Deed of Bargain and Sale, Monroe County, 1800

This Indenture made the seventeenth day of June in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred Between James Ellison of the one part, and Samuel Kantly of the other part, both of the State of Virginia, Witnesseth, that the said James Ellison, for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings, lawful money of Virginia, to him in hand paid, by the said Samuel Cantly, the Receipt whereof, he doth hereby acknowledge, have bargained, sold, aliened, [enscoffed ?], and confirmed, and By these Presents, do grant, bargain, sell, alien, [enscoff ?], and confirm, to the said Samuel Cantly, and his heirs, forever, a certain tract, or parcel of land containing six hundred acres by survey made for said Ellison, bearing date the eighteenth day of June one thousand seven hundred and ninety lying and being in the County of Monroe on Indian Creek, a Branch of New River, joining the lands of Lewis Bootten, David Kohr, and Joseph Seirs, and the said two hundred and thirty six, is Bounded as followeth, so wit, Beginning at pine and Spanish oak, corner to the said survey, and thence through the same North forty five degrees, East eighteen poles, to two white oaks, and North forty^two degrees West ninety two poles, to a buckeye and hickory, on the branch of the creek, and North twenty five degrees, West sixty two poles down and across the creek, to two white oaks on a line of the said survey, and with same, North forty degrees, West fifteen poles to two white oaks, and North eighty seven degrees, West sixteen poles, to two hickorys, and North seventy degrees, West sixty poles, to an ash, and South seventy one degrees, West forty forty two [poles] to white oak, South twenty two degrees, West ninety six poles, to a white oak and South fifty degrees, West fifty four [poles] to white oak corner to Seirs, and with same, South sixty degrees, West ninety poles, to three white oaks, South forty five degrees, East sixty two to walnutt, corner same, and leave same, North eighty two, East twenty four [poles] to walnutt and elm, and North seventeen degrees, East thirty four [poles] to two hickories on the Bank of the creek, and North forty one degrees, East one hundred and forty four poles crossing and up the creek to two sowerwoods and a white oak, and South twenty five degrees, East forty eight [poles] to two white oaks, and South eight degrees, East one hundred and four poles, poplar and Spanish oak, and South sixty eight, East one hundred and seventy eight poles to the Beginning, with all its appurtenances, thereunto belonging, or in any wise appurtaining to have and to hold, the said tract or parcel of land, with its appurtenances, to the said Samuel Cantly and his heirs forever, and the said James Ellison, at the time of sealing and delivering of this Indentures, is seised of sure and indefeasible ^Estate of inheritance in fee simple, of, and in the tract, and parcel of land, hereby conveyed, and every part thereof, and that the land is now, and forever hereafter, shall remain, free and clear of, and from all incumbrances, or charges, of what nature, or, kind so ever, made, done, or suffered, by him, or any person claiming by or, under him, and the said James Ellison, will forever, warrant, and defend, the said tract, or parcel of land, hereby conveyed to the said Samuel Cantly, his heirs or assigns forever against the claim, or demand of any person, or persons whatsoever in witness and year above written                    James Ellison {seal}
                                                                 Elisabeth Ellison {seal}
Signed, sealed, and delivered
in the presence of
John Hutchinson
           At a court held for Monroe County, at the house of T. L. Alexander Esq. on Tuesday the seventeenth day of June, one thousand eight hundred. This Deed of Bargain and Sale from James Ellison and Elisabeth his wife, to Samuel Cantly, was acknowledged in Court, she this Elisabeth, being first privately examined as the law directs ~ And Ordered to be Recorded
                                                                         Test. John Hutchinson

Source: Monroe County, VA Deed Book, 1799-1805:58 – 59, reel 31, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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