Marriage Register, Montgomery County, 1787-88

      Name of Husband
      Name of Wife

List dated 1 Feb 1787
      Antony Pate
      Nancy Shadwick
      Richd Whitt

      William Riss
      Margrit Hayes
      Richd Whitt

      Robert Frazier
      Elizabeth Fielding
      Richd Whitt

      Henry Kirkner
      Elizabeth Smith
      Richd Whitt

      Garland Burgess
      Lavina Brumfield
      Richd Whitt

      Rene Napier
      Jean Eley
      Richd Whitt

List dated 1 Apr 1787
      Philip Hogan
      Elizabeth Pate
      [no ministers recorded in this list]

      David Slone
      Sarah Gibb

      William Polley
      Margrit Muncey

      John Burk
      Margrit Davidson

      Robert Lastley
      Elizabeth Compton

      John Muncy
      Neomi Muncy

      James Aldridge
      Rachel Treadway

25 Dec 1787
      James Cecil
      Peggy Wizer
      Edward Morgan

11 Mar 1788
      William Cristal
      Nelly Brown
      Edward Morgan

25 Mar 1788
      Hugh Dugar
      Sarah Discks
      Edward Morgan

31 Mar 1788
      Richard Cork
      Dolly Loeman
      Edward Morgan

15 June 1788
      Ralph Stewart
      Mary Clay
      Edward Morgan

16 June 1788
      Samuel Muncy
      Anne Workman
      Edward Morgan

30 June 1788
      Isaiah Perdue/Josiah Perdue [see note]
      Sarah Belcher
      Edward Morgan

Dec. 1788
      John Carr
      Margerit Crow
      Edward Morgan

Source: Certified copy of partial page from the Montgomery County Register of Marriages [no volume no., no page no.] Montgomery County Circuit Count, Christiansburg, Virginia

Note: This register appears to be a transcription from another book. The entry for 30 June 1788 presents the names Isaiah Perdue and Josiah Perdue bracketed together with a “?” next to them.

My ancestors in this listing are Ralph Stewart and Mary Clay.

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