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A quick way to locate records of interest to you is by checking for tags. All records here will have at least one identifying tag indicating a name or a place. Some will also have more descriptive tags to let you know what kind of record has been posted (ex: marriage register, tax list). Just click on a tag and you will be presented with all the posts containing that type of content.


Surname tags: I am not going to create separate tags for every variant surname spelling found in records. The abstract, extract, or transcription will reflect the actual spelling of the name in the source record; however, the tag will be standardized. For example, the Wykle tag will be attached to records containing Wikle/Wigal/Weikle, etc.

County tags: There are two things to be aware of about my use of county tags.

  • To keep locality markings short, I will not be appending VA or WV to the county names. Historically, the counties primarily of interest in my research were in either state at different periods. It will be clear from the subject heading of the post what state applies. The small number of records that occur in other states will be tagged with that state’s name only (ex: Ohio).
  • The county tag for a record will indicate the county boundary at the time the record was created. For example, an 1827 record will be tagged Logan County even though the location the record references may be in Fayette County today.
  • In the tag cloud, county names will not be capitalized. This will allow them to be quickly differentiated from surname tags.

About transcriptions: All words in transcribed documents are copied from the original source as precisely as possible. Spelling, grammar, etc. are NOT corrected. Some transcriptions maintain the original line breaks, while others do not. The blog format makes some lengthy documents (especially wills and deeds) visually unattractive in the blog column so I allow the text to wrap.

Source Citations: I use a simplified version of standard formats such as those found in Evidence Explained. If more detailed information is needed for you to locate any document for yourself, please feel free to ask for more information.

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