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Surnames, Monroe County, 1851

The following surnames were found in the 1851 estate bill and sale of George Wikel, who died in Monroe County, VA(WV):


The document includes each item purchased by the buyers and amount spent. There are multiple people for some surnames.

To view the full transcription of George Wikel’s 1851 Estate Sale and Bill, please request access to the Google Document by e-mail.

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Property Appraisal, Monroe County, 1810

Agreeable to an order to us directed from the County Court of
Monroe to appraise the personal Estate of Samuel Cantly deceasd
we have met this 28th day of May 1810 being first duly sworn, we
appraised the following property

one two year old horse colt @ $25
one bay horse mare & colt @ 60
one Bay horse @ 20
one brissled Steer yearlin @ 75c
one cow & calf @ 9
one cow & calf @9
two stear yearlins @ $2 each 4
one heifer yearlin @ 2
one three year old heifer @ 6
one cow & bell @ 9
one other cow at 8
one other cow at 7
Eight sheep $9
one dry hide 0 75c
one pott & hooks 2.50
one washing tub .25
one wool wheel .75
four coolers 1
three fat cans .50
two churns .42
one washing tub & small pale .50
one bag .50
one Saddle 4
one Old Picklin Tub .50
three weavers Reads @ 1.50
one Loom and three pair old geirs 5
two Old axes @ 1
one new ax 1.50
one Tomahock .50
one Set Plow Irons 3
one pair Swingletrees .75
three weeding hoes @ 1.50
one mattock @ 1
1 hand ax & drawing knife 1
one Sickle 0.25cts bell 50cts .75
two [bli – v ses ??] & Twisted link 1
one Shovel plow 1
thirty nine hoggs @ 24
one cutting Knife & Box 2
one Riffle Gun @ 15
one Razor .42
two Bridles 1.25
one flap hackle 1.25
one Oven & Hooks 2.25
plates, Bowls, Cups & Saucers 2
six Knives & nine forks 1.50
six tin cups @ .25
one pewter Dish .83
twenty four geese 8
one flax wheel 1
one bed & furniture 15
one other bed and furniture 10
one other do @ 15
one other do @ 6
one side saddle 7
two small poles .30

At Monroe June Court 1810
This appraisement was
Returned and is ordered to be recorded   

James Halstead
James Ellison
John Harvey

A copy Test
J. Hutchinson

Source: Samuel Cantly appraisal, 28 May 1810, Will Book 1, 1799 – 1817:178 – 179, Monroe County, Virginia, microfilm reel 67, Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.

Note: Values are in dollars unless designated by decimal point or ‘c’ as cents.

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Births, Monroe County, 1853 – 1860

Wm S. Wikle, b. 13 November 1853, Monroe County, VA, 2nd District
Father: Ro. H. Wikel, farmer. Mother: Agnes M. Wikel. Informant: A. M. Wykle, Mother. (189)

Letha Virginia, b. 4 June 1854, Monroe County, VA
Father: George C. Wykle, farmer. Mother: Margaret Wykle. Informant: Geo C. Wykle, Father. (349)

Robert C., b. 15 July 1854, Monroe County, VA
Father: Alexander M. Wykle, farmer. Mother: Eliza H. Wykle. Informant: A. M. Wykle, Father. (350)

not named, stillborn [no day] Jan 1855, Monroe County, VA, Turkey Creek
Father: Jas D. Wykle, [occupation blank]. Mother: Mary Wykle. Informant: S. Wykle, Grandmother. (81)

Isabella Susan Wykle, b. 9 August 1855, Monroe County, VA
Father: Robert H. Wykle, farmer. Mother: Agnes McElhany Wikle. Informant: Robert H. Wikle, Father. (376)

Zachariah F. Wykle, b. 18 October 1855, Monroe County, VA
Father: Wm Wikle, farmer. Mother: Nancy Wykle. Informant: Wm Wykle, Father. (383)

Mary Jane, b. 13 September 1856, Monroe County, VA
Father: Geo Wycle, farmer. Mother: Jane Wycle. Informant: Geo Wycle, Father. [128]

Josiah Fletcher, b. 23 March 1856, Monroe County, VA
Father: Alex Wycle, farmer. Mother: Eliza H. Informant: Alex Wycle, Father. (197)

George S. Wykle, b. 1 June 1857, Monroe County, VA
Father: James Wykle, laborer. Mother: Mary Wykle. Informant: Jas Wykle, Father. (149)

Wm P. Athey, b. 19 April 1857, Monroe County, VA, Wolf Creek Mt.
Father: Lorenzo Athey, farmer. Mother: Mary J. Informant: L. Athey, Father. (7)

Mary M. Wycle, b. 19 July 1857, Monroe County VA, Wolf Creek Mt.
Father: Geo C. Wycle, farmer. Mother: Mahala. Informant: Geo Wycle, Father. (197)

Elisabeth Jane, b. 25 April 1858, Monroe County, VA, Sinks
Father: George Wykle, farmer. Mother: Lydia. Informant: Liddy Wykle, Mother. (62)

Adison M. Wicle, b. 19 November 1858, Monroe County, VA
Father: Wm Wicle, farmer. Mother: Nancy Wicle. Informant: William, Father. (196)

Madison M. Wicle, b. 3 May 1858, Monroe County VA
Father: Alexdr Wicle, farmer. Mother: Eliza Wicle. Informant: Alex, Father. (197)

Margret L. Wycle, b. 20 December 1858, Monroe County, VA
Father: George Wycle, farmer. Mother: Mahala. Informant: George C., Father. (209)

Charles Lanius, b. 14 December 1859, Monroe County, VA
Father: George W. Wikle, farmer. Mother: Lydia. Informant: G.W. Wikle, Father. (66)

Robert E. Wicle, b. 10 January 1859, Monroe County, VA
Father: Charles T. Wicle, farmer. Mother: Rebecca. Informant: [blank] Father. (181)

Shannon W. Wykel, b. 28 March 1859, Union, Monroe County, VA
Father: Henry A. Wikel, farmer. Mother: Emerine V. Wikel. Informant: H.S. Wikel, Father. [The “H.S.” appears to be a mistake on the part of the recordkeeper. The name in the Informant column directly above this entry is “H. S. Vance.” I suspect the middle initial S. was accidently recorded instead of A.] (125)

John W. Wicle, b. 7 May 1860, Monroe County, VA
Father: Alex M. Wicle, farmer. Mother: Eliza H. Informant: E. H. Wicle, Mother. (209)

Eliza R. Wicle, b. 26 April 1860, Monroe County, VA
Father: Geo Wicle, farmer. Mother: Jane. Informant: Jane Wicle, Mother. (211)

Mary O. Wicle, b. 30 November 1860, Monroe County, VA
Father: Eli Wicle, farmer. Mother: Manda J. Informant: [blank] Mother. (212)

Source: Monroe County Birth Records, 1853 – 1917, Vol. 1, Family History Library [Film 589912], Salt Lake City, Utah.


  • The parenthetical number at the end of each record indicates the line of the page on which it appears for that particular year.
  • Names of children are reproduced as written by the recordkeeper (some wrote down full name, others just given names, etc.)
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Births, Monroe County, 1850s

WYKLE, Letha V
b. 4 June 1854
parents: George & Margaret Wykle
reported by: G. Wykle (father)

WYKLE, Robert C
b. 14 July 1854
parents: Alexander & Eliza Wykle
reported by: A. Wykle (father)

WYKLE, [no first name]
at: Turkey Creek
b. Jan 1855
parents: James & Mary Wykle
reported by: S. Wykle

Source: List of Births, 1853 – 1855, Monroe County, Virginia, Microfilm Reel 3, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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