Marriage Bonds, Montgomery County, Summer 1788

Date of Bond
Name of Husband
Name of Wife
Parents or Guardian of Husband
Parents or Guardian of Wife
Security and Witnesses

3 June 1788
Barnabas Gullion
Kitterery Keath
Matthew Lindsey

3 June 1788
Adam Miller
Catharine Phipps
Jesse Evans

3 June 1788
David Johnson
Joice Scaggs
James Johnson

9 June 1788
Joshua Cooper
Caty Cooper
Edmund Whitt

9 June 1788
Patarick Nappier Jr.
Fanny Brumfield
Patrick Nappier Sr., father
Garland Burgess

16 June 1788
Samuel Munsey
Anne Workman
Obediah Munsey, consent
Joseph Workman, consent
Richard Corp

24 June 1788
Peter Scaggs
Marthey Cothon
William Leister

25 June 1788
Ralph Stewart
Mary Clay
Michael Clay1, father
Wm. Tracey; Richard Elliott

30 June 1788
Isaiah Perdue
Mary Belshear
Isam Belshear, father
Isam Belshear

3 July 1788
Conrad Reeder/Conrad Rader
Elizabeth Ony (?)
Calvin Ony, father
Danl Etter

4 August 1788
William McDonald
Ursula Hoff
Thomas Hoff, father
John Preston, Robert Crockett

Source: Certified copy of partial page from the Montgomery County Register of Marriages [no volume no., no page no.] Montgomery County Circuit Count, Christiansburg, Virginia

Notes: This list of bonds appears to be a transcription from some other source.

1 My ancestors in this listing are Ralph Stewart and Mary Clay. Mary’s father was Mitchell Clay, not Michael Clay as transcribed in this courthouse list.

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