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Will, Grayson County, 1820

Will of Nehemiah Daniel, 1820

“I give and bequeath to Anny my wife all my estate during her natural life or widowhood except she should consider herself overstocked in that case she may dispose of any part thereof provided it is equally divided amongst her children and at her death my land together with all the other property to be sold except the young sorrell horse which I have given to my son Nehemiah Daniel and all the money arising from such sale together with the money I now have . . . shall be equally divided amongst my after named children, except Clara Morris and Nancy Allen which two are not to have so much as the others by fifty dollars as they have been helped to that amount more than the others and the names of my children are as follows to wit:

Clara Morris, Tempy Allen, Nancy Allen, Polly Dillard, Sally McMillion, Robert Daniel, Fanny Hains, Drucillah Daniel and Nehemiah Daniel . . .”

2 August 1820
Witnesses: Samuel Amburn, Fielding Lewis

Source: Grayson County Virginia Will Book, 1, 1796 – 1839, reel no. 9, page 193, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Appraisements, Sales & Bills, Raleigh County, various years

Person, Action: Event, Date (Page No. if noted)

Nehemiah Daniel deceased, Appraisement, 5 April 1852 (p. 4 – 5)

Alexander Cantley, serves as appraiser on Joshua Bradley’s estate, 9 April 1853 (p. 7)

Alexander Cantley, paid $2 for appraisal work: Bradley Estate settlement, 9 April 1854

Alexander Cantley, owes note for $1 to Daniel Shumate, 14 September 1859 (p. 65)

Steele Massey, Appraisal: 17 July 1869 – Widow received $200 at Sale, 2 September 1869

Charles L. Clay, Hamilton Harper, Elam Scarbrough all appear in Personal Inventory of A.J. Harper Estate, taken 26 January 1870 (p. 108)

Charles L. Clay, James M. Clay, Steele Massey, L.B. Davis, Matthew Daniel, Hamilton Harper all have accounts listed in the Estate of A.J. Harper, 26 January 1870 (p. 111 – 112)

Nehemiah Daniel, Statement: he owned land in Carroll County, VA (n.d.) (p. 123)

Matthew Daniel, paid off $.25 owed to A.J. Harper Estate, 1 June 1871 (p. 128)

Alexander Cantley, serves as Administrator on Steele Massey Settlement, 2 September 1869 (p. 131)

Elam Scarbrough, Samuel Cantley, Hamilton Harper, Matthew Daniel all appear in Account Book of Mrs. Eunice Harper, 30 July 1872 (p. 148 – 149)

Hamilton Harper appears in the Estate of Mrs. Eunice Harper, 1 January 1874 (p. 162)

Matthew Daniel appears in the Estate of Mrs. Eunice Harper, 2 July 1876 (p. 191)

Alexander Cantley receives $51.75 at Settlement of Steele Massey Estate, 23 March 1878 (p. 201)

Robert C. Daniel owes a balance of $2 on a bond taken out 29 May 1873 owed the Estate of M.H. Holt, 5 February 1874 (p. 213)

Chapman Thompson, serves as Appraiser of Roysla and Annie Collins Estate, 13 August 1879 (p. 219)

Matthew Daniel, is owed $42.50 + $11.90 interest from the Eunice Harper Estate, 2 July 1876 (p. 235)

E. Scarbrough, is owed $90 + $21.60 interest from the Eunice Harper Estate, 2 July 1876 (p. 235)

Hamilton Harper, Account #112 for $10, appears in account listing of the M. H. Holt Estate for the years 1876 – 1878 (p. 254)

John Rorrer, bought a table for $60, Estate Sale of Nancy Cook, 3 May 1890 (p. 320)

Squire Thompson, Snowden Thompson, appears as purchasers of various items in the Sale Bill of the Estate of Lewis Williams, 22 May 1896 (p. 389 – 392)

Source: Selected records, Appraisements, sales bills, v. 1 1850-1897, Raleigh County, West Virginia, FHL microfilm roll 598410, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Estate Sale Participants, Raleigh County, 1900s

Date (Page No.)

Sale Bill of Estate of James Mullens, Deceased
Pem Wykle
Purchased 1 horse for $35
22 April 1900 (p. 50)

Sale Bill of the Personal Estate of Jesse Daniel, Deceased
James Cantley
Purchased tools for $150; gearing for $.90
8 August 1902 (p. 77)

C.A. Burnside Estate Appraisal
James A. Cantley
Acted as one of the appraisers
17 June 1905 (p. 102)

Tax tickets in Esate of W. R. Campbell, Deceased
E. H. Cantley
21 November 1907

Source: Selected records, Appraisements, sales bills, v. 2 1897-1916, Raleigh County, West Virginia, FHL microfilm roll 598410, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Road Survey, Raleigh County, 1873

September term 1873

Wm H. Shumate, Wm Turner, & Wm Daniel Comrs appointed at the
term of this Court to view out the most practical route for a
road leading from Caperton Right’s smith shop by way of Hamilton
& others to the intersection of Coal River Road. This day sub-
mitted their report in writing to the effect that on the 16th day of August
1873 they proceeded to make the review finding a proposed route lead-
ing from Hamilton Harper’s passing Jubal Stover’s & John Williams to the
intersection of Coal Road impracticable viewing other routes. Your Comrs
would recommend the location of the road from Caperton Right’s shop
up the Middle Prong of Sand Lick along a road now already partly
made to the upper end of Hamilton Harper’s field above the house
leaving the creek turning to the right hand up a ridge to the
top a main flat ridge & with the same to the intersection of Coal River Road.

Source: Raleigh County West Virginia Order Book B 1859 – 1878:222, FHL microfilm 598405, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT.

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Local News, Matville, 1909


   J.M. Harper, who has been ill for
quite a while, is gradually getting worse.
   Jas. Shumate is doing a rushing busi-
ness cutting lumber at this place. Jim
is a hustler.
   Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Pettry, who have
been confined to their rooms for some
time with typhoid fever, are slowly im-
   The three schools near Matville, con-
ducted by Leonard Stover, Misses Irene
Thompson and Miss Pearl Stover are
giving entire satisfaction.
   The advent of old “Mr. Tangle Leg”
brought very suddenly to a close the
preaching at Rocky Point conducted by
the Rev. Thos, Williams, D.D. Shame
on you, boys.
   All persons wishing to trade horses
will do well to call on the boys of Mat-
ville who attended jocky street Monday
and laid in a nice assortment of thor-
oughbreds. French Wykle claims the
honor of being the sole owner of the
mule that helped haul the mud sills of
Noah’s Ark. While John Phipps says
he knows his will plow, for Adam broke
him in the garden of Eden.
   Elliott Harper and family left last
week for Prudence, where they will
make their future home.
   Miss Irene Thompson was visiting at
her home in Fayette, last week. She
was accompanied by the Misses Cottle
and Miss Janet Harper.
   Waymon Daniel and Lee Atha were
calling at Mrs. Thos. Arnold’s Sunday.
   Rev. Thos. Williams preached a very
interesting and forcible sermon to a
large and attentive congregation at the
O.U.A.M. hall Saturday evening.
   Misses Pearle Stover and Janet Har-
per were out horseback riding Satur-
day afternoon.
   W.P. Wykle, of Marshes, was calling
at Jas. Harper’s one day last week in
search of seed onions.
   Jackson Arnold was seen on our street
last week with a gun on his shoulder
enroute to Eccles.
   Albert Milem is swapping sides with
the soil preparatory to a crop.
   Chas. Atha has been confined to his
room for the past few days with rheu-
   French Wykle was calling at James
Harper’s last Tuesday.
   Mrs. Agnes Harper was seen on the
streets Monday on her way to Albert
   Lee Harper on of our leading citi-
zens is confined to his room this week
due to a sprained ankle.
   Jas. Daniel was at Matville Tuesday.
   Miss Frenchie Clyburn was the guest
of Miss Amanda Atha Saturday.
   The young ladies of this place seem
to be getting rather lovely of late.
   The Lively’s that were calling here
Saturday and Sunday were Messrs.
Lewis Caperton, William Evergreen,
John and Walter Franklin of Roseville.
Also Joseph Williams and Jas. Toney of
   Sam Harper made a business trip to
Eccles one day last week.
   We had a wedding in town Wednes-
day. The contracting parties were Mr.
Tilden Williams of Eccles, and Miss
Rose Arnold, of Matville.

The Raleigh Herald
Thursday, February 11, 1909
Page 2, columns 4 & 5.
Beckley, WV

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