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Obituary, Raleigh County, 1895

      Mrs. Awry [Ora] Clay was born in Giles Co., Va., Jan. 30,
1812, and departed this life July 17, 1895, aged 83 years,
5 months and 19 days. She was the youngest child of a
family of 24 children and daughter of Ralph and Polly Stew-
art. She has only one brother surviving her, Hon. Chas.
Stewart, Sr., of Wyoming Co. She united with the Methodist
Episcopal Church in 1825 and lived not only a consistent,
but a warm, zealous, practical christian life for 70 years.
“Praise the Lord!” Christianity is no failure with Mother
Clay, it was a practical pay down system.
      She was united in marriage with Charles L. Clay in 1828,
he passed away in full triumph of faith some six years ago.
      She was the mother of 15 children, ten sons and five
daughters, nine of whom are still living, six have preceded
her to the great beyond.
      Farewell, Mother Clay. She lived right and died well.
Let the bells toll, let the curtain fall. Aunt Awry has passed
away from Earth gone beyond the clouds and dwells in that far
away home of the soul. “That land of pure delight where saints
immortal reign.” She’s an angel now, a child of god, a daugh-
ter of resurrection.
      Children and Grandchildren of Mother Clay, weep not and
sorrow no more. We can look through a glass (by faith) and
see dimly glimpses of Heavenly glory, and know in part. But
she is seeing face to face, and knowing even as she is also
known. Upon her grave I would drop a tear, and place emblems
of love, purity, and affection symbolizing the pure life she
lived. Awry Clay was a noble woman. Peace to her ashes.

William Turner
Matville, W.Va

Source: Typed transcript found in DAR files, with other notations about the Stewart family written on it.

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Marriage Bonds, Montgomery County, Summer 1788

Date of Bond
Name of Husband
Name of Wife
Parents or Guardian of Husband
Parents or Guardian of Wife
Security and Witnesses

3 June 1788
Barnabas Gullion
Kitterery Keath
Matthew Lindsey

3 June 1788
Adam Miller
Catharine Phipps
Jesse Evans

3 June 1788
David Johnson
Joice Scaggs
James Johnson

9 June 1788
Joshua Cooper
Caty Cooper
Edmund Whitt

9 June 1788
Patarick Nappier Jr.
Fanny Brumfield
Patrick Nappier Sr., father
Garland Burgess

16 June 1788
Samuel Munsey
Anne Workman
Obediah Munsey, consent
Joseph Workman, consent
Richard Corp

24 June 1788
Peter Scaggs
Marthey Cothon
William Leister

25 June 1788
Ralph Stewart
Mary Clay
Michael Clay1, father
Wm. Tracey; Richard Elliott

30 June 1788
Isaiah Perdue
Mary Belshear
Isam Belshear, father
Isam Belshear

3 July 1788
Conrad Reeder/Conrad Rader
Elizabeth Ony (?)
Calvin Ony, father
Danl Etter

4 August 1788
William McDonald
Ursula Hoff
Thomas Hoff, father
John Preston, Robert Crockett

Source: Certified copy of partial page from the Montgomery County Register of Marriages [no volume no., no page no.] Montgomery County Circuit Count, Christiansburg, Virginia

Notes: This list of bonds appears to be a transcription from some other source.

1 My ancestors in this listing are Ralph Stewart and Mary Clay. Mary’s father was Mitchell Clay, not Michael Clay as transcribed in this courthouse list.

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Marriage Register, Montgomery County, 1787-88

      Name of Husband
      Name of Wife

List dated 1 Feb 1787
      Antony Pate
      Nancy Shadwick
      Richd Whitt

      William Riss
      Margrit Hayes
      Richd Whitt

      Robert Frazier
      Elizabeth Fielding
      Richd Whitt

      Henry Kirkner
      Elizabeth Smith
      Richd Whitt

      Garland Burgess
      Lavina Brumfield
      Richd Whitt

      Rene Napier
      Jean Eley
      Richd Whitt

List dated 1 Apr 1787
      Philip Hogan
      Elizabeth Pate
      [no ministers recorded in this list]

      David Slone
      Sarah Gibb

      William Polley
      Margrit Muncey

      John Burk
      Margrit Davidson

      Robert Lastley
      Elizabeth Compton

      John Muncy
      Neomi Muncy

      James Aldridge
      Rachel Treadway

25 Dec 1787
      James Cecil
      Peggy Wizer
      Edward Morgan

11 Mar 1788
      William Cristal
      Nelly Brown
      Edward Morgan

25 Mar 1788
      Hugh Dugar
      Sarah Discks
      Edward Morgan

31 Mar 1788
      Richard Cork
      Dolly Loeman
      Edward Morgan

15 June 1788
      Ralph Stewart
      Mary Clay
      Edward Morgan

16 June 1788
      Samuel Muncy
      Anne Workman
      Edward Morgan

30 June 1788
      Isaiah Perdue/Josiah Perdue [see note]
      Sarah Belcher
      Edward Morgan

Dec. 1788
      John Carr
      Margerit Crow
      Edward Morgan

Source: Certified copy of partial page from the Montgomery County Register of Marriages [no volume no., no page no.] Montgomery County Circuit Count, Christiansburg, Virginia

Note: This register appears to be a transcription from another book. The entry for 30 June 1788 presents the names Isaiah Perdue and Josiah Perdue bracketed together with a “?” next to them.

My ancestors in this listing are Ralph Stewart and Mary Clay.

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Deed, Giles County, 1806

This Indenture made February the 3d 1806 between Ralph Stewart
and Mary his Wife of Montgomery County and State of Virginia of
the one part and John Toney of the County of Montgomery and State
aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said Ralph Stewart and
Mary his Wife for and in consideration of the Sum of one hundred and
eighty pounds to him in hand paid by John Toney the receipt whereof is –
hereby acknowledged have bargained and sold by these presents bargened
sold released delivered and confirmed unto him the said John Toney and to
his heirs one parcel of landing laying in Montgomery and Tazewell Coun-
ties on brush Creek a branch of blewstone branch of Newriver and bounded
as followeth. Beginning at three white oaks on the patent line on the bank
of the Creek and with the same west 20 poles crossing the Creek to a
white to a white [words repeated] oak North 52 degrees west 84 poles to a white oak
North 80 degrees west 160 poles to two cherry trees and Spanish Oak north
10 degrees east 80 poles crossing the glady fork to three white oaks East
150 poles to a Stake a corner of the patent line and leaving same –
south 26 degrees east 180 poles crossing the Creek to the beginning
with its appertainances to have and to hold the said Tract or Parcel
of land with its appertainances to the said John and his heirs for
ever as Witness whereof the said Ralph Stewart and Mary his Wife
has hereunto set their hands and affixed their Seals this day and year
above written Sign sealed and acknowledged in presence of

G Pearis                               Ralp Stewart {seal}
Charles Clay

Jonathan Toney                    Mary Stewart {seal}
George Pearis Junr

At Giles August Court 1806         This deed of bargain and sale from
Ralph Stewart and Wife to John Toney was proved by the Oaths of
the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.

                    John MC Taylor

Source: Giles County Virginia Deed Book A:12-13, LVA microfilm reel 1, Library of
Virginia, Richmond.

Note: This deed was recorded in Giles County, even though the land was in Montgomery and Tazewell counties and the grantor/grantee were listed as residents of Montgomery. Giles County was formed the year this deed was executed. Changing boundaries certainly contributed to this situation.

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