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Inventory, Fayette County, 1936

Inventory of W. P. Wykle, made 13 Nov 1936
Fayette County, WV

Item No 1 – Total $1,500.00
Real estate of interest therein

Meadow Fork land
13 ¼ acres, $540
.51 acres, $200
5.6 acres, $410
1 acre, $20
5 ½ acres, $60
3.03 acres, $30
1 acre, $210
2 10/ acres, $30

Item No 2 – Total $335
Tangible Personal property of every kind

2 Horses, $150
1 Chevrolet Coach, $40
1 Mowing Machine, $25
1 Lot Farm Tools, $20
1 Lot Household Goods, $100

(No Entries for Items 3 – 5)

Item No 6 – Total $1,205.03
Money, certificates of deposit, notes, etc.

Savings Acct Merchants and Miners Bank, National Bank Oak Hill WV, $885.45
Checking Acct Mer & Min Bank Oak Hill, $349.58

Appraised by Archie E. Nugen, J. W. Jones, D. M. Hamilton

Source: Appraisal Book 2:264, Fayette County Commission, Beckley, West Virginia

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Will, Monroe County, 1851

In the name of God Amen, I George Wikel of the County of Monroe and State of Virginia being of sound mind and disposing memory do make & ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as follows:

First – I direct that my Executors herein after named shall as soon as convenient after my death make sale of all my estate of every kind both real and personal or otherwise upon a credit of Twelve months requiring bond and good security of the purchasers – excepting only one womans saddle, one chest, one spinning wheel, and one Bed, Bedstead, & the necessary furniture or covering therefor which I give and bequeath absolutely to my beloved wife Letitia Wikel and my Executor is hereby directed to select for my said wife the same Bed & Bedstead which we commonly use & occupy for ourselves.
2nd I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Letitia as her absolute property to be disposed of as she may choose the one third of all the nett proceeds of my estate of every kind, both real & personal, after my debts and funeral expenses and all proper costs attending the sale above mentioned have first been paid by my executor.
3 – I give and bequeath to my son Jacob Wikel a legacy of seventy five dollars to him & his heirs forever –
4th I give to my daughter Elizabeth Williams and her husband Jeremiah O. Williams One hundred and fifty dollars
5th I give and bequeath to my son Wm Wikel one hundred and fifty dollars
6th I give and bequeath to my son Henry Wikel One hundred dollars
7th I give and bequeath to the children and heirs of my son John Wikel who is dead and whose children are not residents of this Commonwealth One hundred and fifty dollars to be equally divided amongst them all
8th I give and bequeath to my daughter Margaret Wiseman and her husband Robert K. Wiseman the sum of fifty dollars
9th I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Magdaline Crawford and her husband Thomas Crawford one hundred and fifty dollars provided the said Mary Magdaline should be living at the time of my death. If not the said one hundred and fifty dollars to be equally given and divided amongst all the lawful children and heirs of my said daughter.
10th To my son Alexander Mathews Wikel I give and bequeath Fifty dollars
11th To my daughter Nancy Wiseman and her husband Henry Wiseman I give and bequeath One hundred dollars
12th To my son Ely Wikel I give and bequeath the sum of fifty dollars
13th To my son George Wikel I give and bequeath the sum of One hundred dollars
14th To my son Philip Jackson Wikel I give and bequeath the sum of One hundred dollars
15th It is my will and desire that after the payment of debts and funeral expenses, that the legacies herein left to my beloved wife are to be first satisfied and to have precedence over the rest – and if after the legacies to her and the other legatees herein mentioned are all satisfied there should be a surplus still remaining, it is my will and desire that the said surplus should be equally give and divided by my Executor amongst my twelve children or the children of each of them as may be dead who in in [word repeated] that case are to receive the share or portion of such father or mother as may be dead.
     And lastly, I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend Christopher J. Beirne Executor of this my last will & Testament – In Witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 21st day of June 1851     his
Signed sealed acknowledged                           George X Wikle      {seal}
& Executed by the testator in the                              mark
presence & hearing of us who at his request and in his presence
have subscribed our names as witnesses
Nathl Harrison
Wm Erskine
Frederick Harris

Source: Monroe County Virginia Will Book 5:65-66, microfilm reel 69, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Tax Exemptions, Raleigh County, 1870s

November Term 1874
Friday Morning, November the 13th 1874

Ordered that Harvey Bennett, John H. Wikle & Wilson
Right be released from the road Tax returned against
them by the Surveyor of their Road Precinct for the year 1874
as it appears from evidence before the Court that each
of them have fully made up their six days for the present. [p. 321]

20 July 1876 – On motion which was supported by Affidavit of Caroline Jones
It is ordered that George Massey her son be released from capitation tax
for the year 1875. He being as appears to the Court under age. And that
the sheriff be credited with the amount thereof. [p. 449]

Source: Raleigh County West Virginia Order Book B 1859 – 1878, FHL microfilm reel 598405, Salt Lake City, UT.

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Deed, Berkeley County, 1787

This Indenture made this 19th day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven Between John & Margaret Walter of Berkeley County State of Virginia of the one part and George Weigle of the said County and state aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said John & Margaret Walter for the just and full sum of eighty pounds current money of Pennsylvania the receipt whereof he hath hereby acknowledged doth give grant bargain and sell alien and confirm unto him the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns all that part of a lott of land or portion of ground lying and being in Berkeley County town of Martinsburg know [now] distinguished and conveyed as follows Via one half of the lott No 10 lying and being in the town aforesaid Beginning at a stake in Queen Street corner to lott No 11. Thence with the said street 100 feet to a stake at the said street then leaving the said street and running square with the same across lott 103 feet to a stake standing on the line of lott No 33 then with the said line 100 feet to a stake corner of lott No 33 then leaving the line of lott No 33 and running with a line of lott No11 one hundred and three feet to the beginning containing [378/2 ?] square poles. The said lott was granted to John Walter from and under under [word repeated] the hand of William Skinner and to William Skinner from and under the hand of John Coblin and to him conveyed by Adam Stephen and recorded amongst the records of this town and county and also all houses buildings ways waters orchards and water courses profits commodities hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever to the said half lott of land belonging or in any wise appertaining and the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders rents issues and profits thereof and [al– ?] the estate right title and interest use trust property claim and demand of him the said John & Margaret Walter of him to the said premises ^and all deeds evidences and writing touching or in any wise concerning the same to hold and to have the half lott above mentioned and all and singular the premises hereby granted or any part thereof belonging or in any wise appertaining unto the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns forever to the only proper use and behoof of the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns forever Subject nevertheless to the conditions reservations rents and agreements [co–?] in the above mentioned deed from Adam Stephen Esquire to John Coblin from John Coblin to William Skinner recourse being thereto had more fully appear and the said John Walter for himself his Heirs and assigns doth covenant promise grant to and with the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns that he the said John Walter is legally seized of and in the premises and that he has good right full and absolute power and authority to grant and convey the same to the said George Wygle in manner & form aforesaid and also that the said George Wygle his Heirs and assigns shall and may at all times hereafter peaceably and quietly have hold possess and occupy the half lott above mentioned with its appurtenances without [?] trouble molestation hindrances interruption or denial of the said John Walter or any other person or persons whatsoever except as before excepted and further that the said John Walter his Heirs and assigns shall & will from time to time and at any time hereafter at the reasonable request and [co–?] of the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns make do execute or cause to be done and executed all and every such and other lawfull grants and appurtenances in law whatsoever for the further and better and more perfect granting and adjoining the half lott of land above mentioned unto the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns forever according to the true intent and meaning of these presents and by the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns his or their Council learned in the law shall be reasonably devised advised and required and Lastly Lastly [word repeated] that the said John Walter his Heirs and assigns the half lott and its appurtenances above mentioned unto the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns against the said John Walter his Heirs and assigns and against all and every body whatsoever shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents In Witness whereof the said John and Margret Walter hath set and affixed their hand and seal the day and year above written.

Signed and Delivered                     John Waltz {seal}
in presence of                                   her
                                            Margret X Waltz {seal}

Received of George Weigle the sum of eighty pounds it being the consideration money above mentioned witness my hand this 19th day of June 1787.

                                                   John Waltz {seal}

At a Court held for Berkeley County the 19th day of June 1787 This Indenture together with the receipt under written were acknowledged by John Walter and Margret his wife parties thereto she being first privately examined as the law [?] and ordered to be recorded.
                                                   Test. Mo. Hunter

Source: Berkeley County, Virginia, Deed Book 7, 1786-1787:292 – 294, microfilm reel 19, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

Note: The spelling of the grantor’s surname appears as both Walter and Waltz in the deed book from which this transcription is taken. I do not know which spelling is more representative.

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Local News, Matville, 1909


   J.M. Harper, who has been ill for
quite a while, is gradually getting worse.
   Jas. Shumate is doing a rushing busi-
ness cutting lumber at this place. Jim
is a hustler.
   Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Pettry, who have
been confined to their rooms for some
time with typhoid fever, are slowly im-
   The three schools near Matville, con-
ducted by Leonard Stover, Misses Irene
Thompson and Miss Pearl Stover are
giving entire satisfaction.
   The advent of old “Mr. Tangle Leg”
brought very suddenly to a close the
preaching at Rocky Point conducted by
the Rev. Thos, Williams, D.D. Shame
on you, boys.
   All persons wishing to trade horses
will do well to call on the boys of Mat-
ville who attended jocky street Monday
and laid in a nice assortment of thor-
oughbreds. French Wykle claims the
honor of being the sole owner of the
mule that helped haul the mud sills of
Noah’s Ark. While John Phipps says
he knows his will plow, for Adam broke
him in the garden of Eden.
   Elliott Harper and family left last
week for Prudence, where they will
make their future home.
   Miss Irene Thompson was visiting at
her home in Fayette, last week. She
was accompanied by the Misses Cottle
and Miss Janet Harper.
   Waymon Daniel and Lee Atha were
calling at Mrs. Thos. Arnold’s Sunday.
   Rev. Thos. Williams preached a very
interesting and forcible sermon to a
large and attentive congregation at the
O.U.A.M. hall Saturday evening.
   Misses Pearle Stover and Janet Har-
per were out horseback riding Satur-
day afternoon.
   W.P. Wykle, of Marshes, was calling
at Jas. Harper’s one day last week in
search of seed onions.
   Jackson Arnold was seen on our street
last week with a gun on his shoulder
enroute to Eccles.
   Albert Milem is swapping sides with
the soil preparatory to a crop.
   Chas. Atha has been confined to his
room for the past few days with rheu-
   French Wykle was calling at James
Harper’s last Tuesday.
   Mrs. Agnes Harper was seen on the
streets Monday on her way to Albert
   Lee Harper on of our leading citi-
zens is confined to his room this week
due to a sprained ankle.
   Jas. Daniel was at Matville Tuesday.
   Miss Frenchie Clyburn was the guest
of Miss Amanda Atha Saturday.
   The young ladies of this place seem
to be getting rather lovely of late.
   The Lively’s that were calling here
Saturday and Sunday were Messrs.
Lewis Caperton, William Evergreen,
John and Walter Franklin of Roseville.
Also Joseph Williams and Jas. Toney of
   Sam Harper made a business trip to
Eccles one day last week.
   We had a wedding in town Wednes-
day. The contracting parties were Mr.
Tilden Williams of Eccles, and Miss
Rose Arnold, of Matville.

The Raleigh Herald
Thursday, February 11, 1909
Page 2, columns 4 & 5.
Beckley, WV

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Surnames, Monroe County, 1851

The following surnames were found in the 1851 estate bill and sale of George Wikel, who died in Monroe County, VA(WV):


The document includes each item purchased by the buyers and amount spent. There are multiple people for some surnames.

To view the full transcription of George Wikel’s 1851 Estate Sale and Bill, please request access to the Google Document by e-mail.

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Births, Monroe County, 1853 – 1860

Wm S. Wikle, b. 13 November 1853, Monroe County, VA, 2nd District
Father: Ro. H. Wikel, farmer. Mother: Agnes M. Wikel. Informant: A. M. Wykle, Mother. (189)

Letha Virginia, b. 4 June 1854, Monroe County, VA
Father: George C. Wykle, farmer. Mother: Margaret Wykle. Informant: Geo C. Wykle, Father. (349)

Robert C., b. 15 July 1854, Monroe County, VA
Father: Alexander M. Wykle, farmer. Mother: Eliza H. Wykle. Informant: A. M. Wykle, Father. (350)

not named, stillborn [no day] Jan 1855, Monroe County, VA, Turkey Creek
Father: Jas D. Wykle, [occupation blank]. Mother: Mary Wykle. Informant: S. Wykle, Grandmother. (81)

Isabella Susan Wykle, b. 9 August 1855, Monroe County, VA
Father: Robert H. Wykle, farmer. Mother: Agnes McElhany Wikle. Informant: Robert H. Wikle, Father. (376)

Zachariah F. Wykle, b. 18 October 1855, Monroe County, VA
Father: Wm Wikle, farmer. Mother: Nancy Wykle. Informant: Wm Wykle, Father. (383)

Mary Jane, b. 13 September 1856, Monroe County, VA
Father: Geo Wycle, farmer. Mother: Jane Wycle. Informant: Geo Wycle, Father. [128]

Josiah Fletcher, b. 23 March 1856, Monroe County, VA
Father: Alex Wycle, farmer. Mother: Eliza H. Informant: Alex Wycle, Father. (197)

George S. Wykle, b. 1 June 1857, Monroe County, VA
Father: James Wykle, laborer. Mother: Mary Wykle. Informant: Jas Wykle, Father. (149)

Wm P. Athey, b. 19 April 1857, Monroe County, VA, Wolf Creek Mt.
Father: Lorenzo Athey, farmer. Mother: Mary J. Informant: L. Athey, Father. (7)

Mary M. Wycle, b. 19 July 1857, Monroe County VA, Wolf Creek Mt.
Father: Geo C. Wycle, farmer. Mother: Mahala. Informant: Geo Wycle, Father. (197)

Elisabeth Jane, b. 25 April 1858, Monroe County, VA, Sinks
Father: George Wykle, farmer. Mother: Lydia. Informant: Liddy Wykle, Mother. (62)

Adison M. Wicle, b. 19 November 1858, Monroe County, VA
Father: Wm Wicle, farmer. Mother: Nancy Wicle. Informant: William, Father. (196)

Madison M. Wicle, b. 3 May 1858, Monroe County VA
Father: Alexdr Wicle, farmer. Mother: Eliza Wicle. Informant: Alex, Father. (197)

Margret L. Wycle, b. 20 December 1858, Monroe County, VA
Father: George Wycle, farmer. Mother: Mahala. Informant: George C., Father. (209)

Charles Lanius, b. 14 December 1859, Monroe County, VA
Father: George W. Wikle, farmer. Mother: Lydia. Informant: G.W. Wikle, Father. (66)

Robert E. Wicle, b. 10 January 1859, Monroe County, VA
Father: Charles T. Wicle, farmer. Mother: Rebecca. Informant: [blank] Father. (181)

Shannon W. Wykel, b. 28 March 1859, Union, Monroe County, VA
Father: Henry A. Wikel, farmer. Mother: Emerine V. Wikel. Informant: H.S. Wikel, Father. [The “H.S.” appears to be a mistake on the part of the recordkeeper. The name in the Informant column directly above this entry is “H. S. Vance.” I suspect the middle initial S. was accidently recorded instead of A.] (125)

John W. Wicle, b. 7 May 1860, Monroe County, VA
Father: Alex M. Wicle, farmer. Mother: Eliza H. Informant: E. H. Wicle, Mother. (209)

Eliza R. Wicle, b. 26 April 1860, Monroe County, VA
Father: Geo Wicle, farmer. Mother: Jane. Informant: Jane Wicle, Mother. (211)

Mary O. Wicle, b. 30 November 1860, Monroe County, VA
Father: Eli Wicle, farmer. Mother: Manda J. Informant: [blank] Mother. (212)

Source: Monroe County Birth Records, 1853 – 1917, Vol. 1, Family History Library [Film 589912], Salt Lake City, Utah.


  • The parenthetical number at the end of each record indicates the line of the page on which it appears for that particular year.
  • Names of children are reproduced as written by the recordkeeper (some wrote down full name, others just given names, etc.)
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Births, Monroe County, 1850s

WYKLE, Letha V
b. 4 June 1854
parents: George & Margaret Wykle
reported by: G. Wykle (father)

WYKLE, Robert C
b. 14 July 1854
parents: Alexander & Eliza Wykle
reported by: A. Wykle (father)

WYKLE, [no first name]
at: Turkey Creek
b. Jan 1855
parents: James & Mary Wykle
reported by: S. Wykle

Source: List of Births, 1853 – 1855, Monroe County, Virginia, Microfilm Reel 3, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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