Obituary, Maudie Servus Stover, 2015

QUINWOOD — Maudie Servus Stover, 105, formerly of Quinwood, W.Va., passed away, Monday, May 4, 2015, at Heartland of Rainelle, following a long illness.

Born May 29, 1909, at Sand Lick, W.Va., she was the daughter of Calvin and Etta Webb Atha.1 In addition to her parents, she was also preceded in death by her first husband, Joseph K. Servus, and her second husband Sherman Stover.

Maudie was a member of Quinwood Baptist Church and a homemaker.

Survivors include five daughters by her first marriage; 25 grandchildren, numerous great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren.

Services will be at 2 p.m., Friday, May 8, 2015, at Wallace & Wallace Chapel of Rainelle, with Pastor Chad Rodes officiating. Burial will follow at Wallace Memorial Cemetery, Clintonville, W.Va. Friends may visit with the family from 6 to 8 p.m., Thursday evening, at the funeral home. Online condolences may be sent to:

Arrangements entrusted to Wallace and Wallace Funeral Home of Rainelle.

Source: Register Herald, 7 May 2015

1 Maudie’s mother was Etta Daniel. She married first, Calvin Atha, then after his death, John Webb.

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Chancery Case, Augusta County, 1796

Paulus vs. Weigle
Filed 28 July 1796

Peter Paulus complains that about 9 April 1793 he entered into a written contract with George Weigel for a tract of land and other matters. Paulus was later notified that Weigel had obtained a judgment against him for [amount is left blank] and court costs. He complains that it is impossible to tell from the judgment exactly what provision of the covenant he violated, but he has been informed that the matter concerns “a supposed failure for non payment of the hewing logs & procuring some shingles.” Paulus details other facts which point to irregularities in the execution of convenant responsibilites and the judgment itself. Paulus asks that George Weigel be summoned to answer the suit in person and that the judgment be set aside until the matter can be fairly heard.

George Weigle answers that Paulus “pretended ignorance” as to the nature of the judgment against him and details his side of the matter involving the logs and shingles. Weigle further states that he came to court many times so that Paulus could pay the money due for the land tract and receive title, but Paulus never came to court: “it might have been it was more convenient for him not to pay the money than to have a deed.” Weigle denies any fraud in the matter.

Source: Augusta County, Virginia Chancery Case 455, 1797-009, Library of Virginia digital archive URL:

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Chancery Case, Augusta County, 1826

Cochran vs. Weigel’s Reps.
Filed 16 December 1826

Bill of James Cochran represents that he purchased 130 acres from George Weigel on 10 March 1800 for the sum of one hundred pounds. The original purchase contract and receipt for payment were submitted to the Court. George Weigel died before making a legal conveyance of the land, leaving the following persons his only legal representatives upon whom the title to said land descended:

George Weigel, Barbara Rumsbaugh the wife of Jacob Rumsbaugh, John Weigel, Philip Weigel, Elizabeth McAbee the wife of John McAbee, Polly [Gowing – see note] the wife of [John Gowing – see note], Daniel Weigel, Catherine Kiger the wife of Benjamin Kiger, Peggy Dotson the wife of William Dotson, & William Weigel, all of whom reside out of the Commonwealth except George Weigel, John Weigel, [John Gowing – see note] & Polly his wife & Daniel Weigel who reside in the county of Augusta”

The suit states that the administrator of the will of George Weigel, decd, John Michael, is believed to have sufficient funds from the will to pay the costs of the suit. The suit asks that all parties named therein be made defendants to the bill and be ordered to execute a proper deed and pay the costs of the suit.

Case file includes land plat of tract in question, receipt from George Weigle decd stating purchase paid in full, copy of announcement calling defendants to court published in the Staunton Spectator, and Superior Court of Chancery Greenbrier District Summons for John & George Weigle, and 1835 will of James Cochran.

Note: Wherever the surname “Gowing” or “John Gowing” appears in this suit, the writing is in a different ink tone, as if the space for the name was left blank when the suit was originally written and filled in later. I had not seen the Gowing name associated with these Weigels before studying this case. Further evaluation is required.

Source: Augusta County, Virginia Chancery Case 144, 1828-003, Library of Virginia digital archive URL:

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Will, Grayson County, 1820

Will of Nehemiah Daniel, 1820

“I give and bequeath to Anny my wife all my estate during her natural life or widowhood except she should consider herself overstocked in that case she may dispose of any part thereof provided it is equally divided amongst her children and at her death my land together with all the other property to be sold except the young sorrell horse which I have given to my son Nehemiah Daniel and all the money arising from such sale together with the money I now have . . . shall be equally divided amongst my after named children, except Clara Morris and Nancy Allen which two are not to have so much as the others by fifty dollars as they have been helped to that amount more than the others and the names of my children are as follows to wit:

Clara Morris, Tempy Allen, Nancy Allen, Polly Dillard, Sally McMillion, Robert Daniel, Fanny Hains, Drucillah Daniel and Nehemiah Daniel . . .”

2 August 1820
Witnesses: Samuel Amburn, Fielding Lewis

Source: Grayson County Virginia Will Book, 1, 1796 – 1839, reel no. 9, page 193, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Marriage Record, Greenbrier County, 1797

Date: 1797 Jany 17
Parties Names Married: Ethey Thomas [Thomas Athy] to Sally Parkens [Perkins]
Minister: J. Osburn [Josiah Osborne]

Source: Greenbrier County Virginia Marriage Records 1A, 1780-1849, reel no. 12, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Marriage Register, Culpeper County, 1785

24 August 1785
Name of Husband: John Atha
Name of Wife: Dorcas Cullen
Minister: J. Price

Source: Culpeper County Virginia Marriage Register, 1781 – 1853 c, (VSL ms compilation), microfilm reel 50, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA.

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Marriage Bond, Patrick County, 1832

John Arnold and Henry Trent are bound unto John Floyd, Governor of Virginia for $150 on 16 March 1832 for a marriage between John Arnold Jr. and Nancy Griffin.

Source: Patrick County Virginia Marriage Bonds, 1832-1835, reel no. 54, page 1145, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Permission to Marry, Patrick County, 1832

March the 15th 1832
Mr. [?] Staples Clerk of Patrick County
This is to certify that I have given John Arnold the liberty to get license to marry my daughter Nancy Griffin given under my hand Richard Griffin
[?] Henry Trent Wm Arnold

Source: Patrick County Virginia Marriage Bonds, 1832-1835, reel no. 54, page 1145, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Marriage Bond, Patrick County, 1799

John Arnold and James Hollandworth are bound unto James Wood, Governor of Virginia for $150 on 16 September 1799 for a marriage between John Arnold and Milley Hollandworth.

Source: Patrick County Virginia Marriage Bonds, 1797-1800, reel no. 53, pae 163, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Appraisements, Sales & Bills, Raleigh County, various years

Person, Action: Event, Date (Page No. if noted)

Nehemiah Daniel deceased, Appraisement, 5 April 1852 (p. 4 – 5)

Alexander Cantley, serves as appraiser on Joshua Bradley’s estate, 9 April 1853 (p. 7)

Alexander Cantley, paid $2 for appraisal work: Bradley Estate settlement, 9 April 1854

Alexander Cantley, owes note for $1 to Daniel Shumate, 14 September 1859 (p. 65)

Steele Massey, Appraisal: 17 July 1869 – Widow received $200 at Sale, 2 September 1869

Charles L. Clay, Hamilton Harper, Elam Scarbrough all appear in Personal Inventory of A.J. Harper Estate, taken 26 January 1870 (p. 108)

Charles L. Clay, James M. Clay, Steele Massey, L.B. Davis, Matthew Daniel, Hamilton Harper all have accounts listed in the Estate of A.J. Harper, 26 January 1870 (p. 111 – 112)

Nehemiah Daniel, Statement: he owned land in Carroll County, VA (n.d.) (p. 123)

Matthew Daniel, paid off $.25 owed to A.J. Harper Estate, 1 June 1871 (p. 128)

Alexander Cantley, serves as Administrator on Steele Massey Settlement, 2 September 1869 (p. 131)

Elam Scarbrough, Samuel Cantley, Hamilton Harper, Matthew Daniel all appear in Account Book of Mrs. Eunice Harper, 30 July 1872 (p. 148 – 149)

Hamilton Harper appears in the Estate of Mrs. Eunice Harper, 1 January 1874 (p. 162)

Matthew Daniel appears in the Estate of Mrs. Eunice Harper, 2 July 1876 (p. 191)

Alexander Cantley receives $51.75 at Settlement of Steele Massey Estate, 23 March 1878 (p. 201)

Robert C. Daniel owes a balance of $2 on a bond taken out 29 May 1873 owed the Estate of M.H. Holt, 5 February 1874 (p. 213)

Chapman Thompson, serves as Appraiser of Roysla and Annie Collins Estate, 13 August 1879 (p. 219)

Matthew Daniel, is owed $42.50 + $11.90 interest from the Eunice Harper Estate, 2 July 1876 (p. 235)

E. Scarbrough, is owed $90 + $21.60 interest from the Eunice Harper Estate, 2 July 1876 (p. 235)

Hamilton Harper, Account #112 for $10, appears in account listing of the M. H. Holt Estate for the years 1876 – 1878 (p. 254)

John Rorrer, bought a table for $60, Estate Sale of Nancy Cook, 3 May 1890 (p. 320)

Squire Thompson, Snowden Thompson, appears as purchasers of various items in the Sale Bill of the Estate of Lewis Williams, 22 May 1896 (p. 389 – 392)

Source: Selected records, Appraisements, sales bills, v. 1 1850-1897, Raleigh County, West Virginia, FHL microfilm roll 598410, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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