USMC Separation Report, Maryland, 1945

U.S. Marine Corps Report of Separation

1. Wykle (JR) James French
2. Rank: Sgt
3. Pay Grade: 4th
4. Serial Number: 425374
5. Permanent Address for Mailing Purposes: Minden, Fayette Co, W. Va.
6. Race: W
7. Sex: M
8. Citizen: X [yes]
9. Date of Birth: 29Dec21
10. Address From Which Person Will Seek Employment: Same as #5
11. Married: X [no]
12. No. of Dep: None
13. Place of Birth: Sanger, W. Va.

Record of Marine Corps Service

14. Registered [selective service]: X [no]
15. Address at Time of Entry into Service: Same as #5
16. Sel. Ser. Bd. No. : Unk
17. County & State: Unk
18. Means of Entry: Enlisted – 1
19. Place of Entry into Active Service: DHS, Charleston, W. Va.
20. Date of Entry: 3Aug42
21. Component: Res. 111b
22. Pension Claim Filed: No
23. Place of Separation from Active Service: MB, Bainbridge, Md.
24. Date of Separation: 20Nov45
25. Org at Separation: Sep Co.
26. Type of Discharge Cert. : Honorable
27. Length of Foreign and/or Sea Service: Years – 1, Mos – 9, Days – 18
28. Military Specialties: Demolition Spl. 533; Const Crew Chief 796
29. Service Schools Attended: None, Courses – None, Weeks – None
30. Principle Military Duty: Const. Crew Chief. 796

Employment and Non-Service Educational Data

31. Civilian Occupation – Title: Blaster, D.O.T. Number – 5-74, No. Yrs. – 2, Last Employed – Jun42. Job Summary – Was blaster for construction company and shot fire man in coal mine. Place and tamped charges of explosives. Fired them by electricity.
32. Secondary Occupation – Title: Machine Oper., D.O.T. Number – [blank], No. Yrs. – 1, Last Employed – [blank]
33. Last Employer Before Entry into Service: New River Co., Summerlee, W. Va. Date Left – Jun42
34. Job Aid Desired? X [yes]
35. Education in Years: Grammar – 8, High School – 2, College – [blank], Degree – [blank]
36. Major Courses: Academic
37. Trade Courses: None
38. Courses of Greatest Interest: None
39. Last School Attended: Oakhill High Sch., ” ” [ditto marks for Oakhill] W.Va. ’37


40. Preference for Additional Training: Apprenticeship training.
41. Job Preference: Undecided, Reason [blank]
42. Locality Preference: Will go where job demands., Reason [blank]
43. Signature of C.O. or Pers. O.: R.A. Nedwidek; Type in Name of Off. Rank – 2nd Lt. USMCR; Signature of Dischargee – James F. Wykle Jr.

Source: U.S. Marine Corps Report of Separation, original document in possession of author.

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