Estate Account, Monroe County, 1850s

The Estate of George Wikel deceased In account with Christopher J. Beirne Executor thereof


Nov. 15. Cash pd Wm Chambers, $8.00
Nov. 19. Cash pd N. Harrison, $5.00

[n.d.] Cash pd Clerk of Monroe, $3.82
Jan. 1. Cash pd Estill & Watts, $2.50
Jan. 27. Cash pd Cyrus B. Campbell, Jacob Pile, & Frederick Pikes appraisers – $3.00
Nov. To Commission to Executor for his services – 5 pr ct on Estate, $103.37
Nov. 15. Cash pd Lettitia Wikel, $650.00
Nov. 15. Cash pd Wm Wikel, $150.00
Dec. 13. Cash pd Alexr Wikel, $50
Dec. 28. Cash pd John Clark, Auctioneer, $2.00

[n.d.] Cash pd Clerk of Monroe, 3.44
Jan 3. Cash pd Philip J. Wikel, $40.25
Feb. 2. Cash pd Geo. Wikel Jr, $76.00
Feb. 14. Cash pd Eli Wikel, $50.00
Feb. 14. Cash pd Eli Wikel for Henry Wikel, $100.00
Feb. 20. Cash pd Emanuel Beckner, $1.00
May 21. Cash pd H. Wiseman, $16.17
May 21. Cash pd Henry Wiseman, $102.05
Oct. 10. Cash pd Philip J. Wikel, $59.76
Nov. 23. Cash pd Clerk of Monroe & Comr for this Settlement, $3.26


Nov. By cash on hand at Testators death, $15.00

Nov. 15. By Amount of sale of Estate, $2,038.44
Nov. 15. By Amount of Richd Ramsey’s Note, $4.45.

Jan. 17. By Cash Amount of Joseph Ramsey’s Note, $4.65
Apr. 19. By Cash returned by N. Harrison, $5.00

“The foregoing is a correct statement of the accounts of C.J. Beirne Exor of Geo Wikel decd as shown to me by said Executor, showing a balance in his hands of $637.92 which should bear interest from 15 May 1853 ~ On the morning of the first day of the County Court of this county December Term 1853 I posted a notice on the Court House door stating that his accounts were before me for settlement & no exception have[sic] been taken thereto.

Respectfully submitted ~ Geo W. Hutchinson Comr April 1st 1854”

Source: Monroe County Virginia Fiduciary Records, Case No. 725, File 110:89 – 90, LVA microfilm reel 26, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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