Appraisal, Monroe County, 1810

Estate of Mrs. Sarah Clark, Decd
Inventory and Appraisal
26 May 1810

“a negro woman named Jean and her daughter 6 months old” – $383.33
“a girl about ten years old named Lucy” – $200
“a boy about eight years old named Madison” – $216.66 2/3
“1 do [boy] about six years old named Theophlias” – $180
“1 do [boy] about four years old named Str[i?]lar” – $150

1 bay mare six years old
1 Iron tooth harrow
1 log chain
1 pair steelyards
9 sheep
3 potts
10c [-in?] without a lid
3 pair pot hooks
Turning tools
1 Flax wheel
1 Broad ax
1 Crook
1 Handsaw
1 pair [Lad?] Irons
1 Hackle
1 Looking Glass
[Crowes ins have ??]
Crooked drawing knife
Shoe hammer and pinchers
1 pint glass
5 pewter plates
1 [check?] reel
1 Coffee mill
Bedstead Bed & Furniture
2 Boxes
1 Ladies Saddle
1 Bedstead Bed & Furniture
1 Bedstead & Cord
1 Hone
1 set Razors & case
a parcel of books
1 Callender
4 plates and sheers
1 Table
1 Loom and guide wheel
2 old stays
1 2 year old Colt
1 Heifer
1 bridel Cow and Calf
1 black and white Cow and Calf
1 yearlin Steer
1 Cutting Box and knife
1 Riffle gun
5 chairs
12 geese
1 pair dog irons
1 Broad ax & trough
1 Hoe

Total value of estate: $1,389.03 2/3

Submitted by: Isaac Estill, William Vass, Tod Stergeon
At Monroe June Court, 1810

Source: Will Book 1, 1799 – 1817:177, Monroe County, Virginia, microfilm reel 67, Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.

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Appraisal, Greenbrier County, 1795

Estate of Alexander Clark
Appraised by Isaac Estill, Saml Clark, and Nimrod Tacket
Returned to Greenbrier, Virginia Court April 1795

Twenty head of sheep
One bay mare
One dark bay mare
One dark bay horse
One black horse
One bay horse
One sorrel horse
One bay mare
Nine head of grown cattle
Eight head of young cattle
Six calves
Eighteen hogs
One cuting knife steel and hay fork
Too spinning wheels one big wheel and chack reel
One pair of stilyards
One drawing knife too hand saws and brod ax
Five syths and hangings
One crosscut saw
Sundry kind of tools such as chisels, augers
Drawing knives and plains
One set of shoemaking tools
Double [tun?] nails
One flax hackle
Four set of reeds and weaving gears
Cotton cards one pair
Too saddles and bridles
Wooling yarn
One spaid one frow one dung fork and five bills
One rifle gun
Two set of plow irons one lock chain five hoes
One set of harrowteeth and too axes
One brass lock and too pairs of sheers
One looking glass
One potrack
Too pair of horse gears and too carring saddle
Three pots one skillet one flat and one frying pan
Sundry barrels and bags
One loom and tackin
One washing tub turnig lath thre sickles
One pair of kne and too stock buckles one lance
and one pair of horse [plumes and neasscoss?]
Sundry kinds of crockery ware
Puter and tin ware
Sundry kinds of coper ware
Twenty six gees
Sundry kind books knives and forks
Sundry kinds of wearing clothes
Sundry kinds of womans cloths
One chest and box
Four beds and furniture
Half a dozen of chairs and one s[???]t
Twenty nine head of hogs
One coverlid one blanket one set of spools
One ogger one bridle and one Iron wedge
One Bible one sermon book

Valuation: 235L 1S 5D

Source: Greenbrier County Virginia Will Book 1:93-94, Greenbrier County Commission, Lewisburg, WV.

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Marriage Register, Montgomery County, 1787-88

      Name of Husband
      Name of Wife

List dated 1 Feb 1787
      Antony Pate
      Nancy Shadwick
      Richd Whitt

      William Riss
      Margrit Hayes
      Richd Whitt

      Robert Frazier
      Elizabeth Fielding
      Richd Whitt

      Henry Kirkner
      Elizabeth Smith
      Richd Whitt

      Garland Burgess
      Lavina Brumfield
      Richd Whitt

      Rene Napier
      Jean Eley
      Richd Whitt

List dated 1 Apr 1787
      Philip Hogan
      Elizabeth Pate
      [no ministers recorded in this list]

      David Slone
      Sarah Gibb

      William Polley
      Margrit Muncey

      John Burk
      Margrit Davidson

      Robert Lastley
      Elizabeth Compton

      John Muncy
      Neomi Muncy

      James Aldridge
      Rachel Treadway

25 Dec 1787
      James Cecil
      Peggy Wizer
      Edward Morgan

11 Mar 1788
      William Cristal
      Nelly Brown
      Edward Morgan

25 Mar 1788
      Hugh Dugar
      Sarah Discks
      Edward Morgan

31 Mar 1788
      Richard Cork
      Dolly Loeman
      Edward Morgan

15 June 1788
      Ralph Stewart
      Mary Clay
      Edward Morgan

16 June 1788
      Samuel Muncy
      Anne Workman
      Edward Morgan

30 June 1788
      Isaiah Perdue/Josiah Perdue [see note]
      Sarah Belcher
      Edward Morgan

Dec. 1788
      John Carr
      Margerit Crow
      Edward Morgan

Source: Certified copy of partial page from the Montgomery County Register of Marriages [no volume no., no page no.] Montgomery County Circuit Count, Christiansburg, Virginia

Note: This register appears to be a transcription from another book. The entry for 30 June 1788 presents the names Isaiah Perdue and Josiah Perdue bracketed together with a “?” next to them.

My ancestors in this listing are Ralph Stewart and Mary Clay.

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Marriage Bonds, Montgomery County, 1824

Date of Bond
Husband, Wife
Parents or Guardian of Wife
Security and Witnesses

27 July 1824
Thomas McDonald, Martha Saunders
Benjamin McDonald, Robert Saunders

3 August 1824
John Beckett “21 years of age”, Rachel Phares
Henry Ruetrough, guardian
Henry Ruetrough

14 August 1824
Bryant McDonald “of Botetourt County – 21 years of age”, Elizabeth McDonald
Jonas McDonald, father
Jonas McDonald

17 August 1824
Jacob Bowers, Jane Wickham “21 years of age”
Nathanial Wickham, Jr.

28 August 1824
Jobe Hale, Fanny Lore
Adam Wall, guardian
Adam Wall

7 September 1824
Abraham Earhart “21 years of age”, Sarah Shufflebarger
John Shufflebarger, Sr., father
William Snavely

18 September 1824
Micaijah Saunders, Rebekah Thompson
John Thompson, father
John Thompson

24 September 1824
Jacob Epperly “21 years of age”, Eliza Pfliger
Abraham Pfliger, father
Abraham Pfliger

25 September 1824
Peter Nida “21 years of age”, Delila Caldwell
Stephen Caldwell, father
Stephen Caldwell

28 September 1824
Michael Echis “21 years of age”, Elizabeth Robinson
Jno. Robinson, father
John Robinson

Source: Certified copy of partial page from the Montgomery County Register of Marriages [no volume no., no page no.] Montgomery County Circuit Count, Christiansburg, Virginia

Note: My ancestors in this listing are John Beckett and Rachel Phares.

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Estate Account, Monroe County, 1850s

The Estate of George Wikel deceased In account with Christopher J. Beirne Executor thereof


Nov. 15. Cash pd Wm Chambers, $8.00
Nov. 19. Cash pd N. Harrison, $5.00

[n.d.] Cash pd Clerk of Monroe, $3.82
Jan. 1. Cash pd Estill & Watts, $2.50
Jan. 27. Cash pd Cyrus B. Campbell, Jacob Pile, & Frederick Pikes appraisers – $3.00
Nov. To Commission to Executor for his services – 5 pr ct on Estate, $103.37
Nov. 15. Cash pd Lettitia Wikel, $650.00
Nov. 15. Cash pd Wm Wikel, $150.00
Dec. 13. Cash pd Alexr Wikel, $50
Dec. 28. Cash pd John Clark, Auctioneer, $2.00

[n.d.] Cash pd Clerk of Monroe, 3.44
Jan 3. Cash pd Philip J. Wikel, $40.25
Feb. 2. Cash pd Geo. Wikel Jr, $76.00
Feb. 14. Cash pd Eli Wikel, $50.00
Feb. 14. Cash pd Eli Wikel for Henry Wikel, $100.00
Feb. 20. Cash pd Emanuel Beckner, $1.00
May 21. Cash pd H. Wiseman, $16.17
May 21. Cash pd Henry Wiseman, $102.05
Oct. 10. Cash pd Philip J. Wikel, $59.76
Nov. 23. Cash pd Clerk of Monroe & Comr for this Settlement, $3.26


Nov. By cash on hand at Testators death, $15.00

Nov. 15. By Amount of sale of Estate, $2,038.44
Nov. 15. By Amount of Richd Ramsey’s Note, $4.45.

Jan. 17. By Cash Amount of Joseph Ramsey’s Note, $4.65
Apr. 19. By Cash returned by N. Harrison, $5.00

“The foregoing is a correct statement of the accounts of C.J. Beirne Exor of Geo Wikel decd as shown to me by said Executor, showing a balance in his hands of $637.92 which should bear interest from 15 May 1853 ~ On the morning of the first day of the County Court of this county December Term 1853 I posted a notice on the Court House door stating that his accounts were before me for settlement & no exception have[sic] been taken thereto.

Respectfully submitted ~ Geo W. Hutchinson Comr April 1st 1854”

Source: Monroe County Virginia Fiduciary Records, Case No. 725, File 110:89 – 90, LVA microfilm reel 26, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Executor’s Bond, Augusta County, 1815

Augusta County, Virginia
24 July 1815
John Michael and John Kerekoff for $600 undertake the obligation to administer the will of George Weigel.

Signed by John Michael, marked by John Kerekoff.

Source: Augusta County Executor’s and Administrator’s Bonds 1812 – 1816 [unpaged],
LVA microfilm reel 103, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Deed, Monroe County, 1800

15th day of April 1800

Bradley Doulton and Dorraty his wife to George Wykle and Phillip Wykle and their heirs

“. . . in consideration of the sum of one dollar”

a parcel of land containing 35 acres on the waters of Indian Creek where Rachel Hanady formerly lived; part of a 335 acre survey made for David Scarbrough which joins the land of William Campbell and John McNutt, conveyed by David Scarbrough and Elisabeth his wife to Doulton on 26 June 1798.

Source: Monroe County Virginia Deed Book A:223-224, LVA microfilm reel 31, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Deed, Augusta County, 1832

[blank] day of [blank] 1832

John Michael Senr administrator of George Wichel dec’d to Daniel Wichel son of the said George Wichel

“John Michael as administrator and as well as on the part of the other heirs of the said George Wichel decd for 400 pounds . . .”

a parcel of land on the waters of Thorny Branch containing by survey 227 acres & 112 poles adjoining the lands of Rhodes, Messersmith, Philips & Miller

[no names of other heirs listed]

Source: Augusta County Virginia Deed Book 54:223-224, LVA microfilm reel 22, Library of Virginia, Richmond.

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Heir List, Fayette County, 1929

Fayette Co., WV
5 April 1929
Heirs of G. B. Cantley

J. R. Cantley, son, Sanger, WV
Wayman Cantley, son, Sanger, WV
Wennie Wykle, daughter, Sanger, WV
Dora Smith, daughter, Sanger, WV
Estel Smith, granddaughter, Sanger, WV
Hallie Spangler, granddaughter, Oswald, WV
Ora Biggs, granddaughter, Oswald, WV
Bertie Biggs, grandson, Dunedin, WV
Lina Biggs, granddaughter, Dunedin, WV
Ray Biggs, grandson, Dunedin, WV
Gladys Biggs, great-granddaughter, Dunedin, WV
James Biggs, great-grandson, Dunedin, WV
Dennis Biggs, great-grandson, Dunedin, WV
Myrtle Starks, granddaughter, Thurmond, WV
Ramie Cantley, grandson, Dunloop, WV
Jesse Cantley, grandson, Prudence, WV

List provided and sworn to by J. R. Cantley

Source: Fayette County Fiduciary Book D4:78, Fayette County Commission, Fayetteville, WV.

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Inventory, Fayette County, 1936

Inventory of W. P. Wykle, made 13 Nov 1936
Fayette County, WV

Item No 1 – Total $1,500.00
Real estate of interest therein

Meadow Fork land
13 ¼ acres, $540
.51 acres, $200
5.6 acres, $410
1 acre, $20
5 ½ acres, $60
3.03 acres, $30
1 acre, $210
2 10/ acres, $30

Item No 2 – Total $335
Tangible Personal property of every kind

2 Horses, $150
1 Chevrolet Coach, $40
1 Mowing Machine, $25
1 Lot Farm Tools, $20
1 Lot Household Goods, $100

(No Entries for Items 3 – 5)

Item No 6 – Total $1,205.03
Money, certificates of deposit, notes, etc.

Savings Acct Merchants and Miners Bank, National Bank Oak Hill WV, $885.45
Checking Acct Mer & Min Bank Oak Hill, $349.58

Appraised by Archie E. Nugen, J. W. Jones, D. M. Hamilton

Source: Appraisal Book 2:264, Fayette County Commission, Beckley, West Virginia

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