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Deed of Bill and Sale, Raleigh County, 1884

This deed made this 27th day of March 1884, between George
W. Cantley and Drucilla Cantley his wife, Samuel Cantley
and Sarah Cantley his wife, James M. Clay and LoDaske Clay
his wife, James Jones and Caroline Jones his wife, John H.
Sarrett and Jeanette Sarrett his wife, John R. Combs and
Nancy J. Combs his wife and Rebecca J. Cantley widow of
James Cantley Decd heirs at law of Alexander Cantley Decd
all of the County of Raleigh & State of West Virginia of the first
part, and James A. Cantley of the County and State afore-
said of the second part. Witnesseth, that for in in consideration
of the sum of Forty-Four Dollars in the receipt whereof is hereby
acknowledged by parties of the First part, The said parties of the first
part do this day bargain, sell and convey and by these presents do
bargain, sell and convey all their rights, title and claim to two
(2) tracts or parcels of land containing respectively thirty five
acres and twenty acres, more or less, And bounded and describ-
ed as follows. Situate in the County of Raleigh, State of West
Virginia, On the Marsh Fork of Big Coal River, Tract No. 1 Begin-
ning at two red buds and Elm Sprout in the Sugar Camp hollow
and on a line of the said Abbott and Hood’s survey, thence a
straight line up the hollow to the top of the ridge between
said hollow and Dry Creek cornering on two Chestnut oaks
thence down the ridge to a sugar tree, thence a straight line
to two Chestnut oaks on the Lick Point, thence down said point
to said Abbott’s and Hood’s line, and with said line to the beginning
containing Thirty Five acres, more or less. Tract No. 2. Beginning
at the Mouth of Rock Creek, on a white oak and Black oak,
corner in Old Original Whitcroft survey and with line of Henry
B. Clay heirs to where the road now runs, thence down with
the road to a stake at the lower end, thence a straight line
to the river, thence with the meanders of the river up to the
beginning containing twenty acres, More or less.

Source: Raleigh County Deeds [microfilm] Volume I, pages 61 – 63, West Virginia Division of Culture and History, Charleston, West Virginia.

Plat No. 1 (coming soon)
Plat No. 2 (coming soon)

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