This page contains scans of newspaper articles, newsletter pieces, and other paper ephemera (cards, awards, etc.). Follow the links to see the items.

James Wykle, Charity work for Salvation Army, 1950s
James Wykle, Charity work for United Fund – Red Cross, September 1963
James Wykle, Charity work for United Fund, 1970s


2 thoughts on “Clippings

  1. Troy Wikel

    Hi Deborah I’m a decendant of Daniel Wykle (Wichel) (Wikle) I have been able to trace roots back to 1737 in the US. My line Daniel moved from Augusta VA to Premble County OH, he had a son he also named Daniel his spelling became Wikle he moved to Jay County IN. About the time Indiana became a state he had a son Henry Wikle, Henry moved to Cass County IN, he had a son Rhodes Wikel, Rhodes had a son Thomas Wikel, Thomas moved to Howard County IN, and had a son Larry moved to Los Angeles CA. he is my Father so that makes us some kind of cousins lol. The info I have before Daniel who also shows up in records as Daniel Weikle his Father was Phillip Weikle he was the Son of George Weikle who received a Pension from the Revolutionary war his Father was Johann George Weichel who arrived in Pennsylvania on the Ship Samuel on August 30th 1737 from Rotterdam by way of Weichel Niedersachsen, (Lower Saxony) Germany. Yes there is a town in Lower Saxony named after our family. Kinda cool huh. Would love to compare notes sometime. My family and I are in TN now.

    • Debora Kerr

      Hi Troy – I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to this blog and check for comments. It has been a very busy spring for me! Yes, we are definitely descended from the same original “Wykle” immigrant ancestor. I am intrigued by your knowledge of the village in Germany – that’s something I’ve been meaning to investigate, but hadn’t made it there yet! My line goes from Johann George ==> George ==> his son George (your Phillip’s brother) who relocated from Augusta Co. to Monroe Co. VA/WV and my Wykle line up through my father continually resided in that area. Hope you see this message! Debora

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