging as the reason that the marriage
was so displeasing to that said Mitchell that he
would breed a disturbance in the company.
This defendant admits that the said Mitchell
Clay shortly before his decease made his last will
and Testament now of record in the County Court
of Giles which deft prays may be taken and
made a part of his Answer wherein he
devised the said negroes to this deft Charles Clay
William Clay & Henry Clay as therein stated.
This defendant states that he never did at
any time in his life exercise or endeavor to exer-
cise any influence whatever over the said Mitchell
Clay in making the said will – and Testament
nor the codicil thereto annexed further than that
on a certain time me mentioned to the said Mit
chell, that he thought he had hardly give this
Deft and Wm Clay a fair chance as he the sd Mitchell had pd
some money for Chas and Henry, that the said Mit
-chell replied that made no [—-?], he would do as he
he [repeated word] thought proper with his own to which
observation this deft [properly] acquiesced. This deft
states that the said Sally bestowed no more labor
in nursing and raising the said Mose, nor other
-wise than was her bounden duty, as a child –
This defendant positively denies any and all the
allegations in the said Compts. bill which goes
to charge him with conduct fraudulent iniqui
-tous or unjust, and having fully answered the premises
in the Compts. bill so far as he is at present
able to do prays that he may hims be dis
missd with his costs in this behalf expended.”

Source: “The Separate Answer of Mitchel Clay,” original document in case file 1812-00, Chancery Court of Giles County, VA, viewed in the Archives Research Room, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Deed of Bill and Sale, Raleigh County, 1884

This deed made this 27th day of March 1884, between George
W. Cantley and Drucilla Cantley his wife, Samuel Cantley
and Sarah Cantley his wife, James M. Clay and LoDaske Clay
his wife, James Jones and Caroline Jones his wife, John H.
Sarrett and Jeanette Sarrett his wife, John R. Combs and
Nancy J. Combs his wife and Rebecca J. Cantley widow of
James Cantley Decd heirs at law of Alexander Cantley Decd
all of the County of Raleigh & State of West Virginia of the first
part, and James A. Cantley of the County and State afore-
said of the second part. Witnesseth, that for in in consideration
of the sum of Forty-Four Dollars in the receipt whereof is hereby
acknowledged by parties of the First part, The said parties of the first
part do this day bargain, sell and convey and by these presents do
bargain, sell and convey all their rights, title and claim to two
(2) tracts or parcels of land containing respectively thirty five
acres and twenty acres, more or less, And bounded and describ-
ed as follows. Situate in the County of Raleigh, State of West
Virginia, On the Marsh Fork of Big Coal River, Tract No. 1 Begin-
ning at two red buds and Elm Sprout in the Sugar Camp hollow
and on a line of the said Abbott and Hood’s survey, thence a
straight line up the hollow to the top of the ridge between
said hollow and Dry Creek cornering on two Chestnut oaks
thence down the ridge to a sugar tree, thence a straight line
to two Chestnut oaks on the Lick Point, thence down said point
to said Abbott’s and Hood’s line, and with said line to the beginning
containing Thirty Five acres, more or less. Tract No. 2. Beginning
at the Mouth of Rock Creek, on a white oak and Black oak,
corner in Old Original Whitcroft survey and with line of Henry
B. Clay heirs to where the road now runs, thence down with
the road to a stake at the lower end, thence a straight line
to the river, thence with the meanders of the river up to the
beginning containing twenty acres, More or less.

Source: Raleigh County Deeds [microfilm] Volume I, pages 61 – 63, West Virginia Division of Culture and History, Charleston, West Virginia.

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