Brand Registration, Monroe County, 1804

At a Court held for Monroe County the 18th day of September
1804 — on the motion of Samuel Clarke it is ordered to be
Recorded that the ear mark of his stock — is as follows
a half crop on the upper part of the right and a half
crop on the under part of the left ear.

                Teste Isaac Hutchison

Source: Monroe County Deed Book 1799 – 1805:398, microfilm reel 31, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Deed, Berkeley County, 1787

This Indenture made this 19th day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven Between John & Margaret Walter of Berkeley County State of Virginia of the one part and George Weigle of the said County and state aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said John & Margaret Walter for the just and full sum of eighty pounds current money of Pennsylvania the receipt whereof he hath hereby acknowledged doth give grant bargain and sell alien and confirm unto him the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns all that part of a lott of land or portion of ground lying and being in Berkeley County town of Martinsburg know [now] distinguished and conveyed as follows Via one half of the lott No 10 lying and being in the town aforesaid Beginning at a stake in Queen Street corner to lott No 11. Thence with the said street 100 feet to a stake at the said street then leaving the said street and running square with the same across lott 103 feet to a stake standing on the line of lott No 33 then with the said line 100 feet to a stake corner of lott No 33 then leaving the line of lott No 33 and running with a line of lott No11 one hundred and three feet to the beginning containing [378/2 ?] square poles. The said lott was granted to John Walter from and under under [word repeated] the hand of William Skinner and to William Skinner from and under the hand of John Coblin and to him conveyed by Adam Stephen and recorded amongst the records of this town and county and also all houses buildings ways waters orchards and water courses profits commodities hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever to the said half lott of land belonging or in any wise appertaining and the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders rents issues and profits thereof and [al– ?] the estate right title and interest use trust property claim and demand of him the said John & Margaret Walter of him to the said premises ^and all deeds evidences and writing touching or in any wise concerning the same to hold and to have the half lott above mentioned and all and singular the premises hereby granted or any part thereof belonging or in any wise appertaining unto the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns forever to the only proper use and behoof of the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns forever Subject nevertheless to the conditions reservations rents and agreements [co–?] in the above mentioned deed from Adam Stephen Esquire to John Coblin from John Coblin to William Skinner recourse being thereto had more fully appear and the said John Walter for himself his Heirs and assigns doth covenant promise grant to and with the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns that he the said John Walter is legally seized of and in the premises and that he has good right full and absolute power and authority to grant and convey the same to the said George Wygle in manner & form aforesaid and also that the said George Wygle his Heirs and assigns shall and may at all times hereafter peaceably and quietly have hold possess and occupy the half lott above mentioned with its appurtenances without [?] trouble molestation hindrances interruption or denial of the said John Walter or any other person or persons whatsoever except as before excepted and further that the said John Walter his Heirs and assigns shall & will from time to time and at any time hereafter at the reasonable request and [co–?] of the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns make do execute or cause to be done and executed all and every such and other lawfull grants and appurtenances in law whatsoever for the further and better and more perfect granting and adjoining the half lott of land above mentioned unto the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns forever according to the true intent and meaning of these presents and by the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns his or their Council learned in the law shall be reasonably devised advised and required and Lastly Lastly [word repeated] that the said John Walter his Heirs and assigns the half lott and its appurtenances above mentioned unto the said George Weigle his Heirs and assigns against the said John Walter his Heirs and assigns and against all and every body whatsoever shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents In Witness whereof the said John and Margret Walter hath set and affixed their hand and seal the day and year above written.

Signed and Delivered                     John Waltz {seal}
in presence of                                   her
                                            Margret X Waltz {seal}

Received of George Weigle the sum of eighty pounds it being the consideration money above mentioned witness my hand this 19th day of June 1787.

                                                   John Waltz {seal}

At a Court held for Berkeley County the 19th day of June 1787 This Indenture together with the receipt under written were acknowledged by John Walter and Margret his wife parties thereto she being first privately examined as the law [?] and ordered to be recorded.
                                                   Test. Mo. Hunter

Source: Berkeley County, Virginia, Deed Book 7, 1786-1787:292 – 294, microfilm reel 19, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

Note: The spelling of the grantor’s surname appears as both Walter and Waltz in the deed book from which this transcription is taken. I do not know which spelling is more representative.

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Deed of Bargain and Sale, Monroe County, 1800

This Indenture made the seventeenth day of June in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred Between James Ellison of the one part, and Samuel Kantly of the other part, both of the State of Virginia, Witnesseth, that the said James Ellison, for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings, lawful money of Virginia, to him in hand paid, by the said Samuel Cantly, the Receipt whereof, he doth hereby acknowledge, have bargained, sold, aliened, [enscoffed ?], and confirmed, and By these Presents, do grant, bargain, sell, alien, [enscoff ?], and confirm, to the said Samuel Cantly, and his heirs, forever, a certain tract, or parcel of land containing six hundred acres by survey made for said Ellison, bearing date the eighteenth day of June one thousand seven hundred and ninety lying and being in the County of Monroe on Indian Creek, a Branch of New River, joining the lands of Lewis Bootten, David Kohr, and Joseph Seirs, and the said two hundred and thirty six, is Bounded as followeth, so wit, Beginning at pine and Spanish oak, corner to the said survey, and thence through the same North forty five degrees, East eighteen poles, to two white oaks, and North forty^two degrees West ninety two poles, to a buckeye and hickory, on the branch of the creek, and North twenty five degrees, West sixty two poles down and across the creek, to two white oaks on a line of the said survey, and with same, North forty degrees, West fifteen poles to two white oaks, and North eighty seven degrees, West sixteen poles, to two hickorys, and North seventy degrees, West sixty poles, to an ash, and South seventy one degrees, West forty forty two [poles] to white oak, South twenty two degrees, West ninety six poles, to a white oak and South fifty degrees, West fifty four [poles] to white oak corner to Seirs, and with same, South sixty degrees, West ninety poles, to three white oaks, South forty five degrees, East sixty two to walnutt, corner same, and leave same, North eighty two, East twenty four [poles] to walnutt and elm, and North seventeen degrees, East thirty four [poles] to two hickories on the Bank of the creek, and North forty one degrees, East one hundred and forty four poles crossing and up the creek to two sowerwoods and a white oak, and South twenty five degrees, East forty eight [poles] to two white oaks, and South eight degrees, East one hundred and four poles, poplar and Spanish oak, and South sixty eight, East one hundred and seventy eight poles to the Beginning, with all its appurtenances, thereunto belonging, or in any wise appurtaining to have and to hold, the said tract or parcel of land, with its appurtenances, to the said Samuel Cantly and his heirs forever, and the said James Ellison, at the time of sealing and delivering of this Indentures, is seised of sure and indefeasible ^Estate of inheritance in fee simple, of, and in the tract, and parcel of land, hereby conveyed, and every part thereof, and that the land is now, and forever hereafter, shall remain, free and clear of, and from all incumbrances, or charges, of what nature, or, kind so ever, made, done, or suffered, by him, or any person claiming by or, under him, and the said James Ellison, will forever, warrant, and defend, the said tract, or parcel of land, hereby conveyed to the said Samuel Cantly, his heirs or assigns forever against the claim, or demand of any person, or persons whatsoever in witness and year above written                    James Ellison {seal}
                                                                 Elisabeth Ellison {seal}
Signed, sealed, and delivered
in the presence of
John Hutchinson
           At a court held for Monroe County, at the house of T. L. Alexander Esq. on Tuesday the seventeenth day of June, one thousand eight hundred. This Deed of Bargain and Sale from James Ellison and Elisabeth his wife, to Samuel Cantly, was acknowledged in Court, she this Elisabeth, being first privately examined as the law directs ~ And Ordered to be Recorded
                                                                         Test. John Hutchinson

Source: Monroe County, VA Deed Book, 1799-1805:58 – 59, reel 31, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Will, Bath County, 1790

In the name of God, Amen Ralph Laverty of the County
of Augusta and Commonwealth of Virginia considering the uncertainty
of this Mortal Life and being of sound mind and memory at the present
thanks to almighty God for the same do make and publish this my Last
will and Testament in manner and form following (Imprimis) I will
and order all my just debts to be paid. Item I give and Bequeath to my
Beloved wife Jane one third of all my personal Estate one young Bay
horse and saddle a small star in hir forehead and a heifer
of three years old of a Spotted Cream Coulter and Two Sheep during her
widow hood but at her marriage or Death I will and order said
Goods and Chattles to be Given to the second oldest son of John Hamel-
ton of the County of Rockbridge and State aforesaid which is my Grand
Son of the name of Ralph
now a bout six months old. I Likewise give
and Bequeath to my Daughter Rebecca Hamelton six sheep or the value
thereof the Remainder of my personal Estate I will and order to be
equally divided Betwixt my three daughters Agnes Haddin, Sarah
(to said Sarah Clark one Large Bible Exclusive) and Martha
. To my son William Laverty I Leave the sum of five shillings
Virginia Currency to be paid out of my wife Jean’s part, which said
several Legacies I will and order to be paid to the said Respective
Legatees within six months after my decease. I further give and
devise to my said daughter Rebecca Hamelton all my Real Es-
tate Consisting of a certain tract of land Consisting of a
bout three hundred acres situate on the Cowpasture River
at the mouth of Stuarts Creek Together with forty-five acres there
unto annexed by virtue of a pattent to hold to her the said Rebecca
Hamelton during her natural life and at her decease to [Revolve ?] to
her second Eldest son above mentioned of the name of Ralph Ham-
elton and his Heirs forever – and Lastly I appoint my son in
law the above mentioned John Hamelton and my Beloved wife
Jane the sole Executors of this my Last will and Testament Revoking
and Disannulling all former wills by me made in witness whereof
I have hereunto set my hand and seal the twentieth day of February
in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety
the words (and Saddle) at the fifth line and the words (and Two Sheep)
at the sixth line was underlined before signed.

Signed Sealed Published and declared by                               his
the above named Ralph Laverty to be his Last will           Ralph X Laverty {seal}
and Testament in presence of we who have hereunto               mark
subscribed our names in presence of the Testator
William Connell
Henry Scott
Nathan Crawford
Robert Stuart

Bath County June Court 1792 this Last will and Testament
of Ralph Laverty Decd was proved by the witnesses thereto and
Ordered to be Recorded.
                    Teste Chas Cameron

Source: Bath County Will Book No. 1, 1791 – 1813:12, microfilm Reel 7, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Appraisal, Bath County, 1792

We whose names are underwritten being first appointed by Court
then sworn according to Law to appraise the Estate of Ralph Laverty Deceas-
d accordingly we have appraised the different articles set before us
as followeth –

1 pale Red Cow some white on her back and Calf         £2.10
1 white Cow                                                                2.15
1 Dark Brown Cow and Calf                                          2.10
1 Brindled 3 year old Stear                                           2.15
1 Red 3 year old Stear                                                 2.10
1 Brindled Heifer                                                          1.7
4 yearling Pigg. one Bull one Heifer 2 Stears                   3
1 Sorrel Horse                                                             9.0
1 Mare and Colt                                                           6.0
1 Mare                                                                        5.0
1 Bedstead Bed and Furniture                                       3.16.6
1 Old Bed                                                                   1.0.0
2 Old Coats and 1 Jacket                                             1.0
1 Oven 2 potts and 2 crocks                                         1.10
1 Old Coat                                                                  1.0
1 Barrow & 10 Pigg[?]                                                  2.10
1 Sett of Old Plow Irons                                               0.10
4 Reeds and Old Loom Gears                                       0.12.0
Old pewter knives & forks                                            0.15
Old wooden vessels                                                     0.8
1 Table                                                                      0.15
3 Chairs                                                                     0.6
1 Old Coffee Pott and plates                                        0.2.6
1 Old falling ax                                                           0.3.0
1 Old Reels [???] Big Wheels                                       0.2.6

[first name unreadable]
James Kelso
Samuel Shrewsburry

Bath County July Court 1792
     This inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Ralph
     Laverty Decd was Returned to Court and Ordered to
     be Recorded.

               Teste Chas Cameron [???]

Source: Inventory and Appraisement of Ralph Laverty [Lafferty], July 1792, Bath County Virginia Will Book No.1, 1791 – 1813:15, Library of Virginia microfilm reel 7.

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Local News, Matville, 1909


   J.M. Harper, who has been ill for
quite a while, is gradually getting worse.
   Jas. Shumate is doing a rushing busi-
ness cutting lumber at this place. Jim
is a hustler.
   Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Pettry, who have
been confined to their rooms for some
time with typhoid fever, are slowly im-
   The three schools near Matville, con-
ducted by Leonard Stover, Misses Irene
Thompson and Miss Pearl Stover are
giving entire satisfaction.
   The advent of old “Mr. Tangle Leg”
brought very suddenly to a close the
preaching at Rocky Point conducted by
the Rev. Thos, Williams, D.D. Shame
on you, boys.
   All persons wishing to trade horses
will do well to call on the boys of Mat-
ville who attended jocky street Monday
and laid in a nice assortment of thor-
oughbreds. French Wykle claims the
honor of being the sole owner of the
mule that helped haul the mud sills of
Noah’s Ark. While John Phipps says
he knows his will plow, for Adam broke
him in the garden of Eden.
   Elliott Harper and family left last
week for Prudence, where they will
make their future home.
   Miss Irene Thompson was visiting at
her home in Fayette, last week. She
was accompanied by the Misses Cottle
and Miss Janet Harper.
   Waymon Daniel and Lee Atha were
calling at Mrs. Thos. Arnold’s Sunday.
   Rev. Thos. Williams preached a very
interesting and forcible sermon to a
large and attentive congregation at the
O.U.A.M. hall Saturday evening.
   Misses Pearle Stover and Janet Har-
per were out horseback riding Satur-
day afternoon.
   W.P. Wykle, of Marshes, was calling
at Jas. Harper’s one day last week in
search of seed onions.
   Jackson Arnold was seen on our street
last week with a gun on his shoulder
enroute to Eccles.
   Albert Milem is swapping sides with
the soil preparatory to a crop.
   Chas. Atha has been confined to his
room for the past few days with rheu-
   French Wykle was calling at James
Harper’s last Tuesday.
   Mrs. Agnes Harper was seen on the
streets Monday on her way to Albert
   Lee Harper on of our leading citi-
zens is confined to his room this week
due to a sprained ankle.
   Jas. Daniel was at Matville Tuesday.
   Miss Frenchie Clyburn was the guest
of Miss Amanda Atha Saturday.
   The young ladies of this place seem
to be getting rather lovely of late.
   The Lively’s that were calling here
Saturday and Sunday were Messrs.
Lewis Caperton, William Evergreen,
John and Walter Franklin of Roseville.
Also Joseph Williams and Jas. Toney of
   Sam Harper made a business trip to
Eccles one day last week.
   We had a wedding in town Wednes-
day. The contracting parties were Mr.
Tilden Williams of Eccles, and Miss
Rose Arnold, of Matville.

The Raleigh Herald
Thursday, February 11, 1909
Page 2, columns 4 & 5.
Beckley, WV

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Will, Monroe County, 1808

In the name of god amen I Sarah Clark of the County of Monroe
and State of Virginia being sick and wake [weak] in body but of sound
mind and disposing memory for which I thank god and calling
to mind the uncertinty of humin life and being desirous of disposing
of all such Wourldley Estate as it hath pleased god to bless me
with, I give and bequeath the same in manner following,
that is to say ~

I give and bequeath to the heirs of my son James Clark
deceased one dollar current and lawfull money of
the United States amongst them equally to be divided. I also
further give to his oldest Daughter Sally Clark my side
Saddle, my bed and furniture, Spinning wheel, and one year-
ling heifer to be held by hir and hir heirs forever ~
I give and bequeath to my Daughter Rebekah Cantly one
bay mare and one pewter dish to be held by hir and hir heirs
I give and bequeath to my son William Clark two dollars
current and lawfull money of the United States ~
Fourthly ~
I gave and bequeath to my son Ralph Clark one Negro boy called
Cinklear [Sinclair] to be held by him and his heirs forever
Fifthly ~
I give and bequeath to my Daughter Martha Campbell one
Negro girl named Lucy and one pott to be held by hir and
hir heirs forever ~
Sixthly ~
I will and bequeath to my son Alexander Clark, one dollar
Current and lawfull money of the United States, and also four
head of sheep ~
I give and bequeath to my son John Clark the upper end of
my land, being that part on which he now lives, beginning at
a Corner in the head of the linn hollow and running from
thence to his Clabard tree, from thence to the spring, thence
up the spur to it Joins William Burks line, or the line that was
said Burks, at the head of the big hollow, and one Negro boy called
Theappilis, and also one milch Cow to be held by him and
his heirs forever ~
Eightly ~
I will and bequeath to my son Samuel Clark that part of my
Land on which I now live, being the old Improved part of
the same, and also my Negro woman ^Girl named Grace, and
my Negro boy named Maddison together with all the remain-
ing part of my Stock, furniture, and farming Utensils, not yet
disposed off [of] to be held by him and his heirs forever ~
And lastly I do hereby Constitute and Appoint my friends
Samuel Cantly and Ralph Clark executors of this my
last will and testament herby revoking all other or
former wills of testaments by me heretofore made in writing
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my
Seal this twenty sixth day of May one thousand eight
hundred and eight.           hir
                             Sarah X Clark {seal}
Signed, sealed, published and
declared, as, and for the last will and
Testament of the above named Sarah
Clark in thepresence of us

Samuel Clark
Michael Kisinger
Mathias X Kisinger

                  At Monroe December Court 1809
The last will and Testament of Sarah Clark dec’d
was presented in Court & proven by the oaths of Samuel
Clark, Michael Kissinger & Mathias Kissinger Subscribing
witnesses thereto tis ordered to be recorded ~
                  A Copy
                          J Hutchinson C.M.C.

Source: Sarah Clark will, 28 May 1810, Will Book 1, 1799 – 1817:167 – 168, Monroe County, Virginia, microfilm reel 67, Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.

Note: Sarah was married to Alexander Clark1, and was mother to Rebekah Clark who married Samuel Cantley2.

1 Will of Alexander Clark, 12 June 1794, Will Book 1:87, Greenbrier County, Virginia, County Commission, Lewisburg, West Virginia.

2 Saml Cantley and Rebecca Clark, 3 February 1789, Marriage Book 1A:17, Greenbrier County, Virginia, County Commission, Lewisburg, West Virginia.

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Will, Raleigh County, 1910

I, Rebecca J. Cantley, being of sound mind and disposing
memory, do make and publish this as and for my last will and
testament and by this act do hereby revoke all former

1st. I devise and bequeath unto my daughter Nancy
J. Combs, one bed, two pillows, one coverlid, and
one dollar in money as and for her entire interest
in my estate.
2nd. I devise and bequeath unto my dau-
ghter Nettie J. Serratt, one bed, two pillows, one
coverlid and one dollar in money as and
for her entire interest in my estate.
3rd. I devise, bequeath, grant and convey unto
my son James A. Cantley all the remainder of
my property bowth real and personal of every
kind and character, wherever situate & of which
I may die siezed and possessed, and hereby
nominate him as and for the Executor of that
will, with full power, conferred, and request
that he qualify as such.

Signed and sealed this the 19th day of May, 1910,
in the presence of W.O. McGinnis & C. W. Massey who at
the request of the Testatrix, and in the presence of
each other, witness the signature of the said Rebecca
J. Cantley, and subscribe their names in
testimony thereof.

Rebecca J. Cantley {seal}

        W. O. McGinnis
        C. W. Massey

Witness as to mark,        W.O. McGinnis
                                     C. W. Massey
Teste. M. J. Meadows, Co. Clk.

West Virginia
Raleigh County Court Clerks Office July 5th 1910,
The last will of Rebecca J. Cantley, dec’d, was this day pre-
sented in said office for probate, and being duly proven
is admitted to record.

Teste. M. J. Meadows
        County Clerk.

Source: Raleigh County [West Virginia] Wills, 1:370-371, West Virginia Division of Culture and History, Charleston, West Virginia.

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Surnames, Monroe County, 1851

The following surnames were found in the 1851 estate bill and sale of George Wikel, who died in Monroe County, VA(WV):


The document includes each item purchased by the buyers and amount spent. There are multiple people for some surnames.

To view the full transcription of George Wikel’s 1851 Estate Sale and Bill, please request access to the Google Document by e-mail.

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Prenuptual Agreement, Raleigh County, 1876

Alex Cantley to Tempa Hopkins, Article of Agreement

An Article of Agreement made and entered into this 23d day of August 1876
by and betwen Alexander Cantley of the County of Raleigh and State of West Va of the
first part and [unreadable] Tempa Hopkins of the County and State aforesaid. The
condition of the above obligation is such that the above named Alexander Cantley
and the said Tempa Hopkins has this day bargained and agreed with theirselves to be-
come lawful husband and wife on condition herein set forth that is to say that all
the personal property now owned and held by the said Tempa Hopkins is to be her
one [own] individual property to the use of her and her owne heirs with all the increase of said property free from Alexander Cantley and his heirs. And it is further agreed
that this Article of Agreement shall not deprive the said Tempa Hopkins from her
lawful dowry in the estate of the said Alexander Cantley should he decease this life
first then the remainder of his estate to be to the use and benefit of his Children or Lawful heirs. This obligation to be in force from the date of Marriage by the said Parties in witness whereof we set our hand and seal the day and year above written.

Alexander Cantley
Tempa Hopkins

State of West Virginia
Raleigh County August the 23d 1876

I, William C. Acord a Justice in the said County do hereby certify that Alexander Cantley and Tempa Hopkins whose names assigned to the writing hereto annext bearing date on the 23d day of August 1876 personally appeared before me and acknowledged the same to be their act and agreement and acknowledges the same to Record in the Clerks Office in said County, given under my hand this the 23d day of August 1876.
William C. Acord

West Virginia, Raleigh County Court Clerk’s office
Oct. 6th, 1876
The foregoing Article of Agreement duly acknowledged & certified who this day presented to [unreadable] in my said office for Record and was this [unreadable] admitted.
Teste John Beckley, Clk.

Source: Alexander Cantley and Tempa Hopkins agreement, 23 August 1876, Raleigh County [November Term 1876 Records – book title unknown]:243, County Clerk’s Office, Beckley, West Virginia.

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