Marriage Register Page 8, Monroe County, 1853/54

Date of License, 1853

Hiram Adkins and Elizabeth E. Clower, December 10
Samuel Hoffman and Sarah J. Allen, December 5
Daniel A. Vance and Amanda S. Young, December 19
Paris Meadows and Linia Woodram, December 26
Wright Dillion and Eliz. Jane Dillion, December 27
Wm T. Cobern and Sarah E. Broyles, December 27
William Dunn and Eliz. A. Spangler, December 28

Date of License, 1854

William Erskine and Mary Agness Ayres, January 2
Jno. C. Ballard and Vilenna R. Ballard, January 3
Harrison B. Dunn and Martha A. Dunn, January 6
Granville Canterbury and Mary I. Nickell, January 7
Wm F. Neel and Margaret E. Stodghill, January 10
Oliver E. Charlton and Mary W. Milton, January 16
John M. Erskine and Isabella I Donnally, January 19
James S. Bostick and Katharine Margaret Pitzar, January 23
Andrew Y. Bostick and Virginia Vance, January 23
Goodall Garten and Juda Martin, January 23
Alfred Huffman and Martha Ann Jones, January 24
Joseph P. Hines and Lucy Alderson, January 30
Asa Amick and Mildred Ann Boley, January 31
James C. Kincaid and Isabella P. Clark, February 1
James M. Bailey, Jr. and Elizabeth Hutchinson, February 1
Conrad A. Spangler and Hannah E. Diddle, February 3
Bird Woodram and Louisa V. Vass, February 6
Floyd Spangler and Mary Fleshman, February 7
Wm L. Bostick and Mary Ann Broyles, February 9
William StClair [smeared ink] and Mary S. Willis, February 18
Andrew Buckland and Lucy Broyles, February 20
John. A. McDaniel and Margaret H. Donnally, February 22
Andrew H. Johnston and Mary Jane McDaniel, February 22
Gabriel Gray and Ellen B. McDaniel, February 22
Leroy Hany and Mary Smith, March 1
Joshua H. Noble and Marinda J. Canterbury, March 2
Christopher Handley and Adaline Campbell, March 10
James D. Peebles and Mary Baker, March 15
Russell B. Wiley and Matilda Ratliff, March 22
Isaac Denhart and Minerva S. Skaggs, April 10
Joel Dowdy and Emily McCormack, April 10
Joseph Reed and Mary Ann Vance, April 15
Alexr D. Haynes and Rebecca Jane Shanklin, May 10
Samuel W. Nickell and Mary C. Nickell, May 13
John P. Campbell and Mildred Frances Long, May 23

Source: Monroe County Virginia Marriage Record 1, 1853 – 1920:8, LVA microfilm reel 55, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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