Chancery Case, Augusta County, 1796

Paulus vs. Weigle
Filed 28 July 1796

Peter Paulus complains that about 9 April 1793 he entered into a written contract with George Weigel for a tract of land and other matters. Paulus was later notified that Weigel had obtained a judgment against him for [amount is left blank] and court costs. He complains that it is impossible to tell from the judgment exactly what provision of the covenant he violated, but he has been informed that the matter concerns “a supposed failure for non payment of the hewing logs & procuring some shingles.” Paulus details other facts which point to irregularities in the execution of convenant responsibilites and the judgment itself. Paulus asks that George Weigel be summoned to answer the suit in person and that the judgment be set aside until the matter can be fairly heard.

George Weigle answers that Paulus “pretended ignorance” as to the nature of the judgment against him and details his side of the matter involving the logs and shingles. Weigle further states that he came to court many times so that Paulus could pay the money due for the land tract and receive title, but Paulus never came to court: “it might have been it was more convenient for him not to pay the money than to have a deed.” Weigle denies any fraud in the matter.

Source: Augusta County, Virginia Chancery Case 455, 1797-009, Library of Virginia digital archive URL:

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