Heir List, Fayette County, 1929

Fayette Co., WV
5 April 1929
Heirs of G. B. Cantley

J. R. Cantley, son, Sanger, WV
Wayman Cantley, son, Sanger, WV
Wennie Wykle, daughter, Sanger, WV
Dora Smith, daughter, Sanger, WV
Estel Smith, granddaughter, Sanger, WV
Hallie Spangler, granddaughter, Oswald, WV
Ora Biggs, granddaughter, Oswald, WV
Bertie Biggs, grandson, Dunedin, WV
Lina Biggs, granddaughter, Dunedin, WV
Ray Biggs, grandson, Dunedin, WV
Gladys Biggs, great-granddaughter, Dunedin, WV
James Biggs, great-grandson, Dunedin, WV
Dennis Biggs, great-grandson, Dunedin, WV
Myrtle Starks, granddaughter, Thurmond, WV
Ramie Cantley, grandson, Dunloop, WV
Jesse Cantley, grandson, Prudence, WV

List provided and sworn to by J. R. Cantley

Source: Fayette County Fiduciary Book D4:78, Fayette County Commission, Fayetteville, WV.

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Inventory, Fayette County, 1936

Inventory of W. P. Wykle, made 13 Nov 1936
Fayette County, WV

Item No 1 – Total $1,500.00
Real estate of interest therein

Meadow Fork land
13 ¼ acres, $540
.51 acres, $200
5.6 acres, $410
1 acre, $20
5 ½ acres, $60
3.03 acres, $30
1 acre, $210
2 10/ acres, $30

Item No 2 – Total $335
Tangible Personal property of every kind

2 Horses, $150
1 Chevrolet Coach, $40
1 Mowing Machine, $25
1 Lot Farm Tools, $20
1 Lot Household Goods, $100

(No Entries for Items 3 – 5)

Item No 6 – Total $1,205.03
Money, certificates of deposit, notes, etc.

Savings Acct Merchants and Miners Bank, National Bank Oak Hill WV, $885.45
Checking Acct Mer & Min Bank Oak Hill, $349.58

Appraised by Archie E. Nugen, J. W. Jones, D. M. Hamilton

Source: Appraisal Book 2:264, Fayette County Commission, Beckley, West Virginia

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Court Minute Book, Raleigh County (1865-1870)

Abstracts of selected family surnames in court records

20 Dec 1865: Ordered that Alexander Cantley be allowed an old claim of overseer of poor: $26.50

20 Dec 1865 (Juror list): George Hood, Elam Scarbrough, Steel Massey, John F. Clay, Henry B. Clay, Chapman Thompson

5 Jun 1866 (election returns):
Trap Hill No. 3: For Justice of Peace – Hamilton Harper, twelve votes
Marsh Fork No. 4: For Inspector of Elections – Geo W. Hood, fifty nine votes. For School Commissioner – Jas M. Clay, fifty two votes

20 Jun 1866 (payments for service to court)
Marsh Fork Township: James M. Clay, Sup. $1.50. Geo. W. Hood, Insp. $1.50. Henry B. Clay, Clk. $1.50.
For Return of Poll Books: Geo W. Hood, 2 [days], $3.00.

Ordered that Hamilton Harper elected Justice of the Peace . . . on the 24th day of May [1866] be allowed 30 days from this date to qualify for [this] respective office.

21 Jun 1866: Ordered that the following allowances be made – Richard Cantley, $20.00.

20 Aug 1866 (payment for service to court): Steel Massey, 2 fox scalps, $2.00.

29 October 1866 (payments for service to court):
Marsh Fork Township (Officers of the Election held 25 Oct 1866): Charles L. Clay, Supervisor, $1.50. Geo W. Hood, Inspector, $1.50. James F. Webb, Inspector, $1.50. Henry B. Clay, Clerk, $1.50.

4 Jun 1867 (officer list): Marsh Fork Township – Supervisor, James M. Clay. Clerk, Elam Scarbrough. Inspector, George W. Hood. Supervisor of Roads, Precinct no. 1, R. L. Clay.

5 Nov 1867 (juror list): Marsh Fork Township – Charles L. Clay, Geo. W. Cantley, Jacob Jackson, Geo. W. Hood, James M. Clay.

20 Mar 1868: Ordered that J.M. Clay be allowed to erect two gates on the Sand Lick Road No. 1.

28 May 1868: Ordered that Charles L. Clay late constable be and is hereby authorized to collect the old fee bills in his hands in accordance with law.

6 Nov 1868 (officer list): Marsh Fork Township – Surveyor of Roads, G.W. Cantley

21 Dec 1868 (juror list): Marsh Fork – Geo W. Cantley, Charles L. Clay, Jacob Jackson, Ralph S. Clay, James F. Clay, Wm K. Clay, Samuel Cantley, John B. Scarborough, Alexander Cantley

3 October 1870: Ordered that Wright Dillion be and is hereby granted a review of ground through the lands of Isaac Smith and Homer L. Gillespie in Clear Fork Township with the following Commissioners, viz Wm H. Shumate, James Fipps and Wm Daniel and report to subsequent meeting of this Board.

Source: Selected entries, Raleigh County Minute Book 1850 – 1871 [unpaged, unindexed], Raleigh County Court, Beckley, West Virginia, microfilm no. 598403, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Some Ministers of Raleigh County, WV

(Name, Denomination, Date bond paid to Raleigh County Court, page of Minute Book)

Renix Weese, Methodist Episcopal Church, 3 May 1871 (47)
Rev. Jas F. Webb, M.E. Church, 26 Jul 1871 (49)
William Wriston, M.E. Church, 27 Oct 1871 (49)
Rev. Tollison Stover, Free Salvation Baptist Church, 11 Dec 1871 (50)
Rev. Edward M. Merrill – traveling minister in the M.E.C. South, 20 Oct 1875 (67)
Rev. C. Crawford – traveling minister in the Methodist E. Church, 2 Feb 1876 (68 )
Rev. George W. Walker – Minster of the Gospel of the Church of God, 21 Dec 1882 (103)
Rev. John McVey – Minister in Missionary Baptist Church, 9 Mar 1885 (110)
Rev. William Vandervort, Minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church, 24 Jul 1885 (115)
Rev. George R. Mays, Minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church South, 19 Apr 1886 (119)
Rev. Daniel W. Smith, Minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church, 16 Feb 1887 (120)
Rev. Samuel F. Wills, Minister in the Free Will Baptist Church, 5 Aug 1887 (120)
Rev. John H. Serrett, Minister in the Free Will Baptist Church, 21 Dec 1887 (121)
Rev. William W. Workman, Minister in the Methodist E. Church, 16 Jan 1888 (121)
Rev. James P. Thompson, Minister in the Primitive Baptist Church, 22 Jan 1889 (122)
J. T. Showalter, Minister in the Church of Christ, 3 Oct 1893 (124)
Alfred L. Cole, Methodist Episcopal Church South, 16 Feb 1894 (124)
William W. West, Minister – Missionary Baptist Church, 23 Apr 1894 (125)
[no given name] Ball, Minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church South, 9 Mar 1896 (125)
G.H.P. Showalter, M. [Minister] – Church of Christ, 23 Nov 1896 (126)
M.J. Carico, M. [Minister] – Missionary Baptist Church, 25 Mar 1897 (127)
George W. Meador, Preacher – Methodist Episcopal Church, 27 Apr 1897 (127)
W.M.J. Massey, M. [Minister] – Free Will Baptist Church, 27 Jul 1897 (127)
W.C.F. Lippert, M. [Minister] – Presbyterian Church, 18 Jul 1900 (128 )

Source: Recorder’s Court Records Vol. 1, 1865 – 1900, Raleigh County, West Virginia, Family History Library [Film 598403], Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Births, Monroe County, 1853 – 1860

Wm S. Wikle, b. 13 November 1853, Monroe County, VA, 2nd District
Father: Ro. H. Wikel, farmer. Mother: Agnes M. Wikel. Informant: A. M. Wykle, Mother. (189)

Letha Virginia, b. 4 June 1854, Monroe County, VA
Father: George C. Wykle, farmer. Mother: Margaret Wykle. Informant: Geo C. Wykle, Father. (349)

Robert C., b. 15 July 1854, Monroe County, VA
Father: Alexander M. Wykle, farmer. Mother: Eliza H. Wykle. Informant: A. M. Wykle, Father. (350)

not named, stillborn [no day] Jan 1855, Monroe County, VA, Turkey Creek
Father: Jas D. Wykle, [occupation blank]. Mother: Mary Wykle. Informant: S. Wykle, Grandmother. (81)

Isabella Susan Wykle, b. 9 August 1855, Monroe County, VA
Father: Robert H. Wykle, farmer. Mother: Agnes McElhany Wikle. Informant: Robert H. Wikle, Father. (376)

Zachariah F. Wykle, b. 18 October 1855, Monroe County, VA
Father: Wm Wikle, farmer. Mother: Nancy Wykle. Informant: Wm Wykle, Father. (383)

Mary Jane, b. 13 September 1856, Monroe County, VA
Father: Geo Wycle, farmer. Mother: Jane Wycle. Informant: Geo Wycle, Father. [128]

Josiah Fletcher, b. 23 March 1856, Monroe County, VA
Father: Alex Wycle, farmer. Mother: Eliza H. Informant: Alex Wycle, Father. (197)

George S. Wykle, b. 1 June 1857, Monroe County, VA
Father: James Wykle, laborer. Mother: Mary Wykle. Informant: Jas Wykle, Father. (149)

Wm P. Athey, b. 19 April 1857, Monroe County, VA, Wolf Creek Mt.
Father: Lorenzo Athey, farmer. Mother: Mary J. Informant: L. Athey, Father. (7)

Mary M. Wycle, b. 19 July 1857, Monroe County VA, Wolf Creek Mt.
Father: Geo C. Wycle, farmer. Mother: Mahala. Informant: Geo Wycle, Father. (197)

Elisabeth Jane, b. 25 April 1858, Monroe County, VA, Sinks
Father: George Wykle, farmer. Mother: Lydia. Informant: Liddy Wykle, Mother. (62)

Adison M. Wicle, b. 19 November 1858, Monroe County, VA
Father: Wm Wicle, farmer. Mother: Nancy Wicle. Informant: William, Father. (196)

Madison M. Wicle, b. 3 May 1858, Monroe County VA
Father: Alexdr Wicle, farmer. Mother: Eliza Wicle. Informant: Alex, Father. (197)

Margret L. Wycle, b. 20 December 1858, Monroe County, VA
Father: George Wycle, farmer. Mother: Mahala. Informant: George C., Father. (209)

Charles Lanius, b. 14 December 1859, Monroe County, VA
Father: George W. Wikle, farmer. Mother: Lydia. Informant: G.W. Wikle, Father. (66)

Robert E. Wicle, b. 10 January 1859, Monroe County, VA
Father: Charles T. Wicle, farmer. Mother: Rebecca. Informant: [blank] Father. (181)

Shannon W. Wykel, b. 28 March 1859, Union, Monroe County, VA
Father: Henry A. Wikel, farmer. Mother: Emerine V. Wikel. Informant: H.S. Wikel, Father. [The “H.S.” appears to be a mistake on the part of the recordkeeper. The name in the Informant column directly above this entry is “H. S. Vance.” I suspect the middle initial S. was accidently recorded instead of A.] (125)

John W. Wicle, b. 7 May 1860, Monroe County, VA
Father: Alex M. Wicle, farmer. Mother: Eliza H. Informant: E. H. Wicle, Mother. (209)

Eliza R. Wicle, b. 26 April 1860, Monroe County, VA
Father: Geo Wicle, farmer. Mother: Jane. Informant: Jane Wicle, Mother. (211)

Mary O. Wicle, b. 30 November 1860, Monroe County, VA
Father: Eli Wicle, farmer. Mother: Manda J. Informant: [blank] Mother. (212)

Source: Monroe County Birth Records, 1853 – 1917, Vol. 1, Family History Library [Film 589912], Salt Lake City, Utah.


  • The parenthetical number at the end of each record indicates the line of the page on which it appears for that particular year.
  • Names of children are reproduced as written by the recordkeeper (some wrote down full name, others just given names, etc.)
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Births, Monroe County, 1850s

WYKLE, Letha V
b. 4 June 1854
parents: George & Margaret Wykle
reported by: G. Wykle (father)

WYKLE, Robert C
b. 14 July 1854
parents: Alexander & Eliza Wykle
reported by: A. Wykle (father)

WYKLE, [no first name]
at: Turkey Creek
b. Jan 1855
parents: James & Mary Wykle
reported by: S. Wykle

Source: List of Births, 1853 – 1855, Monroe County, Virginia, Microfilm Reel 3, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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