Indenture (Land Sales), Augusta County, 1797

This Indenture made the 10th day of June one Thousand seven hundred and ninety seven between James Curry and Rebekah his wife of the County of Bourbon Kentucky of the one part and George Weigle of the county of Augusta & State of Virginia of the other part Sheweth that whereas the said James Curry by his letter of attorney having date the 19th day of August 1794 did constitute and appoint his son James Curry of the County of Rockingham his heir and lawful attorney to bring Suits, Collect Debts, give discharges, make conveyances, &c. Now This Indenture Witnesseth that the said James Curry for and in consideration of the sum of Three hundred pounds Virginia money to them the said James Curry Senr and the said James Curry attorney in fact in hand paid the Receipt whereof the said James Curry Senr by his attorney aforesaid doth hereby acknowledge, hath granted, bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant bargain sell Alien and confirm unto the said George Weigle and his heirs the following Tracts or parcels of land lying and being in the County of Augusta aforesaid. Viz the first containing one hundred and seventy acres lies on Thorny Branch and is bounded as follows     Beginning at a white oak corner to Benjamin Copelands (now Waddels land) and running thence North twenty degrees West one hundred poles crossing the branch to two Hiccorys and a white oak North seventy degrees East forty four poles to a black oak North twenty degrees west sixty poles to two pines West sixty two poles to a pine South thirty five degrees West two hundred and forty poles to a black oak south thirty degrees East fifty four poles crossing the branch to two pines on Copeland’s line and with said line North seventy degrees East two hundred poles to the Beginning and was conveyed to the said James Curry by Edward E[?] and Mary his wife by their deed of Bargain & sale dated 18th March 1777 as will appear in the records of the County Court of Augusta reference thereto being had the second contains sixty nine acres lying on the north west side of the preceding tract joining Thomas Waddels land and bound as follows     Beginning at a double white oak and running thence North Eighty Degrees West fifty six poles to a pine Robert Law’s corner South Eighty eight degrees West fifty two poles to two pines near said Law’s corner South thirteen degrees East Eighty poles to a large white oak and two black saplins South sixty degrees West sixty four poles to a white oak South thirty three degrees West thirty two poles to two white oak saplins by a branch South 68 & ½ degrees West forty two poles to two white oaks across said branch South fifty seven degrees East seventy two poles to two pines Thomas Waddel’s corner and North thirty seven degrees east two hundred twenty six poles to the Beginning and was granted by patent to the said James Curry [?] Feb 1st 1781 The Third contains [unreadable] Acres joins the first mentioned Tract and [several more unreadable words] and Robert Law and is bounded as follows            Beginning a black oak his corner thence North sixty degrees East twenty poles to a white oak and Jane Bing’s corner North 16 [degrees] West thirty one poles to a white oak and a pine on a draft South 88 [degrees] East 33 poles to two white and a black oak sapling North 15 [degrees] West 15 poles to two white oaks and a pine sapling on Piercy’s line North 86 [degrees] West 62 poles to two black oak saplings on Law’s line thence with said Curry’s line South 24 [degrees] East 61 poles to the Beginning to have and to hold the aforesaid Tracts of land as above described together with the appurtenances to the sole use and [?] of him the said George Weigle and of his Heirs and assigns forever and the said James Curry and Rebekah his wife for themselves and their Heirs the said Tract of land unto the said George Weigle and his Heirs against the claim or demands of all persons whatsoever do and by these presents will forever warrant and defend     In Witness whereof the said James Curry Jr Attorney in fact of aforesaid hath hereunto subscribed the names of the said James Curry & wife and affixed their seals the day & year first above written

Signed sealed & acknowledged
In presence of                                 James Curry {seal}
Saml Clarke                                  Rebekah Curry {seal}
Jno [McClenarhan?] Jr
Jas [?]wight

At a Court held for Augusta County October the 17 1797 This Indentures of Bargain and sale between James Curry and Rebekah his wife by James Curry their attorney in fact of the one part, and George Weigle of the other part was proved by the oaths of Samuel Clarke John [McClenarhan?] & James [?]wight the Witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded.

Source: Augusta County Virginia Deed Book 29:241-243, LVA microfilm reel 13, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Land Grant, Greenbrier County, 1785

Patrick Henry Esquire Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia,
To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting know ye, that
by virtue of a certificate in right of Settlement give by the Commissioners
for adjusting the Titles to unpatented lands in the District of Augusta
Botetourt and Greenbrier and in consideration of the ancient composition
of one pound fifteen shillings sterling paid by Alexander Clark unto
the Treasury of this Commonwealth there is granted by the said
Commonwealth, unto the said Alexander Clark a certain Tract or
parcel of Land, Containing three hundred and thirty acres by survey
bearing date the thirteenth day of April one thousand seven hundred
and eighty four lying and being in the County of Greenbrier
on Indian Creek adjoining the lands of James Ewing and
John Henders and Bounded as followeth ,To wit, Beginning
at a buckeye on a hill on the south side of the creek thence north
thirty seven degrees east forty poles to a red oak on the Bank of
the creek corner to Ewing and with his line crossing said
creek south seventy eight degrees East forty six poles to two
white oaks North nine degrees West fifty two poles to three
Linns North ten Degrees West one hundred and four poles to a
White oak Leaving said line South Eighty four degrees West twenty
two poles to a white oak South Seventy degrees West sixty poles to a
white oak North Eighty six degrees West Eighty poles to three
white oaks and a Hickory south thirty five degrees West one
hundred and thirty poles to a pine and Hickory on a hill South
thirty degrees West one hundred and twelve poles to a
Hickory in a Bottom South thirty nine degrees East Eighty
poles to two red oaks and white oaks North fifty three
Degrees East two hundred and forty two poles to the
Beginning with its appurtenances; To have and to hold
the said Tract or parcel of Land with its appurtenances, to
the said Alexander Clark and his Heirs forever In
Witness Whereof the said Patrick Henry Esquire Gover-
nor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, hath hereunto
set his Hand, and caused the Lesser Seal of the said Common-
wealth to be affixed, at Richmond, on the Twentieth day
of June in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven
hundred & Eighty five and of the Commonwealth the Ninth.

Source: Land Office Grants Q, 1785, p. 701 (Reel 57), Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Petition, Monroe County, 1801

To the Honorable the Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Petition and Memorial of the subscribers, freeholders and inhabitants of the county of Monroe respectfully represent

That by an Act of the General Assembly of this Commonwealth passed in the year [blank space left unfilled] the seat of justice of the judicial district composed of the counties of Greenbrier, Montgomery, Botetourt, Kanawha and Monroe was established at the Sweet Springs in the county of Botetourt: that under the operation of the said law a monopoly enures to the proprietor of the Sweet Springs, perhaps, equally unconstitutional, as it is oppressive to your Petitioners that situate in a remote part ^corner of Botetourt county, apart from the body of population and without the advantage of a neighborhood, the suitors and witnesses to the said court are confined for their accommodation, to the tavern of the proprietor under the most inconvenient charges and regulations: that the expense of witnesses attendant upon the said court being generally equal to the fine incurred by their absence, the administration of public justice is generally retarded, and too frequently entirely defeated: that owing to the peculiar circumstances of the place a trial in the said court is rarely to be obtained previous to a lamentable train of continuances equally injurious to the parties litigant as to the general effectuation of rights: that the jail of the said District is so weak and untenable as frequently to occasion the escape of prisoners: that the said District does not command a clerk’s office, but that the records and exhibits are precariously kept in a small log mansion house among the mountains considerably detached from the said court house: that they are partially transported to the terms of the said court, and remain during the session in no certain place and under no certain arrangement, equally inconvenient to those whom they may concern, as unprotected from the common accidents by which they may be destroyed. Your Petitioners beg leave further to represent that the town of Union in the county of Monroe is situate in the heart of a compact and plentiful settlement, rapidly progressing in itself with comfortable and reasonable accommodations : a strong jail : a large and commodious court house, nearer the centre of population and territory than any other town of the District and commanding every advantage of country resource. Your memorialists therefore humbly represent : that situate as they now are, they are burthened [burdened] with numerous and oppressive hardships, without the convenient and regular administration of justice, to which they are entitled in common with other citizens : and solemnly averring to your honorable body that the convenience, the interest and opinions of the great body of the District loudly demand a removal, and that those invaluable objects are hapily and peculiarly concentrated in the town of Union in the county of Monroe : and firmly convinced that that equal and sound policy, which hath ever actuated the legislature will regulate their care. They pray your honorable body to pass a law for the removal of the seat of justice of the said District from the Sweet Springs, to the town of Union in the county of Monroe and they as in duty bound will pray

Source: Freeholders and Inhabitants of Monroe County, Request to Relocate Court, 15 Dec 1801; Virginia Legislative Petitions, LVA microfilm reel 130, Library of Virginia, Richmond.


The following is a partial list of surnames found on this document. Since the actual lists consist of signatures, I was unable to decipher some of them.


Link to transcription of names in the arrangement wherein they appeared on the document pages/fragments. This list includes partial transcriptions of names that were difficult to read. You will see here how family members and perhaps neighbors signed in groups.

Names In Original Arrangement

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Deed, Augusta County, 1792

[in left margin of page]
Weigle to Shirey
Delivered to Michl Shirely [sic]
23rd Nov 1793

This Indenture made the 19th day of June
in the year of our Lord God One thousand seven hundred
and ninety two Between George Weigle and Elizabeth
his wife
of the county of Augusta and State of Virginia
of the one part, and Michael Shirey of the county
and state aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth
That the said George & Elizabeth Weigle for and in
consideration of the sum of Two hundred pounds
current money of Virginia to them in hand paid by
by [repeated word] the said Michael Shirey the Receipt whereof
is hereby acknowledged: thence the said George
& Elizabeth Wheigle hath granted bargained sold [torn section]
and by these presents doth grant bargain [torn section]
said Michael Weigle Shirey [torn section]
heirs and assigns for ever one certain
parcel of land containing one hundred
acres lying & being in the County of Augusta [torn section]
River called Finleys [torn section]
acres of said land being [torn section]
Hundred and Eighty acres first granted [torn section]
Finley by patent dated the first day of ^ December September
One Thousand Seven hundred and Forty and by
several conveyances became the property of the said
Weigle the other five acres being part of a Tract of
Eighty three acres granted to the said George Weigle
the 8th day March 1790 And bounded as follows
to wit Beginning at a white oak his old corner
and thence South sixty five degrees West Eighty
two poles to a white Oak on the patent Line and
with the same North sixty five degrees west two
hundred and twenty poles to two blacks Oaks
the old patent corner thence North twenty five
Degrees East Twenty Seven poles to a black oak
and Locust on said patent line thence North
Eighty two degrees East Eighty two poles to a black
Oak south Sixty Seven & a half Degrees East One hundred
hundred [repeated word] and Seventy two poles to a hickory &
White Oak saplins on the young patent line &
with the same south seventeen degrees East four
poles to a white oak and black oak saplins said
patent corner thence South forty degrees East thirty
four poles to the beginning – Together with all the
appurtenances thereunto belonging To have and
to hold the lands hereby conveyed and all and singular
the premises hereby granted with the appurtenances
unto the said Michael Shiry his heirs and assigns
forever the only proper use and behoof of him the
said Michael Shirey and of his heirs and assigns forever
and the said George & Elizabeth Weigle for themselves their
Heirs Executors & administrators doth covenant and
assign by these presents that the said Tract of Land
with its appurtenances unto the said Michael Shirey his
heirs & assigns from the claim or demand of them the
said George and Elizabeth Weigle or any other person or
persons whatsoever shall & will warrant and forever
Defend by these presents. In Witness whereof the said George
& Elizabeth Weigle hath here unto set their hands & seals the
Day and year first above written.

At a Court held for Augusta }               George Weigle {seal}
County June 19th 1792        }                              her
                                                           Elizabeth X Weigle {seal}

George Weigle and Elizabeth his wife she being first prively ex-
amined as the Law directs acknowledges this their Deed to George
1 which is ordered to be recorded.

Source: Augusta County Virginia Deed Book 27:312-314, LVA microfilm reel 12, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

1 The clerk copying the original deed into the court book erroneously wrote George Phifer instead of Michael Shirey in the concluding text. The Weigles also executed a deed of bargain and sale to George Phifer on the same date. The clerk appears to have transposed the name.

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Marine Autographs, California, 1943

In honor of Veteran’s Day, here are links to an interesting sheet of Marine autographs. These men all served with my father in the 4th Marine Division during WWII. His unit fought on Saipan and Iwo Jima in the Pacific Theater.

Almost all of the men who signed included at least a partial hometown address which may be helpful to families doing research, especially in light of the upcoming release of the 1940 U.S. Census.

Scan of Autographs:
Transcription of Autographs:
Scan of Photo:
(My father, Sgt. James F. Wykle stands on the right. The other two men are unidentified.)

Source: Photograph in possession of author, Debora Wykle Kerr.

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Will, Greenbrier County, 1794

In The Name of God, Amen, this twelth Day of June one thousand seven hundred and ninety four, I Alexander Clark of Greenbrier County and State of Virginia now in the evening of my days but of perfect mind and memory thanks be to God I therefore calling unto mind the mortality of my Body knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, to make and order this my last will and Testament that is to say principally and first of all, I recommend my Soul to God who give it and for my body I recommend it to the Earth to be Buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God, and as touching such wourldly Estate where with it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form

Imprimis it is my will and I do order that in the first place all my just Debts and funeral Charges be paid and satisfied

Item to my son James Clark one cow and calf one too year old and one year old heffer and four heeds of Sheep. Also Item to my sons William, Ralph, Alexander, John & Samuel Clark, I leave to Each one Shillin Starling. I also to my Daughters Rebekah and Martha I leave to each one Shilling Starling. I give and bequeath to Sarrah Clark my beloved wife the plantation where on I now live which she is to sell and dispose of how and when she thinks proper and also I give and bequeath to Sarrah Clark my bloved wife the disposal of al my Cash, my houshold Furniture and likeways my Stock and all my worldly Estate which she is also to dspose how and when she thinks proper, and also I constitute and appoint my deerly beloved wife and my son James to be my Executors of this my last will and Testament and I hereby utterly disallow revoke and disannull all and every other Testament made before this whether gifts grants or legacies whatsoever, ratifying and confirming this same to be may last Will and Testament and declares the same before the under Evidences, and have hereunto set my hand and Seal the day and Year above mentioned.

Test                                              Alexander Clark {seal}
Samuel Clark
Matthias Kisinger
Thomas Fulton

                                 Greenbrier October Court 1794
This last will and Testament of Alexander Clark Decd was presented in Court by Sarah Clark and James Clark the Executors therein named and the same was proved by the oath of Samuel Clark & Matthias Kisinger two of the Witnesses thereto & ordered to record & on the motion of the sd Executors who made oath according to Law. Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form whereupon the sd Exrs with Samuel Clark & John Hutchison enter’d into Bond with Condition according to law.

Test John Stuart

Source: Greenbrier County Virginia Will Book 1:87, Greenbrier County Commission, Lewisburg, WV.

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Marriage Register Page 9, Monroe County, 1854

Date of license, 1854

Caleb Rains and Leah Harvey, May 24
Hugh Smiley and Margaret Ann Young, May 29
Daniel J. Early and Mary Miller, June 7
Wm A. Porterfield and Almeriah Ballard, June 12
Samuel C. Barger and Lurany F. Goodall, June 16
Madison C. Meadows and Mary Ann Garten, June 19
[??]gant Bobbett and Melinda I. Burdill, June 19
James Boon and Elizabeth Meadows, June 19
William H. Dunsmore and Mary Ann Holmes, June 24
John W. Yates and Louisa S. Ralsten, June 29
Robert Lemon and Virginia Burdell, July 11
William Wikel and Nancy Arnot, July 11
George Wikel and Jane Minner, July 12
[Conrad?] Gibson and Mary [I. or J.] Jones, July 17
William H. Broyles and Katherine Ferguson, July 18
Archibald Carter and Mary Magdalin Vass, August 1
Andrew S. Lymann and Mary C. Bonham, August 7
Abraham L. Keadle and Amelia Tuggle, August 12
James L. Lynch and Mary Ellen Harris, August 24
Garland J. Sims and Caroline Meadows, August 28
Jackson Meadows and Martha Sims, August 28
Lewis A. Whitten and Evaline Keaton, August 28
John A. Rutledge and Clara G. Campbell, August 31
Thomas W. Townsley and Nancy Jane Brown, September 18
James E. Bostic and Eliza S. Foster, September 18
Charles Eddy and Louisa Katherine Faudree, September 23
James A. Holmes and Susannah Humphreys, September 28
James S. Clayborn and Virginia Crabbs, October 3
James L. Allen and Martha I. Collins, October 10
John M. Ewin [Ervin?] and Mary E. Higgenbotham, October 16
James A. Porterfield and Isabella [F?] Ballard, November 6
John McDermot & Malvina [R?]ay, November 14
D[?] F[?] & Katherine Elizabeth Schultz, November 20
William T. Vass & Martha Jane Calloway, November 20
Michael Christopher & Elizabeth Vance, November 28
Lorenzo Atha & Susan Caroline Vass, November 28
James S. Hawkins and Susan Jane Parker, December 4
James M. Lucas and Elizabeth Buckland, December 4
John George [possible ditto mark indicating ‘Lucas’ as above] and Mary S. Ellis, December 4
Philip B. Croser and Mary Ann Brown, December 4
Lewis Brown and Margaret M. Shirer, December 4
James Boyd and Mary A. Pack, December 4

Source: Monroe County Virginia Marriage Record 1, 1853 – 1920:9, LVA microfilm reel 55, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

Note: My ancestor in this list is Lorenzo Atha. My line descends from Lorenzo and his second wife Mary Jane Wiseman.

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Marriage Register Page 8, Monroe County, 1853/54

Date of License, 1853

Hiram Adkins and Elizabeth E. Clower, December 10
Samuel Hoffman and Sarah J. Allen, December 5
Daniel A. Vance and Amanda S. Young, December 19
Paris Meadows and Linia Woodram, December 26
Wright Dillion and Eliz. Jane Dillion, December 27
Wm T. Cobern and Sarah E. Broyles, December 27
William Dunn and Eliz. A. Spangler, December 28

Date of License, 1854

William Erskine and Mary Agness Ayres, January 2
Jno. C. Ballard and Vilenna R. Ballard, January 3
Harrison B. Dunn and Martha A. Dunn, January 6
Granville Canterbury and Mary I. Nickell, January 7
Wm F. Neel and Margaret E. Stodghill, January 10
Oliver E. Charlton and Mary W. Milton, January 16
John M. Erskine and Isabella I Donnally, January 19
James S. Bostick and Katharine Margaret Pitzar, January 23
Andrew Y. Bostick and Virginia Vance, January 23
Goodall Garten and Juda Martin, January 23
Alfred Huffman and Martha Ann Jones, January 24
Joseph P. Hines and Lucy Alderson, January 30
Asa Amick and Mildred Ann Boley, January 31
James C. Kincaid and Isabella P. Clark, February 1
James M. Bailey, Jr. and Elizabeth Hutchinson, February 1
Conrad A. Spangler and Hannah E. Diddle, February 3
Bird Woodram and Louisa V. Vass, February 6
Floyd Spangler and Mary Fleshman, February 7
Wm L. Bostick and Mary Ann Broyles, February 9
William StClair [smeared ink] and Mary S. Willis, February 18
Andrew Buckland and Lucy Broyles, February 20
John. A. McDaniel and Margaret H. Donnally, February 22
Andrew H. Johnston and Mary Jane McDaniel, February 22
Gabriel Gray and Ellen B. McDaniel, February 22
Leroy Hany and Mary Smith, March 1
Joshua H. Noble and Marinda J. Canterbury, March 2
Christopher Handley and Adaline Campbell, March 10
James D. Peebles and Mary Baker, March 15
Russell B. Wiley and Matilda Ratliff, March 22
Isaac Denhart and Minerva S. Skaggs, April 10
Joel Dowdy and Emily McCormack, April 10
Joseph Reed and Mary Ann Vance, April 15
Alexr D. Haynes and Rebecca Jane Shanklin, May 10
Samuel W. Nickell and Mary C. Nickell, May 13
John P. Campbell and Mildred Frances Long, May 23

Source: Monroe County Virginia Marriage Record 1, 1853 – 1920:8, LVA microfilm reel 55, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Marriage Bonds, Montgomery County, Summer 1788

Date of Bond
Name of Husband
Name of Wife
Parents or Guardian of Husband
Parents or Guardian of Wife
Security and Witnesses

3 June 1788
Barnabas Gullion
Kitterery Keath
Matthew Lindsey

3 June 1788
Adam Miller
Catharine Phipps
Jesse Evans

3 June 1788
David Johnson
Joice Scaggs
James Johnson

9 June 1788
Joshua Cooper
Caty Cooper
Edmund Whitt

9 June 1788
Patarick Nappier Jr.
Fanny Brumfield
Patrick Nappier Sr., father
Garland Burgess

16 June 1788
Samuel Munsey
Anne Workman
Obediah Munsey, consent
Joseph Workman, consent
Richard Corp

24 June 1788
Peter Scaggs
Marthey Cothon
William Leister

25 June 1788
Ralph Stewart
Mary Clay
Michael Clay1, father
Wm. Tracey; Richard Elliott

30 June 1788
Isaiah Perdue
Mary Belshear
Isam Belshear, father
Isam Belshear

3 July 1788
Conrad Reeder/Conrad Rader
Elizabeth Ony (?)
Calvin Ony, father
Danl Etter

4 August 1788
William McDonald
Ursula Hoff
Thomas Hoff, father
John Preston, Robert Crockett

Source: Certified copy of partial page from the Montgomery County Register of Marriages [no volume no., no page no.] Montgomery County Circuit Count, Christiansburg, Virginia

Notes: This list of bonds appears to be a transcription from some other source.

1 My ancestors in this listing are Ralph Stewart and Mary Clay. Mary’s father was Mitchell Clay, not Michael Clay as transcribed in this courthouse list.

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Deed, Monroe County, 1817

This Indenture made this 14th day of October one thousand eight hundred seventeen Between Rebecah Cantly widow of Samuel Cantly decd, John Wyatt & Eleanor his wife late Eleanor Cantly, Alexander Cantly & Mary his wife John Cantly, Sally Cantly, James Cantly Rebecah Cantly, Mary Cantly & William Cantly, heirs & representatives of Samuel Cantly Decd of the one part & Alexander Clark of the other part each of the County of Monroe & state of Virginia Witnesseth, that for & in consideration of the sum one dollar to them in hand paid at or before the ensealing and delivering of these presents the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge have baggained & sold and by these presents do bargain and sell unto the said Alexander Clark and his heirs a certain Tract of land lying on Indian Creek in the county of Monroe containing forty four acres be the same more or less part of a survey of six hundred acres made for James Ellison Senr dated the 18th day of June 1790 patented the 5th day of March 1792 to said James Ellison. Beginning at a white oak and a steep bank corner old survey and Joseph Siers and with S50 W90 poles to three white oaks S47 E62 poles to a walnut on the bank of the creek thence leaving Siers up the creek N82 E24 pl to an elm and walnut N17 E34 pl to two hickories on the creek bank & N41 E55 pl to a large white oak & dogwood on the opposite line thence through the survey N53 W 47 pl to the Beginning crossing Indian Creek, with its appurtenances to the said Alexander Clark to the sole use & behoof of the said Alexander Clark and his heirs & assigns forever, and the said widow & heirs and representatives for themselves & their heirs doth covenant with the said Alexander Clark & his heirs the said Tract of Land from themselves And their heirs to the said Alexander Clark & his heirs & assigns forever will warrant & forever defend aginst all claims or claims whatever in witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands & seals this day and year first above written
Signd, Seald & delivered in the presence of Rebecky Cantley {seal}
Joshua Butcher                                      Eleanor Wyatt {seal}
James Clark                                           John Canly {seal}
                                                               John Wyatt {seal}

Monroe County To wit
           We William McDaniel and Georg Walker Justices of the peace in the county afore said stat of Virginia Do hereby certify that Eleanor Wyatt the wife of John Wyatt Rebecky Cantly widow of Samuel Cantly Deceased and John Cantly partys to a certain Deed for the conveyance of real estate to Alexander Clark Bearing Date this 14th Day of October 1817 and hereto anext personally appeared before us in our county aforesaid and the said Eleanor Wyatt being examined by us prively and apart from her husband and having the deed aforesaid fully explained to her she the said Eleanor Wyatt Rebecky Cantly and John Cantly acknowledged the same to be their acts and deeds and declared thy had willingly signed sealed and declared the same and they wished not to retract it given our hands and seals this 14th day of October 1817.                                                                                   William McDaniel {seal}
                                                                          George Walker {seal}

Monroe Clks office Oct 14 1817
This Deed of Bargain & Sale from the heirs of Samiel Cantly Decd & Alexander Clark was acknowledged before two Magistrates & certified
                                   Jno Hutchison Jr CMC

Source: Monroe County Deed Book G, 1818 – 1823:327-328, LVA microfilm reel 35,
Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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