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Report, Alexander Cantley of VA/WV

An extensive report on three generations of the CANTLEY family is now available in the “REPORTS” section.

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Estate Administration Orders, Raleigh County, 1860s

April 9th, 1866
James Cantley of the County having died intestate more than
three months ago, and no person having applied for administrat-
ion of his Goods & Chattels: It is Ordered that Louis Hull Sheriff
of said County, take into his possession the Estate of the Said
deceased, and Administer the same According to Law.

                                            C. Prince, Recorder [p.9]

Recorders Office Raleigh County
June 24th 1869
On Motion of Alexander Cantley who made oath together
with A.J. Harper entered into Security in bond to the State of
West Virginia in the Penalty of six hundred dollars con-
ditioned as the law directs whereupon letters of Administr-
ation upon the Estate of Steel Massey, Decd are Granted
unto the said Alexander Cantley in due form. [p. 34]

Source: Raleigh County West Virginia Recorders Court Records, Vol 1, 1865 -1900, [Marriage and Court Records 1850 – 1871], FHL microfilm 598403, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT.

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Road Survey, Raleigh County, 1873

September term 1873

Wm H. Shumate, Wm Turner, & Wm Daniel Comrs appointed at the
term of this Court to view out the most practical route for a
road leading from Caperton Right’s smith shop by way of Hamilton
& others to the intersection of Coal River Road. This day sub-
mitted their report in writing to the effect that on the 16th day of August
1873 they proceeded to make the review finding a proposed route lead-
ing from Hamilton Harper’s passing Jubal Stover’s & John Williams to the
intersection of Coal Road impracticable viewing other routes. Your Comrs
would recommend the location of the road from Caperton Right’s shop
up the Middle Prong of Sand Lick along a road now already partly
made to the upper end of Hamilton Harper’s field above the house
leaving the creek turning to the right hand up a ridge to the
top a main flat ridge & with the same to the intersection of Coal River Road.

Source: Raleigh County West Virginia Order Book B 1859 – 1878:222, FHL microfilm 598405, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT.

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Tax Exemptions, Raleigh County, 1870s

November Term 1874
Friday Morning, November the 13th 1874

Ordered that Harvey Bennett, John H. Wikle & Wilson
Right be released from the road Tax returned against
them by the Surveyor of their Road Precinct for the year 1874
as it appears from evidence before the Court that each
of them have fully made up their six days for the present. [p. 321]

20 July 1876 – On motion which was supported by Affidavit of Caroline Jones
It is ordered that George Massey her son be released from capitation tax
for the year 1875. He being as appears to the Court under age. And that
the sheriff be credited with the amount thereof. [p. 449]

Source: Raleigh County West Virginia Order Book B 1859 – 1878, FHL microfilm reel 598405, Salt Lake City, UT.

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Local News, Matville, 1909


   J.M. Harper, who has been ill for
quite a while, is gradually getting worse.
   Jas. Shumate is doing a rushing busi-
ness cutting lumber at this place. Jim
is a hustler.
   Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Pettry, who have
been confined to their rooms for some
time with typhoid fever, are slowly im-
   The three schools near Matville, con-
ducted by Leonard Stover, Misses Irene
Thompson and Miss Pearl Stover are
giving entire satisfaction.
   The advent of old “Mr. Tangle Leg”
brought very suddenly to a close the
preaching at Rocky Point conducted by
the Rev. Thos, Williams, D.D. Shame
on you, boys.
   All persons wishing to trade horses
will do well to call on the boys of Mat-
ville who attended jocky street Monday
and laid in a nice assortment of thor-
oughbreds. French Wykle claims the
honor of being the sole owner of the
mule that helped haul the mud sills of
Noah’s Ark. While John Phipps says
he knows his will plow, for Adam broke
him in the garden of Eden.
   Elliott Harper and family left last
week for Prudence, where they will
make their future home.
   Miss Irene Thompson was visiting at
her home in Fayette, last week. She
was accompanied by the Misses Cottle
and Miss Janet Harper.
   Waymon Daniel and Lee Atha were
calling at Mrs. Thos. Arnold’s Sunday.
   Rev. Thos. Williams preached a very
interesting and forcible sermon to a
large and attentive congregation at the
O.U.A.M. hall Saturday evening.
   Misses Pearle Stover and Janet Har-
per were out horseback riding Satur-
day afternoon.
   W.P. Wykle, of Marshes, was calling
at Jas. Harper’s one day last week in
search of seed onions.
   Jackson Arnold was seen on our street
last week with a gun on his shoulder
enroute to Eccles.
   Albert Milem is swapping sides with
the soil preparatory to a crop.
   Chas. Atha has been confined to his
room for the past few days with rheu-
   French Wykle was calling at James
Harper’s last Tuesday.
   Mrs. Agnes Harper was seen on the
streets Monday on her way to Albert
   Lee Harper on of our leading citi-
zens is confined to his room this week
due to a sprained ankle.
   Jas. Daniel was at Matville Tuesday.
   Miss Frenchie Clyburn was the guest
of Miss Amanda Atha Saturday.
   The young ladies of this place seem
to be getting rather lovely of late.
   The Lively’s that were calling here
Saturday and Sunday were Messrs.
Lewis Caperton, William Evergreen,
John and Walter Franklin of Roseville.
Also Joseph Williams and Jas. Toney of
   Sam Harper made a business trip to
Eccles one day last week.
   We had a wedding in town Wednes-
day. The contracting parties were Mr.
Tilden Williams of Eccles, and Miss
Rose Arnold, of Matville.

The Raleigh Herald
Thursday, February 11, 1909
Page 2, columns 4 & 5.
Beckley, WV

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Will, Raleigh County, 1910

I, Rebecca J. Cantley, being of sound mind and disposing
memory, do make and publish this as and for my last will and
testament and by this act do hereby revoke all former

1st. I devise and bequeath unto my daughter Nancy
J. Combs, one bed, two pillows, one coverlid, and
one dollar in money as and for her entire interest
in my estate.
2nd. I devise and bequeath unto my dau-
ghter Nettie J. Serratt, one bed, two pillows, one
coverlid and one dollar in money as and
for her entire interest in my estate.
3rd. I devise, bequeath, grant and convey unto
my son James A. Cantley all the remainder of
my property bowth real and personal of every
kind and character, wherever situate & of which
I may die siezed and possessed, and hereby
nominate him as and for the Executor of that
will, with full power, conferred, and request
that he qualify as such.

Signed and sealed this the 19th day of May, 1910,
in the presence of W.O. McGinnis & C. W. Massey who at
the request of the Testatrix, and in the presence of
each other, witness the signature of the said Rebecca
J. Cantley, and subscribe their names in
testimony thereof.

Rebecca J. Cantley {seal}

        W. O. McGinnis
        C. W. Massey

Witness as to mark,        W.O. McGinnis
                                     C. W. Massey
Teste. M. J. Meadows, Co. Clk.

West Virginia
Raleigh County Court Clerks Office July 5th 1910,
The last will of Rebecca J. Cantley, dec’d, was this day pre-
sented in said office for probate, and being duly proven
is admitted to record.

Teste. M. J. Meadows
        County Clerk.

Source: Raleigh County [West Virginia] Wills, 1:370-371, West Virginia Division of Culture and History, Charleston, West Virginia.

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Deed of Bill and Sale, Raleigh County, 1884

This deed made this 27th day of March 1884, between George
W. Cantley and Drucilla Cantley his wife, Samuel Cantley
and Sarah Cantley his wife, James M. Clay and LoDaske Clay
his wife, James Jones and Caroline Jones his wife, John H.
Sarrett and Jeanette Sarrett his wife, John R. Combs and
Nancy J. Combs his wife and Rebecca J. Cantley widow of
James Cantley Decd heirs at law of Alexander Cantley Decd
all of the County of Raleigh & State of West Virginia of the first
part, and James A. Cantley of the County and State afore-
said of the second part. Witnesseth, that for in in consideration
of the sum of Forty-Four Dollars in the receipt whereof is hereby
acknowledged by parties of the First part, The said parties of the first
part do this day bargain, sell and convey and by these presents do
bargain, sell and convey all their rights, title and claim to two
(2) tracts or parcels of land containing respectively thirty five
acres and twenty acres, more or less, And bounded and describ-
ed as follows. Situate in the County of Raleigh, State of West
Virginia, On the Marsh Fork of Big Coal River, Tract No. 1 Begin-
ning at two red buds and Elm Sprout in the Sugar Camp hollow
and on a line of the said Abbott and Hood’s survey, thence a
straight line up the hollow to the top of the ridge between
said hollow and Dry Creek cornering on two Chestnut oaks
thence down the ridge to a sugar tree, thence a straight line
to two Chestnut oaks on the Lick Point, thence down said point
to said Abbott’s and Hood’s line, and with said line to the beginning
containing Thirty Five acres, more or less. Tract No. 2. Beginning
at the Mouth of Rock Creek, on a white oak and Black oak,
corner in Old Original Whitcroft survey and with line of Henry
B. Clay heirs to where the road now runs, thence down with
the road to a stake at the lower end, thence a straight line
to the river, thence with the meanders of the river up to the
beginning containing twenty acres, More or less.

Source: Raleigh County Deeds [microfilm] Volume I, pages 61 – 63, West Virginia Division of Culture and History, Charleston, West Virginia.

Plat No. 1 (coming soon)
Plat No. 2 (coming soon)

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Court Minute Book, Raleigh County (1865-1870)

Abstracts of selected family surnames in court records

20 Dec 1865: Ordered that Alexander Cantley be allowed an old claim of overseer of poor: $26.50

20 Dec 1865 (Juror list): George Hood, Elam Scarbrough, Steel Massey, John F. Clay, Henry B. Clay, Chapman Thompson

5 Jun 1866 (election returns):
Trap Hill No. 3: For Justice of Peace – Hamilton Harper, twelve votes
Marsh Fork No. 4: For Inspector of Elections – Geo W. Hood, fifty nine votes. For School Commissioner – Jas M. Clay, fifty two votes

20 Jun 1866 (payments for service to court)
Marsh Fork Township: James M. Clay, Sup. $1.50. Geo. W. Hood, Insp. $1.50. Henry B. Clay, Clk. $1.50.
For Return of Poll Books: Geo W. Hood, 2 [days], $3.00.

Ordered that Hamilton Harper elected Justice of the Peace . . . on the 24th day of May [1866] be allowed 30 days from this date to qualify for [this] respective office.

21 Jun 1866: Ordered that the following allowances be made – Richard Cantley, $20.00.

20 Aug 1866 (payment for service to court): Steel Massey, 2 fox scalps, $2.00.

29 October 1866 (payments for service to court):
Marsh Fork Township (Officers of the Election held 25 Oct 1866): Charles L. Clay, Supervisor, $1.50. Geo W. Hood, Inspector, $1.50. James F. Webb, Inspector, $1.50. Henry B. Clay, Clerk, $1.50.

4 Jun 1867 (officer list): Marsh Fork Township – Supervisor, James M. Clay. Clerk, Elam Scarbrough. Inspector, George W. Hood. Supervisor of Roads, Precinct no. 1, R. L. Clay.

5 Nov 1867 (juror list): Marsh Fork Township – Charles L. Clay, Geo. W. Cantley, Jacob Jackson, Geo. W. Hood, James M. Clay.

20 Mar 1868: Ordered that J.M. Clay be allowed to erect two gates on the Sand Lick Road No. 1.

28 May 1868: Ordered that Charles L. Clay late constable be and is hereby authorized to collect the old fee bills in his hands in accordance with law.

6 Nov 1868 (officer list): Marsh Fork Township – Surveyor of Roads, G.W. Cantley

21 Dec 1868 (juror list): Marsh Fork – Geo W. Cantley, Charles L. Clay, Jacob Jackson, Ralph S. Clay, James F. Clay, Wm K. Clay, Samuel Cantley, John B. Scarborough, Alexander Cantley

3 October 1870: Ordered that Wright Dillion be and is hereby granted a review of ground through the lands of Isaac Smith and Homer L. Gillespie in Clear Fork Township with the following Commissioners, viz Wm H. Shumate, James Fipps and Wm Daniel and report to subsequent meeting of this Board.

Source: Selected entries, Raleigh County Minute Book 1850 – 1871 [unpaged, unindexed], Raleigh County Court, Beckley, West Virginia, microfilm no. 598403, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Prenuptual Agreement, Raleigh County, 1876

Alex Cantley to Tempa Hopkins, Article of Agreement

An Article of Agreement made and entered into this 23d day of August 1876
by and betwen Alexander Cantley of the County of Raleigh and State of West Va of the
first part and [unreadable] Tempa Hopkins of the County and State aforesaid. The
condition of the above obligation is such that the above named Alexander Cantley
and the said Tempa Hopkins has this day bargained and agreed with theirselves to be-
come lawful husband and wife on condition herein set forth that is to say that all
the personal property now owned and held by the said Tempa Hopkins is to be her
one [own] individual property to the use of her and her owne heirs with all the increase of said property free from Alexander Cantley and his heirs. And it is further agreed
that this Article of Agreement shall not deprive the said Tempa Hopkins from her
lawful dowry in the estate of the said Alexander Cantley should he decease this life
first then the remainder of his estate to be to the use and benefit of his Children or Lawful heirs. This obligation to be in force from the date of Marriage by the said Parties in witness whereof we set our hand and seal the day and year above written.

Alexander Cantley
Tempa Hopkins

State of West Virginia
Raleigh County August the 23d 1876

I, William C. Acord a Justice in the said County do hereby certify that Alexander Cantley and Tempa Hopkins whose names assigned to the writing hereto annext bearing date on the 23d day of August 1876 personally appeared before me and acknowledged the same to be their act and agreement and acknowledges the same to Record in the Clerks Office in said County, given under my hand this the 23d day of August 1876.
William C. Acord

West Virginia, Raleigh County Court Clerk’s office
Oct. 6th, 1876
The foregoing Article of Agreement duly acknowledged & certified who this day presented to [unreadable] in my said office for Record and was this [unreadable] admitted.
Teste John Beckley, Clk.

Source: Alexander Cantley and Tempa Hopkins agreement, 23 August 1876, Raleigh County [November Term 1876 Records – book title unknown]:243, County Clerk’s Office, Beckley, West Virginia.

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Some Ministers of Raleigh County, WV

(Name, Denomination, Date bond paid to Raleigh County Court, page of Minute Book)

Renix Weese, Methodist Episcopal Church, 3 May 1871 (47)
Rev. Jas F. Webb, M.E. Church, 26 Jul 1871 (49)
William Wriston, M.E. Church, 27 Oct 1871 (49)
Rev. Tollison Stover, Free Salvation Baptist Church, 11 Dec 1871 (50)
Rev. Edward M. Merrill – traveling minister in the M.E.C. South, 20 Oct 1875 (67)
Rev. C. Crawford – traveling minister in the Methodist E. Church, 2 Feb 1876 (68 )
Rev. George W. Walker – Minster of the Gospel of the Church of God, 21 Dec 1882 (103)
Rev. John McVey – Minister in Missionary Baptist Church, 9 Mar 1885 (110)
Rev. William Vandervort, Minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church, 24 Jul 1885 (115)
Rev. George R. Mays, Minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church South, 19 Apr 1886 (119)
Rev. Daniel W. Smith, Minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church, 16 Feb 1887 (120)
Rev. Samuel F. Wills, Minister in the Free Will Baptist Church, 5 Aug 1887 (120)
Rev. John H. Serrett, Minister in the Free Will Baptist Church, 21 Dec 1887 (121)
Rev. William W. Workman, Minister in the Methodist E. Church, 16 Jan 1888 (121)
Rev. James P. Thompson, Minister in the Primitive Baptist Church, 22 Jan 1889 (122)
J. T. Showalter, Minister in the Church of Christ, 3 Oct 1893 (124)
Alfred L. Cole, Methodist Episcopal Church South, 16 Feb 1894 (124)
William W. West, Minister – Missionary Baptist Church, 23 Apr 1894 (125)
[no given name] Ball, Minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church South, 9 Mar 1896 (125)
G.H.P. Showalter, M. [Minister] – Church of Christ, 23 Nov 1896 (126)
M.J. Carico, M. [Minister] – Missionary Baptist Church, 25 Mar 1897 (127)
George W. Meador, Preacher – Methodist Episcopal Church, 27 Apr 1897 (127)
W.M.J. Massey, M. [Minister] – Free Will Baptist Church, 27 Jul 1897 (127)
W.C.F. Lippert, M. [Minister] – Presbyterian Church, 18 Jul 1900 (128 )

Source: Recorder’s Court Records Vol. 1, 1865 – 1900, Raleigh County, West Virginia, Family History Library [Film 598403], Salt Lake City, Utah.

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