West Virginia

Heir List, Fayette County, 1929

Fayette Co., WV
5 April 1929
Heirs of G. B. Cantley

J. R. Cantley, son, Sanger, WV
Wayman Cantley, son, Sanger, WV
Wennie Wykle, daughter, Sanger, WV
Dora Smith, daughter, Sanger, WV
Estel Smith, granddaughter, Sanger, WV
Hallie Spangler, granddaughter, Oswald, WV
Ora Biggs, granddaughter, Oswald, WV
Bertie Biggs, grandson, Dunedin, WV
Lina Biggs, granddaughter, Dunedin, WV
Ray Biggs, grandson, Dunedin, WV
Gladys Biggs, great-granddaughter, Dunedin, WV
James Biggs, great-grandson, Dunedin, WV
Dennis Biggs, great-grandson, Dunedin, WV
Myrtle Starks, granddaughter, Thurmond, WV
Ramie Cantley, grandson, Dunloop, WV
Jesse Cantley, grandson, Prudence, WV

List provided and sworn to by J. R. Cantley

Source: Fayette County Fiduciary Book D4:78, Fayette County Commission, Fayetteville, WV.

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Inventory, Fayette County, 1936

Inventory of W. P. Wykle, made 13 Nov 1936
Fayette County, WV

Item No 1 – Total $1,500.00
Real estate of interest therein

Meadow Fork land
13 ¼ acres, $540
.51 acres, $200
5.6 acres, $410
1 acre, $20
5 ½ acres, $60
3.03 acres, $30
1 acre, $210
2 10/ acres, $30

Item No 2 – Total $335
Tangible Personal property of every kind

2 Horses, $150
1 Chevrolet Coach, $40
1 Mowing Machine, $25
1 Lot Farm Tools, $20
1 Lot Household Goods, $100

(No Entries for Items 3 – 5)

Item No 6 – Total $1,205.03
Money, certificates of deposit, notes, etc.

Savings Acct Merchants and Miners Bank, National Bank Oak Hill WV, $885.45
Checking Acct Mer & Min Bank Oak Hill, $349.58

Appraised by Archie E. Nugen, J. W. Jones, D. M. Hamilton

Source: Appraisal Book 2:264, Fayette County Commission, Beckley, West Virginia

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Estate Administration Orders, Raleigh County, 1860s

April 9th, 1866
James Cantley of the County having died intestate more than
three months ago, and no person having applied for administrat-
ion of his Goods & Chattels: It is Ordered that Louis Hull Sheriff
of said County, take into his possession the Estate of the Said
deceased, and Administer the same According to Law.

                                            C. Prince, Recorder [p.9]

Recorders Office Raleigh County
June 24th 1869
On Motion of Alexander Cantley who made oath together
with A.J. Harper entered into Security in bond to the State of
West Virginia in the Penalty of six hundred dollars con-
ditioned as the law directs whereupon letters of Administr-
ation upon the Estate of Steel Massey, Decd are Granted
unto the said Alexander Cantley in due form. [p. 34]

Source: Raleigh County West Virginia Recorders Court Records, Vol 1, 1865 -1900, [Marriage and Court Records 1850 – 1871], FHL microfilm 598403, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT.

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Road Survey, Raleigh County, 1873

September term 1873

Wm H. Shumate, Wm Turner, & Wm Daniel Comrs appointed at the
term of this Court to view out the most practical route for a
road leading from Caperton Right’s smith shop by way of Hamilton
& others to the intersection of Coal River Road. This day sub-
mitted their report in writing to the effect that on the 16th day of August
1873 they proceeded to make the review finding a proposed route lead-
ing from Hamilton Harper’s passing Jubal Stover’s & John Williams to the
intersection of Coal Road impracticable viewing other routes. Your Comrs
would recommend the location of the road from Caperton Right’s shop
up the Middle Prong of Sand Lick along a road now already partly
made to the upper end of Hamilton Harper’s field above the house
leaving the creek turning to the right hand up a ridge to the
top a main flat ridge & with the same to the intersection of Coal River Road.

Source: Raleigh County West Virginia Order Book B 1859 – 1878:222, FHL microfilm 598405, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT.

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Tax Exemptions, Raleigh County, 1870s

November Term 1874
Friday Morning, November the 13th 1874

Ordered that Harvey Bennett, John H. Wikle & Wilson
Right be released from the road Tax returned against
them by the Surveyor of their Road Precinct for the year 1874
as it appears from evidence before the Court that each
of them have fully made up their six days for the present. [p. 321]

20 July 1876 – On motion which was supported by Affidavit of Caroline Jones
It is ordered that George Massey her son be released from capitation tax
for the year 1875. He being as appears to the Court under age. And that
the sheriff be credited with the amount thereof. [p. 449]

Source: Raleigh County West Virginia Order Book B 1859 – 1878, FHL microfilm reel 598405, Salt Lake City, UT.

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